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1 Songs Disturbed Should Cover on Fri 03 Sep 2010, 19:15


Disturbed One
Choose 5 songs that you would love Disturbed to cover in the future.

1. METALLICA: Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
2. AC/DC: T.N.T
3. KISS: Shout it Out Loud
4. IRON MAIDEN: Run to the Hills
5. PAT BENETAR: Hell is For Children

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2 Re: Songs Disturbed Should Cover on Fri 03 Sep 2010, 20:42


Metallica - Fade to Black COMPLEATLY
Metallica - Enter Sandman
Three Days Grace - Riot
Breed 77 (And thus, Cranberries) - Zombie
SoaD - Chop Suey! (For humor, much like ISHWILF)

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3 Re: Songs Disturbed Should Cover on Thu 18 Nov 2010, 19:26

Interesting that Zombie was mentioned above, i personally love that song, its one of my fav cranberries song, but in my opinion, how do i say this, I dont think it would fit very well in a disturbed vibe.

One song Id love them to cover is the eye of the tiger would be epic

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4 Re: Songs Disturbed Should Cover on Fri 19 Nov 2010, 01:36

They Should cover my top 5 songs.

Metallica - Master Of Puppets
Rainbow - Stargazer
Aerosmith - Dream On
AC/DC - Back In Black
Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark

Disturbed Warrior

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5 Re: Songs Disturbed Should Cover on Thu 25 Nov 2010, 04:24


well any metallica song, really

Dream on from Aerosmith would be great, you're right ... also Living on the edge.

I'd like to see their take on G'n'R - Welcome to the jungle

Normally, I'd reject any other voice than Layne Staley on Alice in Chains songs, but David would be the only exception. And since I know (because he said it a few times) that David loves AiC and their music is grunge with heavy metal influences, I would LOVE to hear Disturbed cover ANY AiC song, especially - Them Bones, Dirt, Man in the Box, Would...or Grind. My god, if they covered Grind i'd be the happiest person in the world.

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6 Re: Songs Disturbed Should Cover on Thu 25 Nov 2010, 05:24

For I would really love it if that disturbed would cover pantera's 5 minutes alone now that would be extremely fucking awesome.

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7 Re: Songs Disturbed Should Cover on Thu 25 Nov 2010, 17:06


Eye of the Storm
I would Like to see them Cover hmmmm....

Slayer - Bloodline


KoRn - Blind

also Studio version of Fade to Black, pleaaasseeee :P

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