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Has anyone ever heard of the Pineapple Express? I was reading this article and something hit far can the winds blow before it hits to the west coast mainland? Here's what I came up with and you be the judge...

Rady Ananda, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

In a deepening tragedy, after an earthquake and tsunami caused four explosions at nuclear reactor plants in Japan, most of those who evacuated the area headed south, since winds normally would have pushed the radioactive clouds to the north and east. Instead, winds pushed the r-clouds south, according to The Australian. The shift in winds now threatens Hawaii with fallout from the Fukushima nuclear facilities.

Officials finally admit radiation has reached lethal levels in the area surrounding the explosions. Tokyo, 200 miles to the south, is also seeing higher levels of radiation. “[A]bnormal radiation and traces of radioactive elements were detected around Greater Tokyo, the world’s most populous metropolitan region with 36 million people.”

The paper also noted that “Hong Kong, The Philippines, Singapore and South Korea began testing Japanese food imports for radiation yesterday.”Okay... Now here is a explanation of the weather term Pineapple Express....A Pineapple Express is driven by a strong, southern branch of the Polar jetstream and is usually marked by the presence of a surface frontal boundary which is typically either slow or stationary, with waves of low pressure traveling along its axis. Each of these low pressure systems brings enhanced rainfall.

In 2010, a Pineapple Express system ravaged much of California from December 17 through December 22, bringing with it as much as 2 feet of rain to the San Gabriel Mountains and over 5 feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada. Although the entire state was affected, the Southern California counties of San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego, and Los Angeles bore the brunt of the system of storms as coastal and hillside areas were impacted by mudslides and major flooding.

My friends in Hawaii are now telling me that Radiation meters are being placed all over the islands since the pineapple express travels to California from shall the I right?

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