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76 Re: Something I'm making up as I go.. on Fri 25 Jun 2010, 15:19


God of the Mind
Chapter 44

The guys all sent their wives to bed along with the children. David wanted to scream at someone and didn't want to frighten the children... any of them.

"Well, hello, gentlemen", said the gruff bass on the other end of the line. "How's tricks? That new album you guys just released was superb. More and more kids are joining our army. You should be proud of yourselves."

"General", David said. "Shut up for a moment. I have a question for you and you had better know the answer. If you don't, not only am I going to be highly pissed, but I'm sure so are my friends here with me. You really don't wanna know what we'll do when we're pissed off."

"Ok, Draiman, speak, what's the problem?" The General said.

"First of all, my name is David and I am NOT you dog. Don't call me by my last name and tell ME to speak, you fucking sleazeball. Second, and this is really the more important of the two things I have to say, but how the FUCK does the Establishment know where our safe house is?"

"They don't."

"Wrong answer", Dan said. "The four of us, David's wife and John's wife just sniped the mother fuckers. You wanna try that again, General?"

"I honestly don't know, gentlemen. I wasn't aware that the Establishment knew your whereabouts or you would have had a security force there the moment I knew. You're far too important to the cause to lose."

"Well, General, I suggest you start looking into all of the men under your command that have been here and find out who's a double agent or your name is mud. Got it?" Mike said.

"Yeah, our wives don't really like us being in harms way like that, and the fact that my wife and David's wife helped us get ride of those bastards really makes YOU look bad", John said.

"You wouldn't want us to start fucking with YOUR reputation, now would you?" David asked.

"No, of course not, fellas. I will launch a thorough investigation into this immediately. You have my word of honor, gentlemen."

"We better", Dan said.

"Or it's going to be YOUR name in a out cry next and you can kiss your career good bye", David said and ended the call.

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God of the Mind
Chapter 45

The next morning, the band and their families woke to their front yard being flooded with people. David fumed, but said nothing. Instead, he enjoyed the morning with his family, watching Saturday morning Cartoons with Malachai and chowing down of doughnuts that Brie had snuck out and bought.

When Dan come down the stairs, he glanced out the window and did a double take. "Well, I'm awake now", he said as he walked into the living room. "David did you see...?"

"Yes, Danny, I saw them, and I'm telling you I'm NOT happy about it. Are they TRYING to get us killed?"

Malachai turned to David. "Daddy, why are all those men in uniforms doing out in the front yard?"

"Well, son, Dad's not quite sure, but I intend to find out. Just watch your show and don't worry about it."


As everyone got up, they asked the same question. What were the troops and tanks doing at their house. "They must really want to be rid of all of us", Kristen said. "Not just the men".

"Don't think like that, Kristen. I'm sure there's a perfectly logical reason that we have TANKS in our front yard on Christmas Eve", Nicole said.

"Would you two stop?" Brie said. "Really, you're going to freak the kids out then I'm going to get pissed. David and the guys are handling it. I think they're on the phone with the General now."


"Oh, General!" David yelled into the phone that was sitting on the table. "Tell me something. WHY THE FUCK IS OUR FRONT YARD FLOODED WITH UNIFORMS?!"

"You said that you were attacked last night. I wanted to get some men out there to protect you and to see if you guys might have possibly left survivors. Apparently, your training took ahold like it was supposed to. You all shot to kill."

"I don't believe in leaving anything that threatens my family alive to tell the tale", Dan said.

"Me neither", said Mike.

"I'm sure that the same goes for John and David?" the General asked.

"You have better believe it, General. Anything that threatens my family dies. End of discussion", David said.

"I couldn't have said it better myself", John said.

"Well, gentlemen, what would you have me do?" said the General.

"Well, General, I would suggest you pull a lot of these men out of here before you get us killed. There are too many men here." David said calmly.

"I'm afraid I can't do that, gentlemen. I've been replaced at the head of the Agency. There's a new sheriff in town here and he goes by the Director. If you want those excess men removed. You'll have to go through him".


"This is the Director's office", said a sweet little female voice.

"Hi there, sweetie, I need to speak with the Director", Mike said.

"Who's calling?"

"Mike Wengren of Disturbed."

"Just a moment, Mr. Wengren." Then there was Muszak. It didn't last long. A soothing tenor voice came over the phone. "This is the Director."

"Hello, Mr. Director", said David.

"Ah, if it isn't our favorite rockstars. How are you boys doing today?"

"We're not so good, Director. We have a front yard full of uniforms scaring the hell out of our families, especially our children."

"I am sorry for that, but the General told me that you were attacked late last night. I thought it prudent to get a mass of men out there to protect you."

"Well what about attracting more agents of the Establishment?" John said.

"That's not a concern. Your safety is our primary worry at the moment. Well, the safety of the four of you and one, Irian Nicole Cartwright, now know as Hanna Brielle Draiman. She has pertinent information about the Establishment. We need her alive.

"She's perfectly fine, thank you." David was starting to get a tad bit upset.. just a bit.

"Oh, I know. She just gave you children about a year ago, didn't she?"


"How are your three children anyway, David?"

"They're all fine, but what do they have to do with the fact that my six year old son just asked me this morning why there were a bunch of men in uniforms in our front yard?"

