Songs from Asylum that remind you of the songs from Disturbed's past four albums ?

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I wanted to ask everyone here on the disturbed forum Which Songs from Asylum that remind you of the songs from Disturbed's past four album's The Sickness,Believe,Ten Thousand Fists,Indestructible.
? And also if you need to it is also ok to use any of the past b-side songs that also help remind of any of the past four albums.And also you can also say which songs actually not just remind of those songs but also actually sound like them also.I know for one song so far that Another way to Die sounds like Just Stop and Criminal.I also forgot to put that you can also say which lyrics from past disturbed songs that remind you of past lyrics.

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I forgot which one sounds like Decadence...Crucified sounds a teeny bit like Torn...and there's one that sounds like Sons of Plunder I think...

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Down With the Sickness
DWTS and Asylum

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the animal sounds like reminds me of breathe

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The Animal
chasetheguy wrote:the animal sounds like reminds me of breathe

i think it has the same feel as criminal

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crucified reminds me of deceiver.

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Serpentine sounds like it could have been on Believe.

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Disturbed One
(1. Remnants --> Loading The Weapon [MAAW III])
2. Asylum --> Mix of Down with the Sickness, Stricken, Stupify, Perfect Insanity
3. The Infection --> Main Part: Believe // Chorus: Breathe
4. Warrior --> Sons of Plunder
5. Another Way to Die --> Land of Confusion
6. Never Again --> The Night
7. The Animal --> Perfect Insanity + Indestructible
8. Crucified --> Torn & Prayer & Remember
9. Serpentine --> Enough
10. My Child --> Decadence
11. Sacrifice --> Deceiver & Facáde
12. Innonence --> Criminal & Pain Redefined

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Loading The Weapon
I was singing Torn in my head the other day and I merged into Crucified so easily without even knowing. Those two are kind of similiar.

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Yeah, that was my first thought when I heard it. The Infection sounds similar to Decadence too xD

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Parts of Never Again sounds a lot like Inside the Fire to me. I agree with disturbed fan86 with how there's that part of Crucified that sounds just like that part in Deceiver. It's basically the same, but with different lyrics. It doesn't bother me though. It's nice to hear some allusions to other songs from time to time.

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God of the Mind
There are bits and pieces in each of the songs that make me think of other songs from other albums. A riff here, a bass rhythm there. There are even a few drum beats that Mike plays that make me think of other songs. I can't remember which song from Asylum it is, but there's a drum beat that takes me straight to thinking about The Night.

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Disturbed One
I think all their albums are unique :D

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