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Well ive just found out for definite warner and you have fallen out due to warner advertising on you tube you tube was getting the prophets from the advertising and warner said hay we should be getting that money and they fought until they had a fallen out and now you tube has taken all warner bros channels down inclueding Disturbed videos i bet this little fight is costing the artists alot of money not to mension stress David always talked about the sly antics well there at it a bloody again

Story From A Uk Business Paper

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Thanks for sharing that. That is a shame, cause it is the fans that suffer to. I know that band is busy with the tour and maybe when they find the time they can maybe work out a deal where their fans can get the goods on them so to speak without going through a bunch of crap.

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Morbid Spawn

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....Im going to kill Both of them lol

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Sounds like the same thing Warner is doing to the Rock Band franchise...

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warner will given in as they'll need the money as more and more people arent buying music

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Warner is to fucking greedy.

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