"Like I said, I thought it best to get the out there to protect you."

"Well, Director, you're drawing attention to our house. Soon, people are going to think that a bunch of criminals live here."

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God of the Mind


Chapter 46

The Director saw what David and the guys were getting at. "Well, I don't want your neighbors thinking that. I'll send the orders to the General right away. Oh, and David, be sure to tell your 'wife' that her information on the Establishment was very helpful."

David rolled his eyes, an action he never did. "Yeah, whatever. I'll be sure to tell her." David hit the "end call" button on his cell, then stuffed the phone in his pocket. "I think he's a dick. What about you guys?"

"Yeah, real asshole", Dan said. "'I thought prudent to get a mass of men out there to protect you.' What a joke. We just annihilated a fucking scouting party of those bastards last night and no one got hurt because David and Brie are killer shots".

"I'm not just my intellect, boys. You guys should all know that. There's a reason I'm such a good shot. It's called... wait for it, here it comes. PRACTICE!!! YOU FUCKING MONKEYS!!!!!", David said and burst out laughing. The guys laughed with him.


By the time is was bed time for all the kids, a good portion of the troops were gone. David and Brie were having trouble getting the twins to sleep. Malachai had learned a long time ago that when Mama or Daddy speak, you listen or your butt is grass, especially if Daddy got a hold of you. He was trying to talk some sense into Jordan and Jake, but Daddy had to get them anyway.

"I told you", Malachai said to Jordan as she laid in her bed, crying. "You need to listen to your big brother more often. I'm just trying to keep you from getting in trouble."

Then, Jacob came in the room in tears, rubbing his bottom. All Malachai could do was shake his head, then fold his pillow over his ears.


"Finally got the kids in bed", David said as he walked into the bedroom.

"That's nice", Brie said, sounding uninterested.

"Is something wrong, hon?"

She shook her head. "No"

"What's going on?" He sat down on the bed next to her.

"I was just thinking", she said as she tucked herself into his side.


She didn't hesitate. She claimed his lips with hers and kissed him passionately. She'd NEVER kissed him like this before. This kiss was WILD. That was the only word he had to describe what she was doing. She straddled his hips and pushed him back against the bed. "How long has it been since we've actually been husband and wife and made love?" she whispered against his lips when she lowered her upper body to rest above his.

"It's been a while, that's for sure."

"It's been too fucking long then, hasn't it?"

He caught her mood, and knew exactly what she wanted. He rolled and put her on her back. "Yes it has", he growled as he moved to kiss down her body.


There was no sleep that night for either of the parents in the Draiman household. It was a night of passion and abandon. She wanted nothing more than to just BE with him as his wife. He wanted nothing more than to be with her as her husband and to show her how much he did REALLY love her. That night could not have been more perfect. "Merry Christmas", he said to her as the sun cam up.

She smiled. "Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah. I know today is the end of the festival of lights."

"Oh well. I'm just happy in the moment. I don't care about anything else."

"Not even that it's Christmas Day and there are a bunch as kids in this house wanting to open presents... including our three."

"Thank God you and the other wives were able to go out and actually buy Christmas presents, or we'd have a LOT of VERY unhappy children in this house."

"And a few unhappy adults. John asked me to make sure I got something for Kristen from him. Why he asked ME i don't know, but, it happened."

"That's fine. I had Nicole pic something special up for you from me." He reached over got into one of the drawers in his bedside table and pulled out a little box with a bow on top.

Her eyes widened. "David, you didn't have to", she insisted.

"Yes, I did. You've given me so much in the past year that you deserve this."

She took the box and carefully opened it. Inside was a diamond necklace. Not too flashy. Very simple but elegant. "David, you should have." She leaned up and kissed him gently. "I have something for you too." She reached across the bed and got a small box out of her bedside table. "Here. I really hope you like it. Malachai and Jacob helped me pick it out."

He took the box and opened it. She bought him a new watch. "I love it."

"Well, I remembered you complaining that your watch was 'being stupid' so I thought that maybe I should get you another one."

"It's perfect. Thank you." He kissed the top of her head. "Now, should we venture downstairs and watch the kids open their presents?"

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God of the Mind
GuiltyPleasures wrote:awesome!

I just had to put a little bit of romance in here. It makes all the actions and drama worth it to know that David gets and KEEPS the girl. lol

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God of the Mind
Chapter 47

There wasn't a child in the house that didnt' try to jump on their parents that morning. It was Christmas, after all. Jacob, Jordan, and Malachai were no exception, but Brie and David were no where to be found... as far as their kids knew.

Dan and Nicole trudged down the hall. "Uncle Danny, have you see our mom and dad?" Malachai asked.

"No, 'Chai, I'm sorry, but I haven't. I just got up."

"We're downstairs already, 'Chai", Brie yelled. "Get your brother and sister and get down here."

All of the kids, Brie and David's included, rushed the stairs like a stampede of cattle. David laughed as Dan and John grabbed for the banister to keep from getting run over.

"It's a STAMPEDE!" Brie yelled in her best Tennessee accent.

"I'll say", David said.

The kids all got down the stairs and gathered around the tree. "We want presents, we want presents", the children chanted.

David laughed. "Why don't you all wait for the rest of the adults to get over here and we'll pass out presents."

