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1 You ever think that... on Fri 27 Apr 2012, 01:19

First of all, I'm not hating on David or the band. I want yall to fucking know that I love this band as much as all of you. Their music has helped me through the worst times in my life and it empowers me everyday! Disturbed is my favorite band and nothing will ever change that.

Now to my thoughts. Disturbed wrote and released 5 studio albums, then called it quits for awhile. Anyone ever think that Disturbed signed a 5 album deal with Warner and completed their contract then left? They released a DVD with the Asylum record that entailed their entire career together... seems kind of fitting for a goodbye gift. Almost like they planned on leaving before even going on tour? Correct me if I'm wrong. Alot of artists do this but never actually complete the contract. Disturbed was able to pull through with flying colors. David blames the hiatus partially on the state of the music industry. Then, what does he do on hiatus? Starts writing new solo music for that same music industry. Weird? Maybe. David said he wants to leave the touring alone for while... well he's going on tour with his solo album. That feeling didnt last long. Obviously John doesnt want to call it quits, he went to a whole new fucking band. Dan is the most anxious for a return and nobody has heard from Mike. I see nothing wrong with the industry except for a smaller drop in album sales because of new digital copies. Avenged Sevenfold is touring just fine. Five Finger Death Punch released a new album perfectly fine and they have begun writing a new one already. Stone Sour is in the studio and so is Papa Roach. Halestorm released a hell of an album in this "bad industry". Hell, even Slipknot is planning a comeback. They dont give a shit about the industry, its all about the fans to them. Yes, the boys have been on the road for over a decade and need a break. Everyone understands that. I'm just looking for a much more valid reason to go on hiatus right now, when you're on top of the world.

"As long as you stay with us, we will stay with you" - David M. Draiman.

Let's see how long they stay with us.

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2 Re: You ever think that... on Fri 27 Apr 2012, 02:18

Well, every band has a different situation. All those bands you brought up are either younger, haven't maintained the level of success Disturbed has or have themselves gone on hiatus. The only band you mentioned that would be mildly comparable would be A7X, except they were pretty obscure early in their career and only started getting popular after City of Evil; they haven't been on top of the world (or suffered its backlashes) quite as long.

No matter the band, the world does eventually have to get bored of them. Fads in the music industry fluctuates in waves; Disturbed just happens to have been a particularly big wave.

As for their touring exhaustion, keep in mind that as a touring act, everything you do is multiplied as you become a stronger draw. This means better production, longer tours, huger venues, bigger sponsors, bigger audiences/ticket sales and ultimately longer distances to travel and more money to potentially lose, which in turn leads to multiplied stress. The only other bands that deal with this on a similar level are veterans like AC/DC and Iron Maiden (who themselves have taken quite a few breaks). For their age, Disturbed has held up pretty well.

Creatively speaking, even when the four of them know what sort of music they want to create, that may entail what they agree on would best suit Disturbed, but it may not necessarily entail what they'd like to do. Mike has been into thrash drumming for much of his life while John is more of a hard rock guy. Dan's influences are mainly in 80's metal guitarists like Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen; he hasn't been able to practice in that style since his days in Vandal and Loudmouth. David meanwhile listens to everything from classical to reggae to funk to new wave; Disturbed has prevented him from acting on any of those musical interests for over 15-20 years. Basically their creative pursuits have been uniquely engulfed by Disturbed; most other bands have a side-project to switch to if they tire of their main band's creative headspace.

They've been pouring themselves entirely into Disturbed nonstop for longer than nearly any of their peers, and have been at the forefront the entire time. I'd say that more-than warrants a break.

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3 Re: You ever think that... on Fri 27 Apr 2012, 22:43


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If I could throw in my own .02US, when a band has achieved the level of success that Disturbed has, who has been going strong for going on 16 years now (1996-2000 when they were making their name, and 2000-forward being signed to a record deal and releasing 5 albums and a B-sides record), and travel as much as they do, a break in there somewhere was bound to happen.

Now, if you think about it, some of the bands in the OP are either new (Halestorm, who tour constantly), or well established and have taken a break here and there (I honestly thought Slipknot was done, TBH). And the record industry isn't in the best shape, with labels being sold off (most recently, the apparent demise of Roadrunner), and the big wigs in charge are only looking to see what's more profitable. Metal and Hard Rock have been dissed left, right and center for years, yet they consistantly bring in the bigger crowds at shows. Does this translate in to big buckss? Hell, no! The bigg bucks are in pop and rap, because that's what the 18-25 demographic wants to listen to. A lot of metal fans tend to be older or younger than the 18-25 demographic. I think that's what David meant when he said the industry was in bad shape. And, though they are trying, they haven't completely embraced technology the way other industries have.

On a more personal level, remember that David is still a newlywed, and he really wants to have kids. His side projects (the book, the music the businesses he has on the side) are to keep his mind sharp and his hand in the industry even while on hiatus. He does not do "idle" well; he always has to keep busy (my late father was the same way, so that's how I know David is like that).

John has Natural Ear Music School to keep him busy when Adrenaline Mob isn't touring; Danny is producing something for someone I'm sure. Maybe Mike is up to something as well but wants to keep it to hiself for a bit. I don't think for a second that this is the last we'll hear from Disturbed. Hell, I think System is STILL on a hiatus. So Disturbed will be back when THEY are ready and not one second before. And if they're not, then they had a hell of a run. I'll always be a Disturbed One, you can count on that!

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4 Re: You ever think that... on Sat 28 Apr 2012, 01:36

The way I see it, I guess they do not want to be a Metallica. Metallica was on top for years just like Disturbed, then made a few shitty albums and basically died off. Death Magnetic was shit in my opinion. I'd rather Disturbed not do that. Hard rock and metal have never been at the forefront of the music world but they constantly bring in the largest and most devoted crowds. I completely understand why they need a break, everyone gets tired of the same thing over and over. Whether it's touring, or being married. You gotta get away from the ol' lady once in a while ya know? (I'm only 19 so dont think Im some 50 yr old single male creep on here lol!) I just hope they come back sooner than later. The world needs that band.

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5 Re: You ever think that... on Sun 29 Apr 2012, 23:05


but...but...Death Magnetic was awesome.....

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6 Re: You ever think that... on Sun 29 Apr 2012, 23:06


I agree though, what you mentioned doesn't seem to ad up at all, but all we can do is wait and see.

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