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Do you guys think i'm crazy or not but i find this! their albums have title tracks five in a row, you don't see that with bands these days just look at the list.

"The Sickness" - "Down With The Sickness"

"Believe" - "Believe"

"Ten Thousand Fists" - "Ten Thousand Fists"

"Indestructible" - "Indestructible"

"Asylum" - "Asylum"

tell me what you think about this list.

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That's not strange at all... what I hate are bands who name their album and it's not a song on it by that title, or the title is hidden in the lyrics of a song (with a different title all together). I love that Disturbed comes up with kickass songs that they can then name their albums after. Wouldn't it piss you off if their first album DIDN'T have a song called Down With the Sickness on it, but "The Sickness" was the name of the album?

What do you think of songs that are also the name of the band (i.e. Bad Company and Blue Murder are a couple I can think of off the top of my head)?

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Personally, I don't like when they have a title song. It isn't necessary. I think they should spend more time thinking of a central phrase or meaning for the title.
I feel actually feel the opposite way @GuiltyPleasures. I love it when a song/album name is hidden in the lyrics of a song with a different name. It shows creativity and an attempt at being original
Now what disturbed is doing doesn't bother me at all. I just would enjoy seeing the next album NOT having a song with the album title

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It's not weird, because Disturbed always writes considering what song
should be the title track. IE, Indestructible was going to be The
Night, until they finished writing Indestructible. Same with Asylum.

just choose the strongest song on the album and name it after the song.
I personally don't like it, though. I like bands with random titles.
For example, Korn in mid-album process. Their latest album had the
most random names. Oildale ended up being kept because the fans LOVE
the name. There was a song called Strawberry; that song turned out to
be People Pleaser. Listen to it and tell me what it has to do with
strawberries. The song "Munkbox Hype" ended up "Let the Guilt Go".

being, Korn wrote badass titles while recording. I don't like the
final titles as much as the working ones. I feel like titles define
songs a bit too much, so when you just pick a word or a phrase from the
chorus it kind of limits the song. That's just my opinion. It all goes
hand-in-hand with my belief that many people will disagree with: Music
is at its best when it's random and energetic, as opposed to focused
with an intent.

Also, just wanted to say, GuiltyPleasures, I personally think The
Sickness would have benefited from lacking Down With the Sickness (in
concept only; that song was vital to Disturbed and is very signature.
If the song was titled differently is what I guess I mean). It was
meant to be a pseudo-concept album. All of the songs work toward a
greater whole, and I enjoy that. I enjoy it even more if I draw that
conclusion on my own. In this case, the song Down With the Sickness
made it very obvious to me what the album was about, and a few
interviews with David confirmed it further. I don't quite know what I'm
getting it. I guess I would have just enjoyed the ambiguity. I don't
like straightforward music.

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God of the Mind
I'm the kind of girl that likes to have an inkling of that to expect from music. I like the song/ album title to hint at what I'm supposed to expect from the lyrics. I guess I'm like Stef (GuiltyPleasures) in that I like that Disturbed titles a song on each album after the album. The title of the album gives me an idea of what every song is going to be about and the titles of the song give me an idea of lyrical content.

Take 'Asylum' for instance. David explained that the song as about the duality of the word 'asylum'; about being trapped in a memory but finding a safe haven in that memory that's driving a person to the point of insanity. The entire album is about the duality of the word 'asylum' and you can see that. A song with the title of the album only makes sense.

Ten Thousand Fists... for some reason, that just seemed fitting. A SONG about the imagery of thousands of fists in the air in unity and noncomformity on an album about the same thing.

They all make sense to me. If they don't put a title track on the next album, I'll be a little disappointed, but I'll still buy it. I can't say NO to listening to Disturbed.

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