"Ahhhhh...." the kids and shouted in disappointment.

"Oh, well, I guess Maya doesn't want this big ole' package over here."

"Yeah, I do!" Maya yelled.

"Oh, you do want it?"

"Yes, Uncle David."

"Oh, I was just gonna give it to Aunt Brie, but since you want it you're gonna have to wait on Uncle Mikey and Aunt Tina to get down here. I'm the one passing out the presents this year, so I make the rules."

Mike and Tina finally stumbled down the stairs. Start passing out the present, David. We're on our way."

David started calling out the names of all the kids as Brie handed him that package. Maya, Malachai, Logan, Kylie, Justin, Jacob, Simon, Teagan, Jordan, Wilbur, Johnathan. Each of the children got their presents. Then David and Brie made sure that the parents got their gifts from their kids. "Now, I hope that you adults that had gifts to exchange did so either last night before you went to sleep, or this morning before you came down here", David said as he played with the new watch. "Oh, Malachai, Jacob, thank you for helping Mama with my present. I really like it." He winked at the boys, who were too immersed in their new toys to really care what their Daddy had just said.


The kids all sat in the living room and played with their toys while the adults went into the kitchen to fix breakfast. Tina and Kristen all admired the necklace that Nicole had picked out for Brie on David's behalf. "David had a very specific vision in mind of what he wanted me to get", Nicole explained. "I just looked for what matched the description."

"Well, Nicole, you did beautifully", Brie said. "I have you to thank as well." She gave Nicole a hug.

"It was nothing", Nicole insisted. "Just a small gesture to say thank you fer kicking him in the ass and getting him back to normal. He was starting to irritate me." She laughed.

"Believe me, it was my pleasure", Brie said then leaned in where David couldn't hear what she said. "He was starting to irritate me too." All the ladies laughed.


After a day full of merriment and happiness, it was time to settle down again. The new year was coming and life was starting to try to return to normal again... or as normal as it could get with this many people sharing one space. Of course, everyone had their differences, but they'd found ways of dealing with their problems without a lot of fighting.

The day would come when they would have to take on the Establishment. They all knew it. They just made sure to be prepared for the worst, and hoped for the best.

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Global Moderator
"A Very Disturbed Christmas"

That was cute. :)

Your Humble Global Moderator,
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God of the Mind
I just had to have Christmas with the band. It was something that I couldn't avoid. I was already there, anyway. I'm thinking about the next chapter now. Any suggestions?

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84 Re: Something I'm making up as I go.. on Sat 26 Jun 2010, 01:12


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Short of all out armageddon, something perhaps about how the "War" is progressing, and what the guys (and their gals) have to do to "win the War". Send someone undercover to undermine the Establishment? Someone outside their immediate families that they can trust, perhaps?

Your Humble Global Moderator,
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85 Re: Something I'm making up as I go.. on Sat 26 Jun 2010, 01:30


God of the Mind
Girl, you're a fucking genius. I have an idea now and I'm going to let it brew for a moment while I check out some other threads. Then it's back to the grind stone until I pass out tonight.

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God of the Mind
Chapter 48

New Year's Day came and went. The Disturbed Family had a lot to be thankful for over the past couple of years. New additions, a new album and the beginning of yet another mind blowing record. But the biggest things were yet to come.

They were finally gettin news on the war.. and that's exactly what it was. There was actual fighting going on over the bullshit. The Establishment was now trying to preach about a Utopian Society where there was no fear, or pain, or anger. To Brie, it sounded a little too Chronicles of Riddick.

Their fans had started looking for them and several of them found the house. Dan had an idea to make these kids, because they couldn't have been older than 15 or 16, the official gophers of the house. If they needed anything, they just gave these kids a call.

Masses of people had started coming to the house now, wanting to see the band, or to hear David give one of his passionate monologues. Now matter how much he wanted to, he couldn't. Not and risk his life to the Establishment and leave Brie with the kids by herself. Not a chance in hell. Instead, he'd started video taping them and having them distributed bootleg style. He didn't care. He wanted to be able to interact with the fans and the Army in any way he could.

One day, while the guys were downstairs working on the new album, the doorbell rang. Nicole was the first one to the door. All of the wives were taught to be cautious now that there was a full scale civil war going on outside their door. Nicole double checked the peep hole, then opened the door to the dark haired stranger. "I'm looking for Brie", he said. "Either Brie or David. I need to speak with them".

Brie had just come from down stairs, carrying a ball for the kids to play with. She dropped it in shock. "MATTHEW? IS THAT YOU?"

"Hey little sister!" he said.

She ran down the stairs and hugged the man. He was wearing his Marine Corps. dress blues, but they were dirty and ragged. "What happened to your uniform, Mattie?"

"When I was discharged from the Corps, these douche bags that called themselves Utopian- ists tried to force me into this vehicle to take me to their compound. I was wearing this. I haven't had anything else to put on in a month, but I had to find you. Where is your husband? I need to tell him and the rest of the band some information about what I've heard people calling the Establishment."

"They're in the basement at the moment, Mattie. Let me see if they can take a break, okay? Meanwhile, you need a shower and a clean change of clothes. Hey, Tina?"

"Yeah?" Tina responded.

