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1 Jaime's Lyrics on Sun 16 May 2010, 13:37

These are lyrics from my band called Morbid Thought... please critique when done reading!

"Fuck You"


I hear politics every fucking day of my life
Wicked intentions of starting a fight
Break free of the asylum holding me down
We've had enough, so we're shutting it down
Government corruption, the nation's compromised
Is there no one left to speak their mind?
Overburdened with the bullishit of beating around the bush
Get straight to the point and make us your #1 priority first
Denial of our voices surpressed by censorship
I'm sick of playing games, read my lips
We won't go in vain
Break silence and bring on the pain

Chorus -
Fuck your apathy
Fuck your atrocity
Fuck your lies too
Fuck your laws and so-called sympathy
Fuck your claims of fixing everything
Motherfucker, fuck you

This shit's been overplayed a thousand times already
I'm going to hit it where it hurts, get you unsteady
Wicked prayers I speak to the Gods of the nanogram
I pledge allegiance to the Maggot Nations, it's my anthem
lThe reckoning of annihilation coming your way
Join the cause of maggots or be blown away
America believes in a God that doesn't exist
Your podium of deceit makes me sick
Step down, motherfucker - it's our time
I'm going to be here to stay for good this time


Nothing ever changes
Everything's the same x4

Viva la revolution!

Chorus x2

"Condemned" (inspired by Inside The Fire about my bisexual girlfriend, Sabrina)

Ooh, my lover won't go to heaven
Everything falls apart again
She's damaged and Hell is her haven
Her soul breathes sulfur within
She's raped by her father and she can't take it anymore
She claims that she's Daddy's whore
I had to convince her that she's safe with me
She was all I had and now she's gone
I went to her grave and realized that all hope is gone

Pre Chorus-
Sabrina's gone into the fire forever
Now she's burnt as Hell claims her soul forever

Never again will I see her
No one can replace her
Everything's coming apart
I am overburdened with sadness in my heart
I pray she'll return to me
I want to end my life and my grief
For one more day with her
I'd trade it all away for eternity with her

Sabrina has told me stories about the pain she endured
She told me dreams she had for our future
Then she said she loved me but she died the next day
Everything's so wrong for she's gone away
The portal of Hell opened up to devour her
I blamed Christ for not saving her
She was everything to me
Then her father broke her and left her to bleed

Pre Chorus


If I had the power to turn back time
I'd kill her father to save her this time
Rescue what's left of our love
Bring her back from Hell and we would rise above
But it's far too late to do anything
All my sorrow has weakened me
Now I've gone inside the fire
I submit to my suicidal desires

Chorus x2

WHY?! x4
"Without You" (Evanescence style also based on my girlfriend Sabrina)

Would you just seal my fate and take me with you?
I miss all of what you used to be when I was around you
And I would trade my life for eternity with you
It's lonely here without you
I only long for death to join you somehow
So I will leave it all just to find you now
If you truly cared about me, then why let go?
Maybe I am meant to be alone but I won't let go
I sometimes wish you weren't my friend
It's because you left me with wounds to mend
I'm done with this life - I want you
I'll always think of you
But now, I'm still here forever
I guess this might be never
(I am lost without you)

She is dead inside, withering away
She has faded, becoming nothing but decay
Haunted by her memories she is gone
She's already undone

She bled for her life to get better
But she fades, never to heal forever
Tormented by her past she's broken
So she's already cutting herself open

Take a look at the damage she endured
She's always truly insecure
No past, no future, a life wasted
She has a smile to cover the pain just to fake it

She is me, so fucked up
I am the one dying for the voices won't shut up...

"Dark Reality" (Nine Inch Nails style inspired by "Dead Souls" from the Crow movie soundtrack with Brandon Lee as Eric Draven)

The voices keep calling to me
The consequences of an dark reality
The demons are playing with me
Seeking beautiful Gothic dreams
I can hear them calling my name
The darkness covers my shame

I can hear the dead scream at me
I can feel the cold upon me
You might as well forget me
You will never take it away from me

The pain is deep inside of me
This fear is controlling me
This world needs a lethal dosage of Gothic fantasy
The darkness is taking me in
I cannot escape the evil within
Give me what I really need


It runs deeper than it was antipicated to be
Are you truly ready for me
Come into this world and follow me
Are you ready to believe what you're about to see?

Chorus x2

Carry my burden of the pain
I scream out here in the rain
This is my dark reality
This is how deep I can be
It's my life with no rules to follow
You will succumb to me tomorrow.
"Papercut Demons"

Take those dreams away
So I can sleep another day
Take it all away
So I can be okay
Demons are haunting me
They keep calling me
Slept so long in sorrow
Is there even a tomorrow?
Insanity is a part of me
Haunted by all I see
Fallen angels cry for me
The night is too long for me to sleep
So I cannot let my pain go
I left my diaries ending with suicidal blood that was stained on these pages long ago
Bleed those pages away that point me to my grave
The dark side of my soul is something my eyes can brave
Unafraid to be who I am, I can walk into the open
So many issues with my trust, I don't mind being broken
It's the way I am like always
So defenseless, I'm walking away
Is my mind truly broken?
Can I cut myself open?
Falling apart to unzip my skin to leave
So it ends, I can sleep...

Tell me what y'all think of it so far.... bye! I'll post more later.

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