Most personal Disturbed album to you?

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1 Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Sat 28 Feb 2009, 03:17


What is the most personal Disturbed album to you?
It could be personal cause you relate to the lyrics, listened to it in bad times, brings back memories, etc.

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2 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Tue 03 Mar 2009, 01:37

Song wise the most personal one too me would probably be I'm Alive. I live a straightedge lifestyle and it's something i feel very passionately about. Because of it i cherish everything that's good in my life, my fiance, my friends and my freedom. The line "The thing i treasure most in life cannot be taken away" i feel really kinda connects with me.

Album wise I'd had to say Indestructible i think it captured really the dark environment of the world and gave a message of hope to help people prevail through it. Though in all honesty i think every Disturbed song has a strong meaning behind it whether it's about drugs or war.

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3 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Sun 04 Apr 2010, 20:11


Eye of the Storm
Ten Thousand Fists because it was the first actual heavy metal album i listened to. That was when i was just getting into rock and metal and away from pop and rap.

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4 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Mon 19 Apr 2010, 07:12


Global Moderator
If I really had to think about it, I'd say Believe. Not only was it the first Disturbed album I purchased, but I got it at a time where my life was in upheaval. I'd separated from my husband (now divorced), my father died, my first real relationship after my separation was starting to implode and I had no idea, I'd moved from one state to another because I had no other options... and then here comes this metal album that I bought for only a couple of songs, by a band I was really starting to like a lot, and it hit me like a lightning bolt! Changes were coming, and coming fast...and Believe, I think, was the catalyst to some of those changes.

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5 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Mon 19 Apr 2010, 10:19

My Most personal Disturbed album to me is Indestructible because back in 2007 I had the most personal situation in my personal life ever and it a long time to sort alot out things final got alot better after wards and three years later things are really great.

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6 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Mon 19 Apr 2010, 15:05


The Animal
Hmm, I'd pick Believe, it just seems the most personal to me, I can't really explain it but, I can relate to it.

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7 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Mon 19 Apr 2010, 19:48


Every album to me is personal in one way or another...Thats why i love Disturbed...Every cd they have put out has been consistent.

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8 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Tue 20 Apr 2010, 22:33


Loading The Weapon
Its a toss up between Believe and The Sickness. Mostly because of the lyrics seemed to mirror alot going on in my life. It always amazed me how in times in my life when i'm in turmoil or pain that someone i admire comes out with songs that actually describes all of what I am going through or thinking about at the time. Its very weird:P But listening to The Sickness like mad lately since the 10th anniversary on my way to work at 3 am, i get time to think about it all and its quickly becoming my favorite at the moment.

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9 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Wed 21 Apr 2010, 18:21

Ten Thousand Fists for me when I started to relate to the group and start to find myself. However I wouldnt say the albulm was the best I really have mixed results about each album.

Sickness I hate to say it is my least favorite album, as david stated in MOL I dont want the lyrics to be quite as edgy, as chaotic constantly and thats more what I like about the band. However that album is great for the gym, and I have seen some impressive results from myself.

Remember was good, and there were hits like Prayer, Remember, and Mistress that have meant alot of me. In time of crisis and times when i need some quite time and peace after a bad day comes in handy.

Ten Thousand Fists- Awesome very political, and this was when I wanted to get involved in the political world. At the time I saw the songs as Bush bashing which turned me off, not because of BUSH but because EVERYONE was doing it and it felt old. However even now with Obama in office the songs are just as strong and powerful as they were for BUSH. Disturbeds songs are not specific they are ideas and principles that everyone can stand behind. War is bad unless necessary, no corruption, for the people and by the people, ect.

Indestructible- I have to say is my favorite just because it uses all the elements I liked from the Three previous albulms. As dark as The Sickness, Vocal lines from Believe, and guitar solos from Ten Thousand Fists.

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10 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Sat 12 Jun 2010, 12:14


Disturbed One
Personally, though my favorite was Believe, the most personal one for me was The Sickness, because it captures so well the feelings of sheer rage with which I became so well acquainted in my childhood. That and the fact that Stupify was the first I ever heard of Disturbed's songs, I was instantly hooked!

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11 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Sat 12 Jun 2010, 15:34

Ten Thousand Fists & Indestructible remind me of my childhood basically, that's my reason.

Disturbed Warrior

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12 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Sat 12 Jun 2010, 21:48


Indestructible was the first album I owned and it kinda finally made me feel officially a Disturbed fan xD

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13 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Sun 13 Jun 2010, 00:11


Disturbed One
I'd have to say The Sickness, it came out when I was still in junior high, I had always been made fun of and outcasted cus i came from a poor family. I didnt have a lot of friends. And I felt like I was the only person in the world who was different. But when I heard Down With The Sickness and learned the meaning behind the song, I realized i wasnt alone and that it was ok to be different. It's becuase of Disturbed that i was able to overcome my bullies. Becuase of them I was able to learn to ingore those douchbags and stand up for what was right. And they have continue to help me throughout my life. Like when I was deployed to baghdad and they came out with Indestructible, it made feel as though I was indestructible. I hope one day i can meet them so I can say thank you.

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14 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Sun 13 Jun 2010, 02:39


The Animal
i would say the album believe......because of the song came out at an intrical time in my life.indestructible would be a close second.

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15 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Sun 13 Jun 2010, 03:30

"The Sickness", "Believe" and "Indestructible" are the most personal to me. "The Sickness" helped me through the beginning of my illness and helped through a deep depression. I really related to the spiritual lyrics of "Believe", even though I'm a Catholic, not a Jew and many of the other songs in one way or another spoke to my experiences and personality. In fact, it was "Mistress" that inspired my alternate persona! Finally, the powerful and emotional lyrics of "Indestructible" have helped me through yet another dark moment in my life and inspires me to keep fighting through my illnesses; both physical and mental. I also am turning to the album for inspiration in my art and writing and helping me overcome my aunt's premature death from pancreatic cancer.

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16 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Mon 21 Jun 2010, 14:00


Inside The Fire
I have to say not overall my favorite album, because i like them all, my most personal album is The Sickness. These songs help me vent my feelings in hard times. This is also one of my favorite workout albums :) i use it all the time

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17 Re: Most personal Disturbed album to you? on Wed 30 Jun 2010, 01:43


God of the Mind
Indestructible would have to be the most personal to me. I love all of the albums, and to me, they progressively get better with every one, but when my little brother first introduced me to that album, because I'd heard the Sickness and I'd heard bits of Believe and Ten Thousand Fists, but it just hit home. I had only a year previous gotten out of a very rough relationship. Deceiver and Parasite spoke to me there. In said relationship, I was mentally, and just once physically, abused, and Facade hit me between the eyes like a sledgehammer. Every time I was alone with my exes (yes, I said exes) I felt dirty for some reason, like I shouldn't have been there. Hello, Criminal! I'd been severely depressed and had on several occasions considered suicide. There were times I would just hold my daughter, who will be two on the second, and cry as she slept, saying that I was doing my best for her and that she was the only reason I didn't end it all. Inside the Fire and The Curse ended all that. I'd spent my life trying to live up to the expectations of others. Thank GOD for Divide, or I still would be.

That's why I'm hooked on Disturbed. Everything that comes out of David's mouth can be related to in some way by millions of people. he doesn't write about puppy love and stupid shit like that. He writes about topics that are close to him that he knows that their millions of fans can relate to because he knows that if he's going through it, or has gone through it, then so have the millions of people out there that have bought the albums or downloaded the music from the net.

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