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"Get Away, Stay Away, Just Leave Me Alone"
By: Alexander Patrick Stewart (apks94)


Happy endings don't happen
In real life
In the end everyone is
Filled with strife

You know that
We could never agree
On what I thought
Was right for me

Before I commit myself to you
I have to say one thing (Whats that?)
FUCK YOU! (Why?) (Why???)

For all the broken promises
You never cared about anything

But yourself! By yourself! For yourself!
That's why I'm leavin you
Don't fuckin' like what you do.
Along with all that stupid shit you put me through.

Bleed for me
I fuckin bled for you
I'm sick of your shit
And I'm sick of you

You spit on me
When I was there for you
Get the FUCK OUTTA my way
I hate YOU!

Your religion is
Just another way for you to

I wanna KILL YOU!
I need to slash at your throat!
When I find you!
Go ahead and just try to run.

I'm gonna stab you...
Tear out your insides
You might be unlucky
Wonder if you'll survive

I want you to PAY
For what you did to my life

Don't try to psychoanalize me
You were the whom I despised
All you ever did was criticize me
Glad I'll no longer hear the lies

I'm now in the asylum
Waiting but still hating you
All alone, fucked
At least I'm away from you

There's no way out
The way I see
I can't be what they want
So I'll just be ME

Hope you know I still hate you
Even though you are dead
Even now irate

I'm on the way
To my execution
Just looking for more

The final moments approach
I'll soon feel pain
Shattered Glass
Inside of my brain

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Tai Tnak

so this is what you've been keeping, eh? xD i really like it, nicely written and full of hatred, i love it! :D

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