"He looks about Mike's size. Do you think Mike would mind loaning him some clothes until we can get him some."

"I don't think Mike will mind loaning this Marine some clothes."

Brie swallowed. "He's not just any Marine, Tina. He's my brother."

"Then if Mike pitches a fit, I'll knock his block off."

"Thank you, Mrs. Wengren. This means a lot to me", Mattie said.

"Matthew, please just call me Tina, and you're more than welcome. You're sister's going to go see if the guys can take a break and talk to you. While she's doing that, you can take a shower. Come on, hon, let's get you cleaned up."


Brie did what she'd always called a cop knock on the door. Dan ansered it. "What's up, Brie?"

"I need to talk to you guys now. All of you."

He stepped out of the way and let her in.

David saw the look of worry and fright on his wife's face. "Baby, what's wrong? Are the kids okay?"

"Yeah, the kids are fine, but I'm not. My brother is here."

"Hold on", John said. "Your brother the Marine?"

"Yes, John."

"What is your brother doing here?" Mike asked.

"He has information to give you guys that you can pass on to the Agency about the Establishment. And, Tina's loaning him some of your clothes, Mikey."

"That's fine. He served our country in a time of war, he can have his pick of my wardrobe."

"Why is Tina loaning him some of Mikey's clothes?" David asked.

"You should have seen him, David. He was disgusting and dirty. His dress blues and tattered and torn. He looked a mess."

"What can he tell us?" John asked.

"I don't know, John. He just showed up at the door. I was coming down the stairs while he was asking for either me or David."

David looked at his brothers. "We should go talk to him", he said.

There was no need to say anything else. They had reached a silent consensus and they all started heading up the stairs to talk to Brie's brother.

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God of the Mind
Chapter 49

Matthew was sitting on one of the bar stools when the band emerged from their basement recording studio. Nicole had made him a sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup for him to eat while he waited. "The poor thing looked half starved. I couldn't let him go hungry", she explained when she saw the guys.

"That's okay, Nicole", David said. "He's my brother- in- law. That means he family. He can eat whatever's in the house as far as I'm concerened."

Matthew looked up from the bowl of soup he'd been inhaling when David said he was family. "I'm finally getting to meet the man taking care of my sister and my nephew." He extended his hand.

David took it and shook. "And I'm finally meeting the man who helped teach this girl how to shoot a gun." He smiled.

"And combat crawl", Matthew added with a smile.

"You do know that you have a niece and another nephew now, right?"

"So I'd heard, but I'll meet them and play with them later. Right now, I need to talk to you and the guys and you can deliver the message to whomever you work for, or I need to talk to the man himself."

"Let me talk to my brothers for a moment. Okay, Matthew?" Matthew nodded. David stepped to the side and he and the guys huddled. "Do you think this new Director would talk directly to Matthew?" Dan asked.

David shrugged. "I was thinking that we take Matthew into the other room where we make our calls to the Agency and find out." The other guys nodded. When the huddle broke, David said, "Matthew, when you're finished eating, which I suggest you do, you look malnourished, we'll take you to our conference room and see if the Director will talk to you. That way her get the information directly from the horse's mouth."

Matthew swallowed the bite of his sandwich he was chewing, and said, "Sounds like a plan to me."


"Brie, are you okay?" David asked after pulling Brie into another room.

"He looks like hell, David. He's got the ghosts of two wars written on his face and looks like he hasn't had a decent night's sleep in nearly a month."

"I know, sweetie. But, he'll be fine. Just let him get readjusted to life."

She curled herself against his chest. "David, I'm scared. For the first time since were found out the progress of this stupid war, I'm scared." She sobbed the end of her sentence, then sobbed silently into the warmth and strength of her husband's chest and he held her while she cried and fell apart for the first time since they met.


After about thirty minutes, David and Brie came back into the room. "Matthew, are you ready?" David asked.

Matthew nodded and slipped off of the bar stool. Silently, he followed the guys to the conference room and waited to be connected to the Director.

"Good afternoon, gentlemen, to what to I owe the honor?" the Director said when he answered his phone.

"Director, we have a man here who has insider information on the establishment", David said.

"Then by all mean, let the man speak."

"Sir, my name is Gunnery Sergeant Matthew J. Cartwright, formerly of the United States Marine Corps." Matthew said.

"At ease, Gunny. Tell me what you know".

Matthew spilled everything he knew; things that he'd learned from his stay with them. He had names of leaders, locations of strongholds and departmental buildings where the leaders were being hidden and after Matthew was done, the Director had it.

"Well done, Gunny. Tell me something, Gunnery Sergeant, what was you MOS in the Marine Corps.?"

"I was Force Recon, sir."

"How would you feel about a special under cover mission, Gunny?"

"I would be honored, sir."

"Just like a Marine. Well, Gunny, you may just be in luck".


(OK, this is the last on tonight. I need sleep. I've got a massage to give tomorrow)

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Global Moderator
Yowza! That was awesome, incorporating Brie's brother in there like that!

He's going to need a new identity, too. His current one may blow Brie's cover and lead the Establishment to discover Irian didn't die after all. Just a thought.

