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i don't want a list of your top 3 fave songs, i want to know what songs you think would be perfect for Disturbed to perform.

My 3 are:

1. Another One Bites the Dust - Queen. (think about it, Dave's noises in the place of Freddy Mercury's ...well "noises" would be epic!

2. Livin' on the Edge - Aerosmith - Vocally perfect for Draiman, Musically perfect for the whole band and Lyrically perfect to be "Land of Confusion Part II"

3. I haven't decided yet!!!

listen to these songs... but try to imagine them being played by Disturbed... what do you guys think? i think i'm a genius!! haha
next time i meet Dave i'm gonna have to ask him what HE thinks

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Fuel from Metallica would be great

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1. "Fear Of The Dark" from Iron Maiden

2. "...And Justice For All" From Metallica

3. "Janie's Got a Gun" From Aerosmith

That My Three Songs for the band to cover.

Disturbed Warrior

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1. "Dyers Eve" by Metallica
2. "Fuel" by Metallica
3. "Holy Diver" by Dio

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It would be nice to hear whole Fade to Black...

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Enter Sandman by Metallica
Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran-Duran

I'd like to hear them cover a pop song and make it bad-ass, better than the original \m/

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Disturbed One
1.) john farnham - you're the voice (perfect for David's voice)
2.) Rammstein - Feuer frei ( :D :D I want to hear David singing something German ^^)
3.) Serj Tankian - Unthinking Mayority or Empty Walls

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Eye of the Storm
Fear of the dark by Iron Maiden would sound pretty good i bet...
hmm what else...
nah cant be bothered thinking now

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1. No More Lies - Iron Maiden
Quasi-operatic and highly melodic, this newer Maiden hit could make for an interesting challenge for Disturbed (triple-guitars, octopus-like druming, galloping bass-work).
2. Dream On - Aerosmith
A soft ballad that David could do wonders with.
3. Symptom of the Universe - Black Sabbath
Considered by many to be the first thrash metal song, Ozzy's vocal acrobatics on this track would suit David greatly. Wengren would have much fun with the drum parts. It also features a bluesy acoustic section near the end (it'd be fun to hear Disturbed try their hand at electric blues).

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dream on would be amazing...i would love to see what he does with those high notes

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