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Hey there is blog about disturbed performing glass shatters here is the link to watch the video [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] I hope I got right but I wanted tell disturbed recorded glass shatters at a recording studio in san fransico californa in august 2000 while on tour and then two months later disturbed performed at Lakewood Amphitheater Atlanta,Ga there is actual filming footage of a hidden easter egg on disturbeds dvd mol go to the special features then click on dan tracing "Numb" then click skip on your dvd player remote and you can watch fuzz and his big gay tour diary lol so after the show they flew right out to new york to perform glass shatters and while during perfoming the song at 1:06 david draiman he messes up on singing and then at 3:22 both of his eyes travel up to the right of his head noticing that he messed up because what happend was that disturbed only made to track glass shatters they never made time pratice glass shatters because they were too busy touring that come two months later to go perform they weren't fully ready to perform even they did because at the end of the easter egg fotagee fuzz says we gotta pratice the damn song because we don't know it and everybody else thinks that david draiman's microphone had a malfunction no it didn't they just didn't know the song that well I got all this by taking my time to find out what really happened I am just giving you guys just the full honest truth about what happened.

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One of The Ten Thousand
I think i had a recording of this performance at some point, then deleted it cause it wasnt that much different than the studio version. Cool link man. Rock on

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Eye of the Storm
I think I saw this a while back

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