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1 Believe...Do You? on Mon 29 Mar 2010, 14:42

Dark this room, were my fear remains
A prison i find it, cant i even breath?
As all my doubts keep challenge in my faith
As i regain what i believe...

All questions shiver through my mind
Once seeds planted to make see
Answer which i may never give
And still you ask what makes me be

I believe in what some may also do
Some skeptical still go through
I believe in the shadow that blinds the truth
Just cant shake the fact that im an unbeliever to

I believe what some call life
Is my frightening hell
I believe what i call time
Some is theyr living nightmare

I believe in freedom of speech
In the power of some pointless words
I believe that silence can set free
Or bring down a world

I believe that money makes it worse
In ink and paper a race divided
It only threw humanity of course
But God...we cant just live without it

I believe war is nothing else
Than easy way manipulate to profit
Religious political leaders thinking of a greater self
Charge at the enemy! Our violence will solve it

What i call defeat
Some will be a victory
What some call death at my feet
Will be my revenge in glory

I believe what some call faith
I may a call a lie
What im convinced a charade
To some is their God

And still some belives are shaken
By voices my mind has learned to listen
Am i to believe i have fallen?
When when my moral is growing but i feel like sinking?

But i still believe that love can cure
Even if i may give but never receive
That my pain i live for her
Will someday be enough for me to see...

I believe Music is nutrient for the spirit
Notes bring emotion to a frail world
I believe so that i can see it
Coursing through my veins giving meaning to my words

I still believe theres a God who still listens
Faith returned in Angels blessings
In Demons out to change my presence
A Devil who tempts but wont subdue me

But what good are all my believes?
If maybe no one is there to listen
What do i call Faith?
When fear strikes inside and doubt is not missing

When even my voice is not heard
When i call and all turn around
After i fall they rejoice and point at the floor
But your voice is just the faintest sound

As some try to convince me
To save myself by giving them
Judge all you want if my back is all that you see
For i don't bow to no man, and don't pay to enter heaven.

As i remain alone in the middle of all
Just waiting to what i call a new begin
Scared of paranoia all seem to fall
To what they call the end

For im just a grain in the sand
A drop of blood among the sea
One more soul left to stand
And a man among the sheep

So if you ask me what i believe and if its true
If my whole life has been deceived
Maybe the same or different of what means to you
Because thats exactly what it means, when a choice i receive...
...So what if ?
I still Believe...


I wrote this some time ago and wanted to post it here for obvious band related reasons, thanks for reading

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2 Re: Believe...Do You? on Mon 29 Mar 2010, 15:10


wow man you are some poet

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The Pioneer All Things Disturbed Joke!
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3 Re: Believe...Do You? on Mon 29 Mar 2010, 15:21

thanks man

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4 Re: Believe...Do You? on Mon 29 Mar 2010, 19:21


Eye of the Storm
Awesome :)

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5 Re: Believe...Do You? on Mon 29 Mar 2010, 19:27


Eye of the Storm
Wow. That is really good.

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6 Re: Believe...Do You? on Tue 13 Apr 2010, 22:18


Pretty Cool good job :Believered:

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7 Re: Believe...Do You? on Wed 14 Apr 2010, 00:20


One of The Ten Thousand
it gets a dancing charmander Charmander that means its good :)

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8 Re: Believe...Do You? on Wed 14 Apr 2010, 05:34


Global Moderator
You express your inner feelings as if you lived on this earth for a very long have wisdom and depth in your poetry and that's a very special gift.

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9 Re: Believe...Do You? on Wed 14 Apr 2010, 16:03

thanks thats means a lot

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10 Re: Believe...Do You? on Wed 14 Apr 2010, 21:45


very impressive :)

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