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1 Disturbed Poem (all songs xD) on Fri 18 Feb 2011, 13:49


Browsed through my playlist and decided to make a poem using all the songs by Disturbed. I also decided to include Forsaken since David sang it...

Within the Asylum, I Awaken
The Animal stirs inside, A Welcome Burden
I am Bound, unable to Breathe
I am Crucified in the Darkness

Conflict, Decadence, Avarice
I wait as they Devour me, as I get Down With the Sickness
This Criminal, this Deceiver
Will Deify you, I've had Enough

I can see right through your Facade
I can feel your Fear, the way you stay Guarded
You have Dehumanized me in This Moment
The Game has begun, you are Forsaken

You think you are Forgiven? Don't feign Innocence
I will drag you Inside the Fire
Get ready for Hell, for the Sickness to overcome you
The Infection that will never Just Stop

Can we find the Meaning of Life?
In this Land of Confusion, our Midlife Crisis
I'm Alive, but I'm Haunted by the God of the Mind
The sweet Intoxication I received from you, my Mistress

The Glass Shatters as I go Droppin' Plates
Will I ever Liberate the Monster within?
I grow Numb, Overburdened
I'm not Indestructible, and Never Again will I be

I Still Haven't Found What I've Been Looking For
Living After Midnight, Perfect Insanity calls me
I say a Prayer for My Child, the Remnants of my memory
I can't Remember what joy is because everything is Pain Redefined

The Parasite that you are, you call yourself my Old Friend
No matter how far I try to Run, you find me
Filling me with your Sacred Lie until i cannot Rise
The Serpentine in your soul is Sickened by you

And here I am Stricken by The Curse
The Night that has Torn me between Two Worlds
Ten Thousand Fists all around Shout 2000
As they Sacrifice what they Want to the Voices

And then the Violence Fetish arises
The Warrior has called to me
I am no longer the Criminal I was
no longer among the Sons of Plunder

The chaos soon will Divide
It cannot Stupify me, I cannot Leave It Alone
But I Believe it will show me an escape from this suffering
Another Way to Die

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2 Re: Disturbed Poem (all songs xD) on Fri 18 Feb 2011, 21:23


God of the Mind

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3 Re: Disturbed Poem (all songs xD) on Sun 27 Feb 2011, 22:07


thats amazing

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