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bassman47 wrote:Personally, I LOVED the beginning of "Mine" and was blown away by the message and content involved with it. Even so, I feel this could have been the next DWTS in terms of popularity. It truly had that potantial and could have made an UNBELIEVEABLE live song. I could just picture the masses of fans raising their fists to every beat of "HEY!, HEY!"

That being said. It isnt. It is a truly unique song that sounds exactly as a Disturbed song should but it could have been beyond what it turned out as. It had huge potential, and the delievery just took it in a different turn, directing it towards a different vibe. (And the guys have every right to do so, after all, it is one of their 'children')

hard to discribe, but i hope you get the picture.

I don't think it could have been a DWTS. The only song ever to come close to that was Inside the Fire and that was due to its insanely catchy hook and its controversial subject matter. Mine has neither an insane hook nor super-insightful or controversial subject matter. I admit, the initial intro and the "EY!" parts are super energizing and had the potential to be memorable, but the rest of the song simply failed to deliver on that. It's a good, competent song, but it's not even close to the memorable capacity of DWTS.

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