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You all have heard about David calling out a texting fan during the show in Dallas last week. 

Said fan then went to the local press to complain about being "bullied" and humiliated for being singled out. 

Today 4/1/16, David has issued an apology to the woman in question. 

Okay, so what do you think of this? Is this A) an April fools joke on the part of the sites who posted the story, or B) a sincere apology on David's part?

Personally, I don't think he has anything to apologize for. Texting during a performance of any kind is just plain rude. Some may argue (and they have) that the woman bought her ticket, so she can do whatever she wants during the show. 

However, if the texting was truly to calm down her frightened daughter, could she have stepped away to make a phone call, or even left the show all together if she was that concerned?

Me, I would have left. But that's just me.

I have also heard that the woman made the whole story up. So which is the truth? 

And again, does David have anything to apologize for? 

If you are at a performance of any kind, and you are obviously not engaged in the performance because you're on your phone in full view of the performers, I think the performers should say something. Or at the very least, send a member of the security staff to them to see if they're okay. 


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I think she was lying, it's too dark to see concert goers on stage if this was an indoor venue. unless they turned up the lights up at the venue. Years ago David yelled at someone to get off their cellphone and that was held out doors a fan put it up on youtube...So I think maybe she saw the youtube video and had an idea of getting some attention.

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