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1The Future.... Empty The Future.... on Mon 24 Sep 2012, 22:46


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Okay...So I have been having this conversation in my head every since Disturbed went on hiatus. I have been unable to ease my worries and have been unable to even listen to Disturbed for that matter.... Let me explain. My biggest fear is that the WON'T come back. It scares the living s**t out of me and the reason it has been SO hard to listen to Disturbed is the fact that I told myself I would not listen to them until the come back. Not because I don't want to, it's kinda like my own burden in my head. Maybe if I don't listen to them they will come back sooner... I hate that my mind wants me to do this. I have never nor will ever smoke/drink or do drugs and I don't know how hard it is, but NOT listening to them to me is ten times worse than kicking heroin! That is how I feel... I know some people on here like Dawn kinda of somewhat know more about the band than us. Not that it matters but honestly this site has been to quiet about the hiatus. Do you think they will be back. I don't care if it takes 4+ years. They took this hiatus in what 2010? WILL they be back. If anyone has any info on this that would be great. Also, let us not forget to bug the hell out of all of them (them being the band members) about when/if they are coming back. We as Disturbed fans should be flying off the handle (well I am) about these questions, about how MOTHER F**CING BAD WE WANT THEM BACK! I know they need to get the juices flowing again. They need some inspiration and time to come up with some more music for Disturbed. But please let them know how bad we want them back. That means ALL of us. Whoever reads this post. And any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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2The Future.... Empty the future on Tue 25 Sep 2012, 03:52

I have read past comments from david draiman's twitter about getting questions on whether disturbed is going to break up or not and david responded back and said that disturbed is not breaking up that they need time to breathe and do other projects because they haven't been able to do any other projects while with disturbed so until disturbed comes back they will do other projects until then,but david draiman said on twitter that can't he give us disturbed fans an actual specific time on when disturbed is actually coming back but they will come back later on in the future but nobody knows when that will be not even the band members themselves don't even know either when that will be ? only god does.Also just to help clear up something that is actually in 2011 that they went on hiatus not 2010 because they were still touring during year that so that means that disturbed toured from august 2010 to august 2011 your welcome

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3The Future.... Empty Re: The Future.... on Wed 26 Sep 2012, 11:29

Dude, just listen to the band's songs. Rock out with your cock out. Personally, I want to believe they will return but age stops for no man. If they do not return I'm not going to let it surprise me. They aren't rowdy 20 year olds anymore, they have a family to cater to and I respect that. As for making that time go by faster, wait for Device. David speaks highly of it. If he didn't believe it was badass, he wouldn't give it to the fans. Speaking of fans, if you have been paying attention to his twitter feed at all you can still see that fans are constantly asking him "when will Disturbed be back?". They wont forget us bro, just be patient.

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