Your Humble Global Moderator,
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89 Re: Something I'm making up as I go.. on Sat 26 Jun 2010, 11:29


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90 Re: Something I'm making up as I go.. on Sat 26 Jun 2010, 11:43


God of the Mind
I'm glad you ladies like it.

Guilty, I'm working on the new identity fir Matthew. The Agency is about to put him to work and he's not gonna like what they make him do.

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God of the Mind
Chapter 50

Another Cartwright needing another set of documents. Brie had gotten used to this. There was no getting around it. Even her parents had been discovered and had to be taken care of by the agency with new identities and a new place to live.

When the Currier arrived with the new document for Matthew, David looked them over first. "I want to be sure that there's nothing in here that's going to compromise either myself or you sister." Matthew had been fine with that.

As David looked over the documents, his face turned red. "What the fuck are they thinking?" were his only thoughts as he studied the documents. Instead of Matthew being a Gunny like he had been, he was now a former United States Marine Corps. Major. That was fine with David. It was the orders that can with the paperwork that pissed him off. They were from a falsified government agency that The Agency was calling TACT, a division of the Department of Defense. There was no acronym for that. It was plain as day what they meant. He was to be a tactical adviser for the Establishment. They were making Maj. Francis K. Leavenstein a FUCKING DOUBLE AGENT!!!!


Brie and Matthew were sitting in the kitchen with her and David's kids as they ate lunch when Brie heard something shatter in another room. "Mattie, will you watch the kids for a moment? I need to go check on your brother- in- law."

"Sure. No problem sis."

Brie scooted out from the table and went to find David. When she walked in to the conference room, she saw water dripping down the wall and a glass shattered on the floor. This was before she even looked at David. When she did, he had his arm cranked back the throw another glass. "David, what's wrong?" she asked before he threw the glass.

"He's gonna be a spy, Brie. That's what the Agency wants. Your brother to be a spy as one of the top tactical advisers in the Establishment." He set the glass down instead of throwing it.

Brie's knees buckled and she had to brace herself against the table while David moved a chair behind her so that she could sit down. "Your employers want my brother as a spy?" she said in a voice heavy with unshed tears.

"Yes, love, they want him to be a spy and report as often as possible on ways to counter the attacks that the Establishment plans to mount. I just recently received Intel that they've brought back hanging. If he's discovered, your brother could be hung for treason." David was trying to remain calm as he spoke. It didn't pay for BOTH of them to be upset.

Brie took a deep breath and nodded slowly. "Ok", she said shakily. "Apparently this war that was started because of me is worse than we thought."

"It did not start because of you, Brie. It was started because the Establishment wants to turn this country into a communist country. what they are calling a Utopian Society. Don't take the blame for this."

She nodded again, slowly. "You're right. I shouldn't blame myself, but that's my brother they're wanting to send into enemy territory and risk his life. That's just really upsetting."

"I'd be pissed too if it were Ben. Everything will be ok. I promise. This will end at some point."


Brie and David came out of the conference room hand in hand. It was obvious to Matthew that his sister had been crying. "Irian, what's wrong?"

"Mattie, you can't call me that anymore. That woman died two years ago in a house explosion. My name is Hanna Brielle Draiman. I go by Brie. You've got to get that through your head or you're going to get me killed for real and my husband and children with me."

"I"m sorry sis. I just can't get used to this new name. Do the other guys and their wives know that your name isn't really Brie?"

"That's none of your concern", Brie snapped.

David put a hand on her arm. "Calm down." he turned to Matthew. "Yes, Matt, the other guys and their wives know. The other guys were assigned to watching your sister with me before I first met her. If she had survived as Irian, then you would have been pulled out of the Marines and taken into protective custody as well. Unfortunately, when the house blew up, she had been reported as being spotted inside, so Irian was reported as dead. You're sister's name is now Brie. You have to keep that in mind when I hand you this file. You're not going to like it. Hell, I don't even like it, but if this is what it takes to win this war, then so be it." David dropped the file infront of Matthew. "Malachai, Jacob, Jordan, you three need to go play with the other kids."

"But, Daddy", Jacob said.

"Do not make me repeat myself, Jacob Micah."

Jacob got up and followed his siblings to the big play room that had been set up for all of the kids. David turned his attention back to Matthew. "How do you like your new identity there, Major?" His voice was thick with sarcasm.

"I'm an officer?"

"Yes. One of the top tactical advisers to the Utopianist leaders. You're to report back to the Agency either through us or through this special phone, "David reached into this pocket and pulled out a small box, "once a week or more often if possible. If you fail to report back within two weeks time, it will be assumed that you have been discovered and the Agency and the band will have to deny any knowledge of your existance. Understood?"

Matthew nodded. "I'm a Marine, David. I know how to follow orders, whether I like them or not."

"Atta boy, Matt."

"My name isn't Matt. It's Frank. I'm Major Francis Kevin Leavenstein, United States Marine Corps; retired."

"My appologies then Major." David said with a smile, though it didn't quite reach his eyes.

"I'm going to need a Uniform if I'm to report to the Establishment Headquarters in the morning."

"Mike told me when he handed me the file that we've got our gophers on that. No worries. You'll have some dress blues and BDU's by nightfall."

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Whoa... just whoa!

The intrigue just got deep in here...

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93 Re: Something I'm making up as I go.. on Sat 26 Jun 2010, 18:48


God of the Mind
That's the point, baby, that's the point.


