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1 Re: LYRICS TO BETTAYETTA on Tue 16 Feb 2010, 08:45

Is this suppose to be David writing to you ?

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2 Re: LYRICS TO BETTAYETTA on Tue 16 Feb 2010, 11:42

cool. [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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3 Re: LYRICS TO BETTAYETTA on Tue 16 Feb 2010, 17:04


Disturbed One
(except for the line,"Just keep saying that you don't Give a damn", it turned out ok.) Like David says, "I write what comes to me. Some times from experience. Sometimes I hear the music and I get it." He does not ever apologize, or explain. Nor will I.

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Disturbed One
"My days are become so distorted- The Night has become even worse
Pass us on the street- His face is contorted
All disown me- Like I am a curse
Is life really so precious- Despite all the resentment
Is it all just a mad rush- To find that small bit of contentment
Everything and every road- Leads to that one final breath
Can I not plan with excitement- The event that is my own death?

If I could succeed- Without going to hell
(That 'hell' part- Always gets in the way!)
I surely do not want- To Overburden it
Or else I would do it- Maybe even today
My partner, I fear- He just can not be bought
But, Oh, the murder-suicide pact from M.O.L.
Now isn't that- An inticing thought!

So you see I am definitely- Stuck in a quandry
For the face that I- Most want to last see
Is a dream way beyond- My wildest expectation
It will not be stifled- By a mere photograph
Desire is culmination- On the end of that dark path
The Night video isn't enough now- I need to feel it. Touch the labrets
Ultimately taste his hot breath- From just one final evil laugh."

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Disturbed One
(DAVID in Hebrew means "Beloved".) Please don't take offense at my writings. I am a fairly average person. I listen to Disturbed. I Love the Lyrics. I rarely listen to anything else. David's voice is hypnotic to me. It 'inspires' me, sometimes, to write 'disturbing' lyrics in answer to his 'disturbing' lyrics. I like to try to discern what was going on in David's mind at the time he writes them.(I am infatuated with Him like Kirstie Alley is over Jamie Fox! And EVERYONE knows it. I don't expect anything to ever come from it. I have not lost touch with reality.) No harm in that, and I Mean no harm. I watch video clips on them all the time, so I know David loves it when people 'really' LISTEN to the lyrics that he has taken so much effort to create. They are like pieces of him. Like in Pain Redefined, when he says, "You'll 'bury' me tonight" it sounds just like he is saying, "You'll 'marry' me tonight! THAT is what I mean by "Multi-Meaning Lyrics", whether it is intentional on his part, or not.That is why I never get tired of listening; nearly every time I listen, I can get something else out of it. Kind of like when you read the Bible. And maybe That Is David's Intentions. He Was raised in a strictly devout Jewish home, so I know he was ingrained with the roots and aspects of the Bible. It keeps me in constant study of his motive, and I think there is a lot of it in the choices he makes. Even back to his very young days of aspirations of becoming an 'icon'. I think it 'drove' him to 'seek out' Brawl, a band with the sound he wanted to mold into his own 'style' of music, which he has successfully done. That is why they got rid of Fuzz. Fuzz was not willing to give over 'control' to David-the genius who has meticulously arranged the success of Disturbed. I love investigating every detail concerning their 'before-during-and after' rise to success.(Besides, In the past year since I have been doing Disturbed, I have lost over 50 pounds!) I do not want to stop Now!

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6 Re: LYRICS TO BETTAYETTA on Thu 15 Apr 2010, 15:05


^No comment.

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7 Re: LYRICS TO BETTAYETTA on Thu 15 Apr 2010, 15:41


yetta is one crazy psycho bitch!!

Jus Sayin :D

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8 Re: LYRICS TO BETTAYETTA on Fri 16 Apr 2010, 02:40


Global Moderator
okay...what did you expect...she is showing her undying love to a very talented front man and the hottest heavy duty rock band that was ever put together...she's having fun expressing herself just like all of us do one way or another.Ever had a female groupie...besides me haha I love all you handsome men in our forum.

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9 Re: LYRICS TO BETTAYETTA on Fri 16 Apr 2010, 10:11

Bettayetta -- girl you are amazing! keep doin what you do--to hell with the haters! i love your writings- very inspirational

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