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1 A Void Lyrics on Sun 11 Aug 2013, 14:31

Is life by design?

Avoiding what's certain
Has made me forget myself
Life isn't working
And piece by piece
I'm finding out
Questioning the burning
Fire in my chest
As well as closing the curtain
On everyone who figured out

I'm not safe now
Closing the door
On what made me so sure about
My faults reach out
Avoiding the floor
As I scream out for more and now

I can't decide
If my head is spinning
Or is life by design
Making me dizzy
Am I holding too tight
Freeing the pity
In search of a life
A slave to what could be more

What could be more

Morally ashamed
I questioned your actions
By leading the way
Enforcing entrapment
Our lives aren't the same
I know this but dammit
I cannot be the prey to
What can't be imagined
So hold back the blame
I've convinced, so fuck it all
Excusing your ways
Continue to build this wall



A slave to myself
A slave to my judgement
Is it me who's to blame
Is it you that's in question

[2 X]
Is it time to let go
Releasing the grudge
And move forward alone
And bury these questions

Bury these questions, 'cause



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