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1 A few questions.... on Thu 18 Mar 2010, 12:00


Ok, I don't want to hijack the boards so I'm not gonna make 2 or 3 topics back to back. So I'll put all my questions here.

First question.... Has anyone else here liked the Dynasty Warriors series?

I've played them since DW1 on the PlayStation(it was a fighting game back then o.O') and even though I missed out on #2 because I didn't have a PS2 at the time, I played DW3 and became instantly addicted. While I didn't care for the original DW6, I loved DW:SF and was pretty happy with DW6:E. I've noticed over time(I'm not slow, I've noticed this ever since I picked up DW3 FYI)that it has a pretty small fanbase, but is really popular. You know, one of those games that no one likes but a select few.... even though everyone knows what it is. I was wondering if any of that small fanbase could be found here :P

Second question. Did you actually buy Dark Void?
Yes, on release day.

Question 3. Did you like it?
No!!! I hated it. Demo was fun, but was completely different from the actual game.... even the actual level in the demo is different. Trailer looked awesome but was completely misleading. I bought it Day 1, returned it Day 2(might have been 3). The gamestop guy was really cool about it. I didn't realize at the time that the return policies for used games were different from new ones(stupid move on my part, I know). But, he ended up taking care of it for me and gave me a full refund; he was even gonna let me get it in cash! Dancing David But, I didn't want to be a jerk and new games never hurt ^_^

Don't get the wrong idea. I didn't hate Dark Void.... I just didn't like it. Had a lot of potential, but seriously flopped.

Btw, if there's anything about a poll in this post, ignore it. Stupid crap and I couldn't make it work.

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2 Re: A few questions.... on Thu 18 Mar 2010, 12:08


I only liked the first one when it was a fighting game not to interested in the rest of the series.

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3 Re: A few questions.... on Sat 27 Mar 2010, 18:21


A Welcome Burden
dark void was horrible how can you have a air born cover based shooting game?

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