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1 Open Your Eyes Lyrics on Tue 18 Aug 2015, 15:54

Hi Guys,
I've given these lyrics ago but there's certain bits I just can't make out.
Please help if you can. Cheers :)


You’re paralysed, be your disguise,
You feed on the lies that they tell you,
Gotta break away from the numbing pain,
Succumb to the rage that’s inside you.

You’re hypnotised, demoralised,
Believe every lie that they sell you,
Stop channeling
(?) whatever will remain,
They circle what’s fiction and what is true,

Open Your Eyes! (x3)

See through the disguise,
Won’t you open your eyes

You’ve lost your sense, from the emptiness,
You do as the headlines compel you,
Become whole again, and let the war begin,
Destroy the veneer that surrounds you.

There’s no defence, in your recklessness,
You stare as the proof lies before you,
What can’t you see? Are you afraid to be
Exposed to the demons around you?

Open Your Eyes! (x3)

See through the disguise,
Won’t you open your eyes

You will all be running, in a world you cannot hide
And the end is coming, for the living standing in line
Overcoming, in the very

It can all be broken,

If you only open your eyes.

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