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Disturbed One
Most of my lyrics are talking to myself, as the fictitional betayeta! This is about the so-called love affair between betayeta & David. It is a Fantasy. All my lyrics respond to Disturbed. I thought this is what it is all about, "It is your shock and then your horror on which I feed."<David Draiman "The consuming fire"=my love for David/Disturbed. It IS "Deep within". "Smoldering"=it never goes out. "He can not stop it"=as in This Moment he says, You better cherish this'll never get another chance at this."From showing"=it does show. "Into growing"=he expounds and creates the lyrics. "To exploding"=his unique 'delivery' on stage and recording. "Enrapturing"=all Disturbed fans know what that means. Don't you 'feel' it listening to The Sickness, Dropping Plates, The Game(Aww)"? "Promising"=I'm Alive promises, read those lyrics if you will. "Tomorrow-Again and again"=and again because I listen to Disturbed every single day."Your sorrow-constant reminder of some hidden sin"=the reason he threatens to do whatever to betayeta, her sorrow reminds him of it constantly."He's shouldering"=or bearing it. "Let it go-Don't let it back in"=forget about it forever. It's disarming-Invading-Encapturing-Enslaving=the secret sin will do that. "Hold back-your secret sin"=whatever he has found out about betayeta that makes him so mad. It is "his greatest weapon against you"-betayeta, "he buries it deep within" because he dwells on it until he makes her bleed. It is fantasy. That is what all this is about.

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