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1 Sun, Moon, and Talia on Thu 04 Nov 2010, 10:42


This is the longest poem I've ever written, inspired by the story also entitled "Sun, Moon, and Talia." Dunno if you guys like fairy tales (this is a familiar one), but enjoy :3

Sun, Moon, and Talia

Gather around to hear the tale
The entire truth, not a story veiled
For I have taken upon this rightful duty
To tell you the truth about Sleeping Beauty

“Ah,” you say, “but I have heard this story!”
“Not,” I say, “In all its original glory.”
For, you see, truth to be told
The story is not as sweet as I’m about to unfold

Abandon what you know about the tale
I will tell you the real story, I will unveil
So gather close, and listen well
The story of Talia, I’m about to tell

Oh, the birth of Talia was much celebrated
By a great lord, who had long awaited
His darling child, his little one
His precious gift from the golden sun

But alas, the joy was not to last
For the wise men had her future cast
With great sorrow, they told the facts
Talia’s life would end by a splinter of flax

The father, as you know, gave out a cry
For he did not want to see his daughter die
And so he gave out the order, that every strand
Of flax was to be forever banned

Talia grew without knowing the curse
And spent her days in her blissful universe
Until one day she chanced upon a curious sight
An old woman spinning in the moonlight

“What,” Talia asked, “are you doing?”
“Why, my child, I am spinning.”
“May I try?” asked the foolish girl
“Yes, of course, give this flax a swirl.”

And so Talia tried and tried to spin
Soon the flax was stretched out thin
To her dismay, she let out a wail
A splinter of flax was under her fingernail

And so the dreaded curse came to pass
A strange spell had been cast
Talia fell upon the unyielding ground
There was she when she was found

Her father grieved, he couldn’t bear
To leave her in the earth’s snare
And so he laid his precious child
In an estate where weeds grew wild

Some time had passed and then here came
A young king who was hunting some game
He chanced upon this estate, you see
And saw a maiden sleeping free

This king tried very hard for her to rouse
But Talia remained asleep, quiet as a mouse
Her beauty over took him, and he knew that he must
Sate his desire for her, satisfy his lust

So this king without a thought slept upon her
And this sleeping maiden was no longer pure
And what did he do after he was done?
He got up and left, he had had his fun

Stranger still, passed months of nine
Within Talia there sounded a small whine
Whilst asleep she had given birth
A strange happening to ever occur on earth!

Twins they were, a girl and a boy
Oh, how they laughed and cried with joy
The boy sought to seek his first feed
And sucked his mother’s finger to tell of his need

What happened next? Can you tell?
The child had broken the curse, the flax fell
Talia opened her eyes and to her surprise
Found the children uttering loud cries

And though the twins’ birth was a mystery
Talia loved them with devotion and glee
Sun and Moon were the names she gave
And together they lived without master or slave

But the story is not yet at its end
For the king, though he tried to pretend
He called for the maiden he had taken
In the dreams where he would not awaken

Alas, his wife grew suspicious and one day
She forced the king’s secretary to say
Who this girl was that her husband called to
Who was this chit that the king’s love for grew?

Hatred took root in the wife’s heart
And she vowed that Talia from this world would depart
She sent for her and acted kind
But a plan had already formed in her mind

To the cook she gave a gruesome command
He must roast Sun and Moon by his own hand
And feed them to the king right away
Or he will be punished for any delay

But the cook, for he was a good soul
Killed two lambs and piled the stew in a bowl
The queen was fooled and threw all her taunts
While the king ate the meal with all his wants

Next, the wife thought to satisfy her terrible desire
And ordered poor Talia to be thrown into the fire
But Talia screamed and cried with all her might
She would not die without a fight

The king heard her and came rushing down
And came upon the scene with a deep frown
The queen then revealed the horrible news
He had eaten his children and now his love he will lose

The king’s rage flared and his orders were swift
The punishment his wife gave will shift
And so the queen was thrown into flames
Damned by her cruel and evil games

The twins, the cook showed, were alive and well
The ending has come for their lives’ hell
Talia and the king were soon wed
And blessings came to them until deathbed

So, at last, the final thread has been spun
Of my tale of Talia, Moon, and Sun

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2 Re: Sun, Moon, and Talia on Thu 04 Nov 2010, 11:16


That is very nice Rei funny thing my niece is named Talia.

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3 Re: Sun, Moon, and Talia on Thu 04 Nov 2010, 11:21


lol, better keep her away from spindles then mike xD

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4 Re: Sun, Moon, and Talia on Thu 04 Nov 2010, 11:25


God of the Mind
This is an AWESOME poem Rei. Loved it!

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5 Re: Sun, Moon, and Talia on Thu 04 Nov 2010, 11:27


thanks Vikki :)

I'm planning to do the real story of Cinderella next. Guess there are people here who like fairy tales xD

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