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Hey I need help finding two different songs that my friend erica used to let listen to on two speprate burnable cd's ?.The 1st song is a lesbian song and in the artist is a female singer also in that when she sings in that song I think that her voice has dual vocals and a spiral or a twist in the audio also and that the song was made either in the early or late 90's that's all information I have about that sorry if I don't have more..The second song I help is jennifer lopez's feelin so good without big pun & fat joe singing in the song at all so if someone on here please help me find both of those songs that would be really great or if that you find only one or neither that's ok also I just really need some please because my friend has those two cd's by mistake I didn't have her any of the information back then during 2002 and also 2003 ?

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Hey everyone I talked to my friend erica and she told me the information to that lesbian it was artists dj skribble&Larissa song :I do both Jay and Jane.Album dj skribble essential dance 2000(hypercd) but with other song about jennifer lopez's feelin' so good without big pun and fat joe she doesn't have that burned cd with that song anymore but that's ok because the first song was the song I was really looking for exactly eight years ago.When I get a chance I going to buy that cd with that song on it then I can listen to it anytime I want to.

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