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1 Guess The Songs! on Sat 16 Oct 2010, 09:54


Loading The Weapon
Hey guys!

A couple of weeks ago I had posted a video (On YouTube) in which I played some riffs and such on Guitar and the idea being that the viewer can guess which songs are being played.
I thought i'd post it here for you guys to check out and see if you can get any, because there's a few Disturbed ones in there :)

I hope that works. Enjoy!
I'd love to hear your feedback :D

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2 Re: Guess The Songs! on Sat 16 Oct 2010, 10:21


Inside The Fire
1 = a7x critical acclaim
2 = holy diver
7 = seek and destroy
9 = perhaps another way to die?
14 = yankie doodle
15 = crazy train
16 = the middle
17 = down with the sickness
Hey man that was so nice stuff. Some riffs impressed me while others were real sloppy. Idk what amp you were using but some riffs sounded overdistorted too. I was however impressed with the sound of 16 & 17

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3 Re: Guess The Songs! on Sat 16 Oct 2010, 10:25


Loading The Weapon
Yeah some like number 3 were pretty bad but the ones that weren't played that great (Like seek & destroy) were recorded towards the end so I had been frustrated with some mess up takes and being tired after playing all day practicing and getting them right and such. I actually hadn't touched the settings throughout the recording which was a bad choice... I'm thinking of making another one where i'll think about each song and the sound for it. One riff I actually played distorted when it should have been clean.

My amp is an Ibanez TBX15R Toneblaster. Not the worlds greatest amp, but it does what I need it to do for a practice amp.
Thanks for the feedback dude!

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4 Re: Guess The Songs! on Sat 16 Oct 2010, 12:29


Inside The Fire
I have a peavey vypyr30. My greatest choice in a while. Its really flexible for a practice amp

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