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1 Poems on Sat 14 Aug 2010, 14:56


What Are You Now?

What are you? Raped,
ripped, reformed. What are
you now? Ignorant fool.
This is not human. Not
sane by our standards.
What is this? Cold, decayed,
betrayed. What is this now?
You blind fool. It is not calm.
Not real by any stretch of
the imagination. Where are
you? Alone, bound, afraid.
Where are you now? Oh
diminutive being. You are
merely mortal. Weak of mind
and dull of spirit. How are you?
Tired, ashamed, broken. How
are you now? This is not your
game. Quit while you're behind.
What are you? Ignorant Fool.
What are you now?

Have A Nice Time In Hell

Laying in a pit of death,
your flesh decaying as it
slides off your bones.
You are beautiful.

Drowning in a pool of self pity,
your own self rightuos hate
has driven you to insanity.
You are nothing but a fucking
waste of flesh.

As your blood freezes
and turns to ice, you breathe
your last and final breath.

Just die already
you worthless whore.
You make my skin crawl.

Go and rot in the afterlife
you don't believe in.
Burn you filthy animal.

Shut your mouth.
I have no need of your
lies. Your tales of a god
that doesn't give a shit.

Just dig your little grave
and bury yourself alive.
I don't want want to see your
ugly face again.

Good-bye my darling,
have a nice time in Hell.

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2 Re: Poems on Mon 16 Aug 2010, 19:07


Down With the Sickness
Both poems are truly amazing. Did they take a long time to write?

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3 Re: Poems on Mon 16 Aug 2010, 20:19


Not really no. Words come easily to me.

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