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One of The Ten Thousand
Darth Wraith wrote:
zealouso wrote:oh now i know





Your One Ignorant Kid You Know that, sorry guys I know this is an old thread, it caught My interest, and I was enjoying very much everyone's take on the 4 religions and what they mean in relation to Disturbed, until I came to this kid's explanation. Kid I'll cut You some slack because I remember being Your age, and being that stupid, take it from someone who has crossed through the crucible of flames and enlightenment that is breaking away from the dogmatic view of the church.

First of all, You misspelled Mohamed lol, but yes He is the central figure in Islam. And Yes, You get a gold star for recognizing that Jesus is the main figure of Christianity. As far as Judaism, it's not so much "Father Abraham" as You so put it (God I hated that song: "father Abraham had many sons, many sons had father Abraham", to anyone who has herd that song, You know what I am talking about lol), the central figure of Judaism is Jehovah or "God" to put it simply. Judaism is a fascinating religion to study actually, some specific sects of Judaism don't believe You go anywhere after You die, that took Me for a loop the first time a Jewish girl told Me about that specific belief. Not to mention Kabbalah (please forgive Me if that is misspelled) is fascinating, and I'm not talking about Madonna's Kabbalah, that Hollywood latched onto for a time. I'm talking about the real belief, it's almost kind of a white magic in many ways, there are spells, seals of magical significance, and other mystical practices. In all honesty, it seems to have a few parallels to Wicca, as far as I can tell. It was said that King Solomon, had the ability to conjure and control both Angels and Demons, so they could do his bidding, I'm not kidding folks, look it up.

But where You REALLY got off the tracks was on the "Uncivilized-Pagan's" mumbo jumbo that You are puking out. It makes me sad when I see talk like that, show's true ignorance and an unwillingness to learn about others and appreciate them for their differences, instead of hating them. Think of it this way kid, Native American Indians are "Pagans", what does this mean, well they worship Nature, as does Wicca, and the Native Americans I have met in My life, have been some of the Nicest and Most Civilized People that I have ever encountered. They have many wonderful stories a lot of the times :), and I love to just sit and listen to their fables of old. Not to mention I have some Cherokee blood in Me, and I'm quite proud of that. The uncivilized people were the Europeans who came to their so called "New World" and decided that they wanted the land that the Native Americans were on, so they gave them blankets covered with Small Pox, yeah, one of the true early uses of biological warfare. And most Native Americans greeted these Europeans with open and welcoming arms, if they had been smart, they should have set fire to the boats the min they hit shore. As for Wicca, I have known many Wiccans in My time, and the Vast Majority of them are the Nicest, Most Peaceful People You are ever going to meet. I believe that they even have a rule that is very similar to Christianity's "You Reap, what You Sue", and the Buddhist and Hindu's concept of Karma. Which says something to the effect of, if You attempt to hurt someone with Your magic, You shall receive that hurt back onto You 10 fold (I may be incorrect of a few of the minor details, but the general idea is there, please forgive any discrepancies).

Keep in mind kid, I'm a Christian to, but what was Jesus truly about, don't go read the Bible, or to Your church, You believe that he lives within Your heart, Your Soul yes, then why don't You ask him. If You honestly listen, the answer may be far different than what You expect . Open Your eyes young one, and see the truth.

thanks man i had no clue what wicca or paganism was. now i know. i learned a lesson today:)

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