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1Disturbed Star Donegan: 'We Will Be Back' Empty Disturbed Star Donegan: 'We Will Be Back' on Sat 15 Oct 2011, 05:32


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Disturbed star Dan Donegan has assured fans the band will return from its upcoming hiatus and there are no plans to split.

The hard rockers will be taking an open-ended break following the release of an upcoming B-sides and rarities collection, but the guitarist insists he and his bandmates will be back.

He tells, "We just decided not to have a game plan. That's the first time in our career we've done that. We've always said, 'After this tour, let's do this...,' always something planning ahead.

"This is just the first time we're not having those discussions. We said, 'Let's finish this tour and go home'. We'll see where that takes us.

"We're not stopping to pursue other things - at least I'm not. We're kind of looking to just go away for a bit, give the fans a little bit of a break, give ourselves a bit of a break. There's not some great game plan or design to all of this."

As for when the band is likely to get back together, the guitarist adds, "I don't know if it will be six months or six years or whatever. I really don't.

"My hopes are if we're away from it long enough we're gonna want it that much more. I like to think that as much as we've done together and how good the chemistry has been in the band, there's going to come a time - hopefully sooner than later - that we're gonna turn around and say, 'Man, I f**king miss this. I want to get back there.'"

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God of the Mind
And we'll just wait until they decide to come back... because we can wait for them to cool their heels for a little while.

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Loading The Weapon
I'm so happy, oh my god I can breathe now.....I thank the lord everyday for Disturbed, they are honestly the reason I keep going, since they said the hiatus and weren't sure if they were coming back, i stopped working, working out, training, listening to music, everything I loved I stopped, I can finally live again. And I don't care if people think I am over reacting, Disturbed are my gods and those four men are the reason I can keep going on in this world. They can take as long as they want but knowing they are coming back I can live again....Thank you Disturbed and thank you god for blessing us with those four men...

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Disturbed1ForLife25 wrote: i stopped working, working out, training, listening to music, everything I loved I stopped, I can finally live again.
Youre saying you quit your job because went on hiatus? If thats the case you might want to consider seeking third party help that ISNT Disturbed. I understand you love the band and their music has helped you pull through some hardships and complications but damn. All I'm saying, is thank God youre not a dedicated Slipknot fan. But anyway, I'm happy Dan said this, now everyone can stop crying about them "never coming back".

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