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I'm upset with Warner Music Group. How can they give Device such a low budget on this tour?
I mean it's understandable they're new and not the budget size like Disturbed.
I also wonder how in the world is David going to sing alone when he had guest Vocalists on the New Device album?
Example "Close My Eyes" Lizzy Hale and David made an awesome song together BUT once again there will be no guest appearance How the hell can you get away singing that song alone?
And guess what, no special effects,no pyro tech, no nothing.
Do you feel David and guys from Device will carry the load performing the simple , old fashioned way and would you really care?
Yes I checked out the video from The Device concert, what I saw and heard was good but I wished they had that big budget. After all you pay a ticket for a awesome show. and tickets are not cheap for many now-a-days...I really don't know,
Anyone see the concert live Yet?

what do you think?

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David stated that he will sing the songs alone (Virus does back vocals amazingly). There's a video of him doing Close My Eyes Forever live already up. Remember, they are all originally his songs and the guest vocalists idea came up after all of the songs were already finished by David. They are a debut band, I wouldn't expect a huge budget for them. Personally I believe concerts are about the music not the visual show the band puts on. The only feeling I get from seeing a Device concert is missing Disturbed even more.

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you both make very valid points i do wish there was better stage effects going on in the background i would on the other hand go see them if they were coming to my home town but i wouldn't pay more then what i would for disturbed they are a new group and have to work up the reputation that disturbed has david cant expect the disturbed fans to jump boat so easily yes we will support them but they are new and they gotta work for it sadly and im really looking forward to a new disturbed album i want it to be the most badass record to come since ttf

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Danny is supposed to be learning more piano now, so hopefully he can add some dark tones in with his heavy guitar riffs when the time comes. Since David has been awakened his electronic side, maybe we will see something more animalistic and in-your-face like "The Sickness". Disturbed needs to bring back their ferocity.

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I personally would not bitch about this. Be happy that Device is playing shows at all. Most acts, and I'm sure Device would agree, are simply happy to be able to play. Listen to "Haze". They love the live show. The show is about the crowd and the band. If that band can play well, and the crowd is ecstatic, what the fuck else do you need?!

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