David's IQ?

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1 David's IQ? on Sat 07 Aug 2010, 06:49

Mine is 117, I'm just wondering what you guys estimate David's IQ at. I would say it's at the very least, 120 plus, Judging by the lyrics he writes.

I dunno.What do you guys think?

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2 Re: David's IQ? on Sat 07 Aug 2010, 09:56


Either above average or genius. I go with the latter xD

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3 Re: David's IQ? on Sat 07 Aug 2010, 12:11


i would think somewhere between 135 and 150

he's brilliant

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4 Re: David's IQ? on Sat 07 Aug 2010, 13:15


above genius i would say xD

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5 Re: David's IQ? on Sat 07 Aug 2010, 13:36


Inside The Fire
Id agree with you guys and say its pretty high. Hes not cocky or stuck-up like other famous people. He has intelligent lyrics and morals aside from being not that religious.

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6 Re: David's IQ? on Wed 11 Aug 2010, 20:15


God of the Mind
I put him at genius level IQ. The man is a poet. He's brilliant and eloquent. There's no way that man has an average IQ.

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7 Re: David's IQ? on Sat 14 Aug 2010, 22:43


Even if he did have an average IQ, he'd be the most brilliant man with an average IQ! xD

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8 Re: David's IQ? on Sun 15 Aug 2010, 01:04


Global Moderator
It's probably higher than mine, which was above average the last time I was tested (just for shits and giggles) about 15 years ago. A genius, as defined by Mensa, I'm not.

How could David not have an above average IQ, just based on the stuff he comes up with! Blows my mind, that's for damn sure!

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9 Re: David's IQ? on Sun 15 Aug 2010, 03:12


lol, my IQ is classified as above average and I can't even HOPE to reach David's level!

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10 Re: David's IQ? on Fri 27 Aug 2010, 15:09


Loading The Weapon
I had mine done not too long ago and it was 148 and David's been to college and is a political mind, his is probably like 160!

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11 Re: David's IQ? on Sat 28 Aug 2010, 09:07

IQ has nothing to do with political insight, philosophical musings, etc. It has to do with the way that you go about solving problems.

I knew a man with a PhD in Biology. This man was absolutely gifted in his field.
But when his car broke down, he had no idea what to do.

A person with a higher IQ would be able to solve the problem with no prior experience with cars (jump start/tire change/needs oil/sparkplug is dead), or even an IQ at 100, would call for help; which is what he did.

I'd place money that David is above average, around the same as myself... A side effect of a higher IQ is social difficulties, as you perceive things about people, their actions, etc, which can affect how you behave around them...

Imagine knowing your girl/boyfriend will cheat on you before she has met the person (s)he will do so with.

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12 Re: David's IQ? on Sat 28 Aug 2010, 14:39


David seems like a really intellectual guy. Not sure about genius, but he's probably close. He's a genius when it comes to music, that's for sure.

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