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1 Fallen Kingdom on Mon 15 Oct 2012, 17:27

Out of the ashes you rise
Staring up at dark black skies
Anything you ever loved or desired
Is now up in flames
Down went your empire.

The king is dead, along with his sons
The queen is no longer, her daughter have run
The towns people fled, chased by black knights
Your all that's left there to fight.

Your enemies are closing in
This is a regiment to all your sin
You pick up your sword, and look at your reflection
A tear falls on it as you think of your kin.

Your spouse is gone
Your filled with dread
Your eyes fill with rage, going blood red
Anyone you've ever known is dead.

Your armor is tarnished
Your shield is broken
Arrows whiz by you, no words need spoken
You rise up as arrows pierce your skin
Your not going to fall, this is not where you end.

You rush in, ready for slaughter
All you can think of is your dead son and daughter
These are the people who've destroyed all you've known
These are the people who drew your friends blood and left them on stone.

You fight all you can, knowing you'll end
But you'll bring down there numbers before death begins
There's too many for just one person
But your fueled on by rage and adrenaline.

The night has ended
The sun's coming up
The streets are silent
The fires are snuffed.

People come back, ready to fight
But they are all met with quite a sight
The enemy's dead, they have been all night
Because you, a private, put up a fight.
And as they look through those of the slain
They find you, for down you have lain.

(I'm trying to get my poetry out there. Send me feed back, and I'll do what I can do to make it better, but positive feed back is preferred. If you like this, my Face Book page is Adam Yazell's Poetry, caps and all. If you wish to copy this, let me know first, and tell me what it's for. I am currently in writers block, but I am coming up with new ones.)

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