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We are all very pumped for a new Disturbed album, whenever that may be.  It's almost as though the band can do no wrong but this will be a thread of sounds you do no want to hear.

  1. Please, no more political songs David.  You got your fill with Another Way To Die and the Device album.  There's only so much you can write about government
  2. The "evil laugh".  Inside The Fire used it masterfully and you even were nominated for a grammy for it.  David over used it in the Asylum album - 3 songs.  Asylum, The Infection, and Leave It Alone.  
  3. Bad relationship related songs.  David is a married man now, and he has written an over abundance of songs about relationships gone array.  Be angry at someone else besides your ex girlfriends.  
  4. A love ballad.  Disturbed is meant to be an angry, animalistic, in your face metal band.  I really do not wanna hear a love ballad about his wife or his new son on the album.  Darkness and Overburdened are enough for me.  Use those songs for Device.
  5. Guest artists.  David should be at the forefront of the Disturbed machine.  Any other voice would throw the balance too far off.  Keep it simple and manage the album with the 4 guys you have, and use guest appearances on your respective side projects.  

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i disagree with most of that i want that evil laugh back plus I want more political talk in their songs because what else are they gonna sing about if they cant sing about relationships, politics, love ballads maybe drugs don't think so their not that kind of band maybe sing about flowers and not shaving their arm pits don't think so that's what disturbed is about that will never change if you want that stuff maybe go for Nickelback


Disturbed Asylum

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Let's take a trip back to the first album. Voices - about a man with murderous thoughts. The game - about the manipulative nature of people. Stupify - against discrimination and a not so obvious relationship song. Down with the sickness - people against society. Violence fetish - encourages a violent release out of people.   Fear - dialog between the tortured and their torturers. 
Numb - how you feel after heartbreak (not about a relationship - it's about a feeling. Heartbreak can come from anywhere). Want - people's unwillingness to give into desire. Shout - a cover. Conflict - fighting an enemy. Droppin plates - about their struggles against the record label and the music scene.  Meaning of life - extentionilism. 

Without a doubt their most popular and brutal record. No political songs.  1 relationship song. No overuse of a sound or lyric. No ballads. Hopefully this hiatus will put Disturbed back on the right course and they can write songs that kick you in the balls and David's lyrics aren't so sappy like on  Asylum.

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I don't mind more songs dealing with politics, but I am tired of songs about relationships, that's for sure. I do enjoy Disturbed's songs that talk about everyday life situations, so I'd like to see more of that. I don't mind evil laughs from David, but I do wish that he would not sing on a new album with that "Whoaoohhhhh" shit. I enjoy his vocal style focusing on growls and animalistic noises.

I'm just mainly hoping for badass riffs and more amazing solos from Dan. I also hope that John has more freedom on a new album, maybe some songs that have bass solos as well?

But the main thing I don't want is songs that have similar structures and styles. I want more diversity in the tracks.

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TimDisturbed wrote:I do wish that he would not sing on a new album with that "Whoaoohhhhh" shit

But the main thing I don't want is songs that have similar structures and styles. I want more diversity in the tracks.

I agree.  Fight or Flight's guitar/drumming work seems a little on the light side although very melodic.  Device is strong but very experimental and possibly a little ahead of it's time.  Hope Disturbed digs back into their roots and unleashes something that will top the charts again and take the world by storm.

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What I DON'T want to see is "just" another Disturbed album.  Asylum felt so already-done that it lacked any real sense of vibrant songwriting.  It wasn't bad, it was just predictable and boring.  I so badly want Disturbed to shatter their paradigm and come out with something to really be proud of.

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disturbedsikkness wrote:What I DON'T want to see is "just" another Disturbed album.

I so badly want Disturbed to shatter their paradigm and come out with something to really be proud of.

Disturbed needs to release something that is experimental, but not something too far out like Device.  It seemed like Device just took a deep inhale and didnt ever exhale.  Nothing explosive or monumental.  If David can go back to his style like in The Sickness where he has in-your-face and hard hitting delivery it would be perfect.  Indestructible had that feeling too, especially in Deceiver and Criminal.  Something that will exceed all the hype.

Edit: I dont want Disturbed being the "old men" of hard rock and heavy metal.  Seems as they've gotten older they have lost their edge for shocking material.
  They should all take notes from Five Finger Death Punch and Slipknot, if they want to compete for top metal artist in the future.

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Some of the bands best songs are their slower less heavy songs. And I love heavy songs. 

I would also like to see more signature growls back into the songs. Instead of just the deep laugh that and slight grunt you saw a lot of in Asylum.

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