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1Believe Song Interpretation's Empty Believe Song Interpretation's on Sat 28 Feb 2009, 03:35


In case someone comes into this forum & reads any OTHER interpretations, know that this is what David Draiman himself told the official fan club.

I wouldn't want anyone to make an ass of themselves arguing, for example, that M.O.L. stands for "Music Out Loud." I have confirmed that, as we always thought, the DVD title M.O.L. stands for "MEANING OF LIFE" .

Here they are... take anything else you may read with a grain of salt:


Written About The Notion Of A Vengeful God That Common Judeo-christian Theology Would Have You Believe In. In Direct Response To The Statements Made By Oral Roberts And Jerry Fallwell, Who Stated That The Horror Of September 11th, Was A Punishment From God. That We Deserved It, For Being Such A Sinful People. I Thought These Staements So Irresponsible. They Were Using The Pain And Fear That Was Generated To Empower Themselves. Instead Of Consoling Their Flock In Their Time Of Need, They Chastised Them. The Song Is My Converstaion With Their Idea Of God. That If God Truly Inflicts Vengeful Acts Of Pain And Suffering Upon Its Creations, As A Sort Of Temper Tantrum, In Order To Illicit A Response, Then Bring It On. There Is Nothing That Can Be Thrown At Me That Will Deter Me From My Chosen Path, Or Break My Spirit. It Speaks To The Indominable Nature Of The Human Spirit, That No Matter What Life, Fate, Of God Throws At You, You Have The Strength And Wherewithal To Get Throught It.

Calling On The World To Liberate Their Minds, And Cease Conflict Based On Blind Hatred, And Differences Of Belief. Calling For The Day That Has Been Fortold In Every Major Religion. The Notion Of The End Of Days. The Coming Of The So Called Messiah.

Calls To Those Who Fall Prey To The Mass Produced, Nonsense Ridden, Pop Phenomenon, To Awaken. In Anger, I'm Afraid, Thus The Statement "feed On Your Nothing, You'll Never Live Up To Me."

Believe When You Lie, Teaching The Art Of Decepetion. It Is The Teacher Speaking To The Student. The Theologians Continuing Their Legacy Of Lies. For The Perpetuation Of Such False Beliefs, Penance Can't Abolve Your Sin.

Speaks About The Life We Have Chosen, And The Things We Have, And Continue To Sacrifice To Keep It. The Chaos Of The World We (disturbed) Live In, And How Despite The Sacrfice, To Prove Our Strength, We Continue To Strive.

A Dialogue Between That Which Intoxicates, And It's Victim. Person, Substance, Lifestyle.

It Is The Ritual Of The Performance. The Combined Energy Of Band And Crowd Freeing All From Ther Wieght Of Their Respective Lives. The Symbiotic Relationship Between Ourselves And Yoursleves.

Describes The New Tragedy Of Our Lives. That Even If We Find Love, The Life We Have Chosen Does Not Seem To Want To Let Us Keep It.

Written With An Old School Slasher-movie Vibe. It Is The Predator Speaking To It's Prey.

Spoken In The Context Of A Relationship, But Not Limited Exclusively To That Experience. That There Is No Point In Trying To Change Who I Am, Because I Am At Peace With All Of It.

Written Just After My Experience With The Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack. I Take On The Role Of The Vampire.

Our Final Words. Our Last Plea To You, My Brothers And Sisters, My Blood, Who Are The Very Breath We Breathe, And Whom We Are Forced To Wean Ourselves From, To Begin Again.

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2Believe Song Interpretation's Empty Re: Believe Song Interpretation's on Sat 15 May 2010, 21:32


Wow. Now I know ^-^

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3Believe Song Interpretation's Empty Re: Believe Song Interpretation's on Mon 14 Jun 2010, 19:16

I just wanted to say that I just read the song interpretation of "Prayer", one of My favorite Disturbed songs. I never knew what the exact meaning was supposed to be, but I had a general idea in My head. My interpretation of the song, was always that peace in this world will never be fully achieved (as we Sith say, "Peace is a Lie, There is Only Passion"), I live My life by that credo. I always pictured Job from the Bible(the story of God and the Devil making a wager as to whether or not Job would curse God, if God allowed the Devil to inflict horrid suffering on Job). But I Love the interpretation that Crow gave, I have said for years now, that if God really throws people (that didn't ask to be created), into a lake of burning fire forever(just sit and think on that for a moment, I would not wish that on My worst enemy, anyone who has ever been burned, even mildly, take that up about a million notches and consider that it never ends, You would be a white hot ball of pure anguish FOR ALL TIME), if God is really does that to people just for not choosing to believe in him, THEN GOD IS NOT WORTHY OF WORSHIP AND I WILL BURN GLADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My God is not like that, but I Love that the song chastises the IDIOTIC CRUEL televangelist's, and their view of "God", I HATE televangelists, THEY MAKE ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT ONE DAMN ONE OF THEM CARES ANYTHING FOR ANYONE, just about exploiting people's fears of damnation for their own profit. I am a Christian (Non-Denominational), I do not go to church, because I don't trust the church of today, for it to seems only concerned with money and power. I care about easing and extinguishing as much of man kind's suffering as I can, and I know that My God feels the same way. I feel it in My heart, God doesn't care what sexual orientation You are lol, he wants You to be happy. And who knows, maybe God came to every different sect of people in a different way, so as to reach as many people as he could with his Love. Jesus never asked for a dime during any of his sermons, and the "Bible", as we know it today, was constructed by Men, not God. There was a group of men that complied what we now know of as the Bible, but there were far more gospels than the few they chose to put into their Bible. The Gospels of Marry Magdalene, Thomas, Peter, even Judas Iscariot. They didn't meet with the churches Dogma, and so they were thrown out. And so for that I choose not to read the Bible, or take everything that comes out of it as irrefutable fact, because I don't know what was truly said by Jesus and his apostles, and what was edited in to fit the churches plans for domination of the known world of the time. So the whole tithe 10 percent thing, is Complete Garbage if You ask Me, why would God want Your money lol, what possible use could he have for it.

I Believe God is a God of Love, Forgiveness, Redemption, and Understanding, not their "God" of intolerance, damnation, and cruelty. God bless Disturbed, and all that hear the truth and understand beyond what the surface world would have You understand. For it was My Lord Jesus Himself who said, "He who has ears, let him hear". Open Your eyes, and reject the dogma off the church, all who can read My words now, find God on Your own, make a true personal connection with him, because that is where You will find his Loving embrace, not in the corrupted pews.

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