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1 Modern American History Research Paper on Thu 08 Apr 2010, 01:57

In the Matrix movies Neo takes the Red Pill to awaken himself from the False World of the Matrix. The Spin Zone is out there and is everywhere. I disagree with the Author big time, because she comes across as blaming Bush and other Federal agencies for what happens and seems to favor one side. Washington D.C. and the Media are notorious for spinning the news and the facts, and they burry the facts and the problems to the point when they sweep it under the rug, and after much sweeping the mess turn into a bomb ready to explode, and from what was a simple problem is now a Huge mess and politicians take sides and the Facts are torn apart.

Most recent was the DEM and REP conventions where spin was all over the place, I would know because not only am I a news junkie and a student of history, but I had to write a paper on each convention for another class at SPC for a political science class.

First was the DEMS that was the easiest paper ever because the answer simple, THERE WAS NOTHING ON!!! CNN owned by Ted Turner who own lots of other TV stations such as TBS, TNT, TCM, and other channels, and so does NBC own other channels, and so does FOX News. For the DEMS there was almost nothing on but the shows that are either unpopular or we have seem a million times, even TV station that carry movies were playing the convention or had highlights of the convention.

Then the REPS, that was hard because EVERYTHING WAS ON!!! Star Wars saga back to back, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Matrix trilogy, Family, Guy, That 70's show Marathons. Comedy Central had an OUTSTANDING line up of New Comedians All Weekend. Seems like some networks were trying to have the people "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain".

Next Katrina few news organizations showed the WHOLE truth. I admit people who needed water, food, or necessities or they would die were all over the news. Except people looting Flatscreens, and other Electronics when there is no power in the entire city. Also the Levies on Louisiana were tested to break at a Category 2, Katrina was a Category 5. Poor state maintained and the Governor waited til Katrina was a Category 5 to evacuate, when the Hurricane was about a Day from hitting Louisiana. People blamed Bush because of what Kanye West said so. This is where the State government takes control and the Blame NOT the President, sure Bush did deserve blame, but it was all Bush in the eyes of the Media, Not the Governor. Also few news outlets reported about in a time of need in the Superdome there was Rape, Murder, Suicide, and even muggings IN A TIME OF NEED. Also Louisiana was riddled with Gangs, and after the Hurricane police records were lost and many Gang Members were sent to other states and committed crimes in their new districts, and surprised police with a new crime wave and almost no media reported these events.

Back to politicians and the Media not covering stories to the extent these stories deserve. When people hear Bill Clinton they think "Sex-scandal-Gate". Not the Wars or the Terrorist Attack on America, I know shocking to hear but true. Black Hawk Down most noted for the Movie, with few Key facts left out. Mohammad Farad Adid a vicious warlord killed 300,000 people with Genocide. Hunger was on a Biblical scale, either fight for me and you and your Family will eat, resist me and you die SIMPLE. President Bush orders 20,000 US Marines to "Kickass" Order was restored and UN peacekeepers distribute food. Later Marines withdraw and the warlord attacks UN Peacekeepers. So President Clinton orders Delta, and Rangers to Arrest the Warlord and Get out. Well turns out after 24 successful missions Washington starts playing politics. (I know shocking) So after the requests are made for AC 130 Specter Gunships and other resources Washington starts to starve the Soldiers of resources to get them to get the job done Faster. Black Hawk Down happens and 21 soldiers are killed on a mission that was to take 45mins. The American people see 21 soldiers killed and bodies being dragged through the streets and Washington orders a Withdraw. For Clinton's next election he is coming under heat for Black Hawk Down and the American people agree, 6 months before the elections President Clinton orders Special Forces not to arrest and bring the warlord to trial for his war crimes just kill him. The Warlord is killed and Clinton is re-elected.

Next was 9/11 but few people due to the Media, remember we were attacked 5 times. The First bombing of the World Trade Center, a Muslim terrorist group later known as Al-Quida, tries to blow up the North Tower causing the North Tower to hit the South Tower, causing both Towers to fall. The Media Spins the story because 6 people were killed and only 1,042 were injured, The USS Cole killing 17 soldiers, and injuring 39 by a suicide boat hitting the side of the Cole putting a hole through the side that could be seen through the side of the ship. The other 3 attacks were on U.S. Embassies throughout the World. The story is covered but little attention because President Clinton Fires Cruise missiles at the camps and training facilities and the events are not told truthfully, and are hidden behind "Sex-Scandal-Gate". Now the People responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center attacks were captured and tried in court and found guilty. Information through "Harsh Interrogation" reveals there are sleeper cells within the United States, There was a LAX bombing that was stopped, and a similar event to the USS Cole but the boat took on water and drowned before hitting the USS Sullivan. After 1998 when President Clinton fires Hell fire missiles at the Islamic group responsible, Osama Bin Laden himself states that he will attack at the Heart of Washington D.C. for the act of War against the Muslim People.