Chapter 51

Matthew, aka Maj. F.K Leavenstein, asked his sister for one final massage before he went off to play secret agent. Of course, Brie couldn't turn him down. While she was working on the backs of his legs, he asked her, "What's it been like?"

"What's what been like, Mattie?"

"Being married to the lead singer of Disturbed, the keystone of the resistance?"

"He's a great man, a loving and devoted husband and father. He's the best man I know."

"What about the being forced into seclusion because of his speaking out about shit?"

"It hasn't really been all that bad, to be honest. I mean, I've been well taken care of. No one here really fights with one another, and we have our ways of solving things. It's not the WORST life I could have imagined. I mean, sure I'd love to be able to walk out my door and see the sunshine, but it's really not all that bad."

"You really mean that, huh?"

"Yeah, Mattie, I do. I love him and I'd follow him into the mouth of hell. I hope that someday you find someone like him."

"Do you give him massages often?"

"You know I can't tell you that, Mattie. That's confidential information."

"According to the Utopianists there's no such thing."

"Hence why I'm in hiding and not a part of the real world. I believe that there are certain things that should be kept between a person and their health care practitioner or therapist."

"You're an inspiration, you know that?"

She smiled, and though he couldn't see it, he heard it in her voice. "I'm just one person trying to get by in the world. I'm not trying to inspire anyone."

"Always so modest", he said.

"Just shut up and focus on the massage."


The next day came and went faster than Brie had wanted it to. The sun rising meant that her brother was about to embark on the most dangerous mission he'd ever taken on. When it set, that meant that he was in and there was a good chance she'd never see him again. She tried to remain strong, but she was dying inside. Her brother meant a lot to her, almost as much as her children and David.

David saw that his wife was upset and tried to be a comfort, but it seemed in vain. There was no comforting her, he thought. Just watching her suffer and being there for her. That's the best he could do.

At dinner, Nicole noticed that Brie was upset as well. She said nothing until everyone had left and she and Brie were cleaning up. "Brie, what's wrong?"

"Nothing", she lied.

"You're not a very good liar, Brie. I can tell that something is bothering you. What's wrong?"

"I'm afraid for my brother. Can't I be human?" she snapped.

Nicole touched Brie lightly on the shoulder as Brie broke down for the first time that day. God, she felt so weak. Nicole wrapped her arms around her and let her cry.

David came into the room and saw Brie crying on Nicole's shoulder. "Is she okay?" he mouthed to her. Nicole just shook her head.

They carefully shifted Brie from Nicole's shoulder to David's as she continued to break down. She sobbed into her husband's shoulder for at least an hour before he looked at Nicole. "I'm gonna take her upstairs. Watch the kids for us, please?"

"Sure, no problem, David", Nicole said and left the room.


David managed to get Brie up the stairs. He had to carry her, but he got her up the stairs. Thank God he'd been working on his upper body strength when they worked out in the mornings. He even had to carry her into the room and lay her on the bed. Still she sobbed. He sat on the bed with her, silent as a grave, and let her cry. Finally, she fell asleep.


A week passed, and Mattie checked in with the guys, right on schedule. David made sure that Brie was busy with other things while he and the guys took the call from her brother. David and the guys all made thorough notes of everything that he had to say, every strategy that he was helping them think up and the exact measures to counter them. He was being sure to give the Establishment complicated offenses while giving the Agency the best and simplest defense. Even the General was impressed. "There's a fine strategic mind behind the brown eyes of that Marine. His Commandant would be proud", he'd even said once.

It continued like this for months. Once a week, at the least, David, Dan, Mike, and John would take the call from Brie's brother. After a couple of weeks, David wised up and started conferencing to the Agency, usually directly to the Director. There was no need to take notes that way and David was free to listen and ask question where he felt the need, because this information helped the band with ideas on how to recruit more people to the cause.

When David would come out after making the call, he would let Brie know that her brother was ok. She wasn't overjoyed to hear the news, but it did help. David could tell. One night when they were tucking the kids in for bed, Malachai asked, "When are we going to see Uncle Mattie again?"

"We're not sure, son", David said. "Uncle Mattie is very busy these days."

The months flew by, and news kept coming that the Utopian leaders were running scared and that the War had spread world wide. People were standing up against Monarchs and Communist leaders all because they were tired of the oppression. It was times like this that made David and the guy proud to do what they did. But what was to come was one of those things that made David and the guys wonder if they were doing the right thing.

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94 Re: Something I'm making up as I go.. on Sat 26 Jun 2010, 19:17

wow...awesome work!

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95 Re: Something I'm making up as I go.. on Sat 26 Jun 2010, 20:05


God of the Mind
Chapter 52

Six months had passed. Six months since Mattie took the mission of infiltrating the Establishment's Headquarters and acting as a double agent. Was this hell ever going to end? Brie asked herself this question daily, but she put on a brave face, not just for her husband and kids, but for the other wives. They tended to lean on her for their strength. To vent her frustration, she threw herself into her morning workouts, pushing herself to do more and go longer. David watched her in amazement. He worked out beside her everyday for over a year and had never seen her push herself like she was at that time. He was proud of her for finding an outlet that worked for her.

