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1 Dan's Disturbed update on Sun 03 Nov 2013, 14:08

Let me be clear about my previous post! Most of you get it & unfortunately there's always a few missing the point! This is not a sob story! This is not comparing who makes a bigger sacrifice. Obviously anyone who knows us knows our support to the troops and how hard it is for them & what they do.I also know truck drivers have it hard being away from family. The list can go on with
many occupations. The point is that even though you may view us as rich rock stars living the dream that there is a human side to us that is our kids, family & friends. We post important things about our personal lives and share with you cause you are important to us. A lot of you enjoy that we take the time to talk to you as friends. it's not always gonna be about music. I'm sharing a human feeling of how hard it can be to leave our families to go tour. That's not complaining about what we do it's just showing that our lives as glamorous as it can be at times will always need some balance between work & family. I am
also trying to make the point that bands go out and work hard & most with not much to show for it but their love for music is what keeps them going. We all need music because we all find songs that have been therapeutic. I was trying to shed light on the human element of us all that when all musicians walk out the door to bring you music , a lot of us leave our crying kids & wives that have to be without their father for sometime. Yes it's our choice & music helps keep us sane. I could not live or function without family or music. This is not a pity party. It's just reminding you that we all are alike and all of us make sacrifices in life. I'm asking you to find some new band 'a and remember that they are giving you everything they got trying to make enough to go to the next stop. They to make those same sacrifices So so go out and buy another bands cd, go to a small venue & discover someone new. Share your comments about some new bands you discovered early & spread the word & keep metal & rock alive! Much respect-Dan Donegan

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