Next 9/11 happens and a month before the attacks President Bush was handed a document about Osama Bin Laden however due to the Intel, the CIA and Bush had no idea about how the planes would be used. There were talks and ideas about a hostage situation. Me thinking too I would think Ransom, not using the planes themselves to be used as Missiles. There was even footage of a security guard stopping 3 terrorist hijackers before boarding the plane, and all three had box cutters and the Guard lets them board With the box cutters. So there was a failure of security of the airports. Also after 9/11 a second attack on New York happened, a man in December when temperatures are freezing a man on a radio is saying "Too Hot" repeatedly, FBI investigates and finds C4, and other explosives and plans to blow up a bridge in New York so the new security did work.
So the Media also plays a role in not giving certain stories attention, but when something goes wrong for Bush or anyone they disagree with the story is Blasted and repeated over and over. Trust me I don't like President Bush I'm glad he is Gone, but some stuff about him was uncalled for. "I must disregard the free market system, to save the free market system." (President Bush) I thought Blood was going to shoot out of my eyes.

Example- There was a show called Lil Bush, in an episode where Bush is going to Fight Russia's Putin and North Korea's Kim Gong Ill Bush trains for the fight by using his mother’s saggy old tits as speed bags. WHAT and I didn’t hear a word from Feminist or an apology from the Show or Network and when the show creators were confronted there was the Freedom of speech card being played. Next there was Carlos Mencia who did a skit about McCain and Obama. He is a comedian and was fair He had (President) McCain meeting with the Dalai Lama, McCain being a Veteran of war from Vietnam he has a Flashback with "Charlie in the Tree line". Ok funny and then moved on, next was Obama he's elected and goes from talking white to well Ghetto using slang and later calls in the head CIA and ask him why haven’t we found Him yet? The man Replies Sir we are trying to find Bin Laden? Obama replies BIN LADIN? I wanna know who shot TuPac. Ok funny and the next day his show is cancelled for racism and was one of Comedy central's highest rated shows while Lil Bush was one of the lowest. There is a double standard in This Country, while different voices of opinion are being silenced.

Ok next there was the Ft. Hood shooting of a soldier who was reported many times for promoting anti-American propaganda, and not helping his fellow troopers dealing with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) My cousin served in Iraq and has PTS so I take this stuff seriously. So he shoots up the base so he wont go to Iraq to kill Muslims. The Military didn’t act due to the possibility of Bad Press, due to a Minority and a conflict of Freedom of Speech. Later there was the D.C. Sniper who was a Muslim terrorist who believed it was acceptable to kill Infidels. Also there was the Muslim man who killed the Military recruiters, because in his mind he was doing his religion a service by killing these recruiters in cold blood and in God's eyes this Holy act was acceptable.

Also Bush made the biggest mistake that he will go down in History for. He is on a Carrier and has MISSION ACCOMPLISHED however with history he forgot or didn’t predict the War that was to come. In Desert Storm 1/4 to 1/3 of Saddam's army surrendered to American and UN Forces due to the Geneva Convention. Now with the War on Terrorism when Marines and Special forces first landed 2/3 to 3/4 of Saddam’s army surrendered, however just like in WW2 with the Kamakazi and Indoctrinated Hitler Soldiers, now the US and UN were fighting the suicide bombers who want to die. Also the CIA told Bush they had WMD's and even in Clinton's administration UN peacekeepers one day would have access to chemical weapons Yes No Yes No Yes No....... This went on for about 2 years of access being denied and granted, doesn't anyone remember this? Also Saddam Launched chemicals against his own people, and also why did our soldiers have to wear Chemical suits in BOTH Wars if there were no WMD's? (However Just a Thought)