To build a better bound between the families, once a week after the kids were in bed, Mike had decided that they needed a family game night. It was a way for them all to take their minds off of the shit that was happening outside their door and to focus on what was really important. So, every Tuesday night, they played some silly little game to cheer everyone up. Some nights they play guys against girls. Some nights they played as couples. Hell, some nights Mikey got a wild hair up his ass and decided to mix up the teams. He was the one who set this shit up so he got to do whatever the hell he wanted.

During one of these family game nights, Mike decided that they, for some odd ass reason, needed to play hang man. "Have you lost what's left of your fucking mind, brother?" Dan asked him as they all sat down and got ready to play.

"Maybe so, but shit, I'm running out of ideas here."

"We could have played couples Monopoly instead of this shit, Mikey. Seriously", David said.

"Well, bloooooooow me!", Mike said with a laugh.

"Noooooooooo thanks!" John laughed.

"That's Tina's job anyway, Mikey. I really sure that she'd kill anyone who tried, no matter what sex they were", Brie said as she set a bowl of chips on the table and handed her man a beer. He kissed her and whispered a thank you in her ear.

"I want one!" Mike said.

"Want one what? A kiss? Does Mikey want a kiss from Brie?" Brie teased.

"Hell no. I want a beer."

"Your legs ain't broke, bitch", Brie said as she walked into the kitchen again to help Kristen and Tina finish up with the snacks.

"That's MY bitch, Mikey. Go ask YOUR bitch to get you a beer and see what she says", David said, then took a sip of his beer.

"Your bitch loves you. Mine thinks I drink too much", Mike said with a laugh.

"Maybe that's because you do", Tina said as she walked in, but handed him a beer anyway, after drinking half of it in one swallow.

"Hey, what about daddy?" Mike asked with a laugh.

"Daddy needs to get his shit together before Mama makes him sleep on the couch", Tina said as she took a seat. All Mike could do was shake his head.


The game was underway. The teams were set and each couple had to guess. The team that got the word or phrase chose which of them went and did the next one. The catch was that you could only do a phrase that came from the lyrics of a song. David and Brie were clean sweeping everyone. "We have a system", was all David said when asked how they did it.

While Mike and Tina took their turn at the board, David got a phone call. He took it right there. "Hello? Holy shit! Yes, he's one of us! Don't believe me, call the General." He hung up. "I need to step out of the room for a moment. I'll be right back", he whispered to Brie as he stood up. It was their turn to guess a letter, so he shouted out "V" as he walked from the room.


"Hello, David", said the gruff bass on the other end of the line.

"General, Brie's brother has been captured, but it wasn't by the Establishment", David said immediately after the General picked up, "it was by US."

"Shit!" the General exclaimed. "I'm on it, David. Don't worry, he'll be free within the hour. Give your wife my personal guarantee on that", and the General hung up.


David came back in the room a little more somber than usual. When he took his seat next to Brie, he leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Matt's been captured by our side. The General is working on his release."

Brie's eyes went wide. "NO", she gasped. "Is he okay?"

"Yeah, been tortured a little, but the General gave me his personal guarantee that Matt will be free within the hour."

"He'd better be or the General is going to have to answer to me."

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God of the Mind
babygirlpj2007 wrote:wow...awesome work!

Thanks! I'm working up to something that's going to blow everyone's minds. I hope you've still got your socks up. LOL Fists

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97 Re: Something I'm making up as I go.. on Sat 26 Jun 2010, 20:37


God of the Mind


Chapter 53

The game continued as planned. Brie tried to have a good time and let the game take her mind off of the fact that her brother had been captured and tortured by the very people that he was really working for.

An hour or so later, she just couldn't focus. "I think I'm gonna turn in for the night. Care to join me?" she whispered to David

"Yeah, I'm starting to get a little bored myself. Let's go", he whispered back. "We're gonna head on upstairs for the night. See you assholes in the morning... any woman in the crowd is excluded from that asshole comment, that was ONLY for your husbands", David said to the groups as he stood. He took Brie's hand and went up the stairs with her.

Once they were on the other side of their bedroom door, David pulled Brie tightly against him. "What's wrong?" he whispered in her ear.

"I need a better distraction than stupid hangman", she said quietly.

"I think that can be arranged", David said, a wicked grin crossing his face. He brought a hand up to tilt her face up toward his and kissed her oh so gently. She relaxed into his touch and let him slowly devour her mouth. Her hand roamed of the sculpted plains of his chest and stomach through the shirt he was wearing. She wasn't touching enough skin, so she tugged the shirt up so that she could get contact with his skin. God, he was so warm. She just couldn't get over how warm he was to the touch. She lifted his shirt free of his body and let it drop the the floor.


They laid there in their bed, just enjoying each others company. She love it when he just held her and said nothing. In that moment, nothing needed to be said. She sighed contently.

"Is everything ok?" he asked.

"Shhh. I was enjoying the silence." She snuggled in closer to his body.

"Ah, so I should just shut up, huh?"

"Good idea." She took another deep breath in and sighed again. "Mmmm, this is the life." As they laid there, she slowly drifted off to sleep, and he was not far behind her.


