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1Fire It Up lyrics Empty Fire It Up lyrics on Fri 31 Jul 2015, 08:22

When I need to spark a bit of inspiration

And the melody feels like it’s trapped inside

All I need is a little bit of illumination

So the rhythm can no longer run and hide


When I take a puff from the leaves of the devil

And it carries me on to the other side



Fire it up

I like to fire it up

And it feels so right

Fire it up

Cause when I fire it up

I feel like serenity

Is mine


When I need a little bit of relaxation

My medicine isn’t too hard to find

When I’m looking for a bit of rejuvenation

I only partake of the finest kind


And then the mystery begins to unravel

It helps me break through to the other side




Fire it up [x2]


[Chorus x2]

Source: The lyric video (can't post link... too new)

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2Fire It Up lyrics Empty Re: Fire It Up lyrics on Fri 31 Jul 2015, 10:24

Maybe David should give sober writing a try. These lyrics are childlike.

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3Fire It Up lyrics Empty Re: Fire It Up lyrics on Sun 02 Aug 2015, 14:44


God of the Mind
95% of the songs David has written over his life he's written high. These lyrics are light hearted and playful because it's an ode to an herb that makes people lighthearted and playful, IMHO.

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