Also I was watching the film W. By Oliver Stone, and the film is a decent movie but there are some cheap shots at the President, but yet does have a history sense to the film and as I was watching I remember this scene. As Bush is giving his Iraq war speech before Troops begin to land. He gives his speech about how Iraq is so dangerous and that they have Weapons of Mass destruction and why we must go to war. After the speech the entire Congress among some very interesting Anti-Iraq war politicians are in full applaud after the Speech, and afterwards once there is the discovery of no WMD's. The Politicians play politics and try to rewrite history and say they were against the war from the beginning, simply to win votes and keep themselves re-elected, because no one will call them out on their lies, and do it in an honest way and not along party lines and if I report the truth here it makes my party looks bad, so focus on the other party for their mistakes. This is honestly why nothing ever gets done, and while the media and politicians are playing games with our lives to win votes and to keep their ratings high.

Also sometimes the Media downplays the enemy we Face and in so calling our Enemy not our Enemy but Misunderstood. There is a serious threat that is not being reported nor is it written in the mainstream history books. But I believe Iran is the Modern-day Nazi's. Before 1935 Hitler rose to Power as the Supreme Chancellor and outlawed The German Constitution, also at this same Time Iran was known as Persia, and in 1935 Persia changed there name to Iran. Some are probably asking what this has to do with Nazi's, there is evidence and Footage of Persian soldiers and leaders training with and talking to the SS, and Hitler and his council rubbing shoulders with the Persian leaders. Persia has a bad reputation due to the wars in the past and the Film 300 that is based on the Battle of Thermopylae.

In the native tongue Iran translated to Aryan. The Name for the US is Home of the free, land of the Brave, Iran's is "Land of the Aryan's". Also the leader of Iran wants to kill all infidels and use the Nuke is a self proclaimed 12er. There is an old religious sect in Iran and Islam that was outlawed and exiled many years ago. I myself am religious and anyone who is of Judeo-Christian faith might want to listen up. A 12er believes that by bringing about the next Messiah or Christ back, someone must cause Chaos, bloodshed, and death on a massive scale to hasten the Messiah's return. They believe that by Hastening his return this would be a Holy cause upon the Earth and to all of Mankind and that this is a service to their fellow man and to God. (Right now I have a very eerie chill up my back)

I am just wondering that by the Iranian leader proclaiming himself to believe this and has made threats to launch the Nuke if it is ever given to them, why isn't this widespread in the Media, The UN, or anything. Right now I am combining this Discussion with my entire college career and researching these topics in papers for other classes. Why is this story not being told about these people who want to kill us? Also I fear with the Media in the Past not reporting stories the right way, I fear the carpet will build and Build and overtime if left ignored and by not having the Truth told, that when someone goes to look at the situation it will blow up in our face and be 10x worse than what the current situation is. This why Washington and the media need to stop putting up a "Matrix" picture to fool the people into thinking they will protect us. The bottom line is this when the chips are down there is only one thing the people should trust their faith in, and that is themselves and their friends and family.

Also President Obama Campaigned on Due process, No Torture, No Gitmo, and now there are 2 leading guys in the Taliban who are captured in Afghanistan. Do you really think these guys aren’t seeing "Harsh Interrogations"? Also President Obama is launching a Hell Fire missile campaign using Unmanned drones on "Suspected terrorist" Now I'm not saying it's bad, you have Intel that they want to harm US Troops, I'd fire the Missiles myself. I just find it funny that almost no media are reporting on this, or asking questions the same way alot of news people would have if President Bush was firing the missiles or "Interviewing" the two Taliban leaders.

Ok guys I know this was a long discussion, I just get heated about these discussions about a "MATRIX" being pulled over our eyes and I do agree with the Author of the Red Pill to an extent. If you read this discussion, being this class and the BA program is strictly online I don’t have anyone to (Release to, or a form of Shout Therapy), I just had to say this topic is huge for me with the Media, and Topics in the world. I feel better now and if anyone reads this comment back if you want to.

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2 Re: Modern American History Research Paper on Thu 08 Apr 2010, 16:57


interesting, could use a bit of work (spelling errors Etc) but entertaining "media" lol

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Interesting take on all that you dicussed in your post; some dates, credible sources (wikipedia can be edited by anyone, and most colleges won't accept wiki articles as sources because of that), and correction of punctuation/spelling errors and it could be a great paper. Thanks for posting it and trusting us enough to give you feedback.

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