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1Disturbed should do this Empty Re: Disturbed should do this on Mon 23 May 2011, 02:31

OK, so as we all know, 3 has been released exclusively on D1 for charity. This is a great and noble cause, but I do worry about the scope of its potential. Let me explain.

David said 3 won’t be coming to iTunes because Apple would want a slice of the $1.29 pie, so to speak, and they wouldn’t get a substantial amount of profit for the WM3 cause as a result. But I worry about the funds they’re raising anyways, as I know many people have flat-out not bought 3 because of the inconvenience of going through D1 to buy a song. iTunes simply has an enormous demographic of users, and Disturbed is always received fairly well there.

So, this is what I’d propose to get the WM3 cause on iTunes. Disturbed should make a $5-6 EP. It should be titled something like “WM3 – EP” (according to iTunes naming conventions), and it could have a few things on it. For one, obviously have it include 3. Maybe have it include Innocence, too, simply because it fits the theme. Have it include two things I’ve been asking for for a while, maybe; a ~7:30 version of Asylum (that is, Asylum and Remnants as a single track) and Ishfwilf without the silence. But my main idea was this, to entice hardcore fans to buy it (maybe again): include the not-up-to-par video of Warrior on there (maybe put a notice beforehand a la Inside the Fire?) and include Mine. If those two things alone happened, I guarantee I’d be all over that EP, despite already owning 3.

Obviously, the $5-6 price tag would generate more money for the WM3 than unconventionally having Apple take most of the purchase from releasing a $1.29 single, and this package would also encourage additional purchases outside of D1 (from people who already purchased it there). It would also have to all be “Album Only” to make it good for purchase, but that’s OK. I still think they should do it. I don’t think it’s fair that some fans had to miss out on 3 because they couldn’t pay via D1. I also don’t think it’s fair that the Three gets cheated out of the potential benefits of iTunes just because Apple wants a slice of their freedom money. 3 should go to iTunes on an EP.

Sorry for the double post. I had to type this in Microsoft Word and paste it here because of the black box bug, and the result was very....interesting (horrible) spacing-wise because of the way Word formats things, so I fixed it in the quick reply box (which is still fine) and posted again). Sorry... hope that bug gets fixed soon.

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2Disturbed should do this Empty Re: Disturbed should do this on Thu 26 May 2011, 23:27


I think this is a fantastic idea. The only downside would be the reaction from people on itunes and the legeslation behind the fact that single songs can only be song for so much.

Definatly something to look into tho

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3Disturbed should do this Empty Re: Disturbed should do this on Tue 21 Jun 2011, 03:31

I'm surprised not many have commented on this. It's a very good idea and you should recommend it to David over Twitter.

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4Disturbed should do this Empty Re: Disturbed should do this on Wed 29 Jun 2011, 14:13


God of the Mind
A very well thought out idea. I really like it. Suggest it to David and see how far it goes. Maybe he and the guys can make that magic happen?

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5Disturbed should do this Empty Re: Disturbed should do this on Sun 19 Feb 2012, 16:14


Loading The Weapon
It's a good idea. I think that the song can raise some serious thoughts on the subject too and add light to what is going on with the situation. Sounds like target would pick up an ep like that since they do so many like this

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