David's phone rang in the middle of the night. "Fuck!" he cursed under his breath. "Don't people look at a clock before they make phone calls?" He found his pants after carefully prying his arm from under Brie's head, and pulled his phone from his pocket. "Hello?" he answered sleepily.

"David, it the General. He's free and being debriefed. Tell Brie that I'm sorry it took so long, but I had to pull a few strings."

"This couldn't wait until morning, General? It's", David looked at the clock on Brie's bedside table, "3:00 am."

"I'm sorry to wake you like this, but I wanted to let you know as soon as I could that I have your brother- in- law and that he's safe."

"Thanks, General. I'm going back to sleep now." David hung up, laid his phone on his bedside table and went back to sleep.

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God of the Mind
Chapter 54

The next morning, Brie and David were awoke by the sound of someone knocking on their bedroom door. "Brie, David, get up", said the voice on the other side.

David opened his eyes and shouted, "What the fuck, Danny? Why the hell are you cop knocking on my door?"

"Get up! NOW! It's important!"

David growled under his breath. "Brie, baby, we need to get up, something has happened and Danny's beating down our door."

"Do we have too?" Brie grumbled groggily.

"Apparently so", he said as he stretched and climbed stiffly out of bed.

"Grr.. fine." She stretched and crawled out of bed herself. "Where's my robe, I'm not getting dressed unless I have to."

"It's on the hook on the back of the bathroom door." He slipped on some short and waited for her to emerge from the bathroom.


"What is so fucking important that you woke me this early in the morning?" Brie grumbled as she walked down the stairs.

"It's your brother, Brie", Dan said then turned up the volume on the TV.

"Gunnery Sergeant Matthew J. Cartwright, also known to the Utopian leaders as Major Francis K. Leavenstein, has been arrested today on suspicion of espionage and treason. Sources say that Sergeant Cartwright was the brother of Irian N. Cartwright, LRMT, who died in a residential explosion due to a leaky gas pipe three years ago today.", said the woman on the news.

Brie collapsed. Only David's arm around her waist kept her from hitting the floor. "No, Mattie", she whispered. David and Dan lowered her carefully to the couch.

"Brie, honey, talk to me. Where's your head at?" David asked her calmly. She laid her head on his shoulder and began to wail.

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God of the Mind
Chapter 55

"THOSE BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Brie cried. "DAMN THIS NEW GOVERNMENT TO HELL!!!!" These were the only things that she said during her break down that were half assed intelligible.

David just sat there on the couch and let her scream while he held her. When the kids started trickling down the stairs, David shooed them away. "Tina, can you keep the kids out of here, especially ours. They don't need to see this."

Tina just nodded and ushered the kids back up the stairs.

"Why is my Mommy crying?" Jordan demanded. Now two, she and Jacob had become very demanding. It was part of those terrible twos.

"Don't worry about it, Jordan. Your Daddy's got it under control", Tina said.

Brie clung to David for dear life. He was all she had left to keep her grounded and focused.


David held out his hand for the phone. Brie had quieted enough for him to give the General a proper ass chewing. Dan handed him the phone. "Hello, General."

"David, I'm so sorry."

"I don't think sorry is going to get it, General. My brother- in - law is being held because YOU MOTHER FUCKERS just HAD to have someone on the inside. I hope that the information was valuable enough for him to give his life."

"We're working on getting him out, David, but it's not looking good."


"I'm doing the best I can, David. It's not like I can just walk into the headquarters and demand his release. He's being charged with treason and espionage, as well as the lesser charge of impersonating an officer."


"No, David, it doesn't, but I assure you, I'm doing my best. We've got men in their prison system keeping an eye on him, making sure that he doesn't break. They've been torturing him, David."

David swallowed and his voice dropped down into a dangerous tone. "Get him out of there or your ass is mine, General." David hung up and handed the phone back to Dan.


Brie was so stricken that she could barely function. She sat on the couch like a vegatable, her knees curled up to her chest, staring into space. The only person she would respond to when asked a direct question was David, who rarely left her side.

Mike and Tina stepped out to the room to talk. "I've never seen her so catatonic", Tina said.

"She was like this once before", Mike said. "But not to this extent. I didn't see it personally, but David did and he told us all about it."

"What happened?"

Mike took a deep breath. "You do know that Malachai is her biological son, right?"

"Yeah, from when she was Irian."

"Well, the day the house exploded, she was also shot at in her massage clinic. David took her to the house to get a few things so that she and Malachai could go to David's old place in Colorado Springs. When the house exploded, she was reported as dead. Dan was in charge of picking Malachai up from school, but when the news that Irian was dead reached the school, Child Services stepped in and hand him taken to Tennessee to live with Irian's parents. She as only slightly catatonic, other than crying, that day. Now, here it is, exactly three years later, and Matt's been arrested and brought up on charges of espionage and treason."

"That's too much for anyone to have to deal with, especially on the day the supposedly died."

"Every year, Brie makes it a point to stay in bed late, because if she would have done it that day, she wouldn't have had to deal with all this shit. No one would have been able to set that explosion because she would have kicked their ass. Brie is no slouch, as yuo can tell."

"Yeah, I've seen her and David grapple with eachother some mornings. He may have her in weight, but because she's so light and small, she can bob and weave better than he can."

"Well, I'd hate to be the stupid fucker that pisses her off today. She's liable to snap."

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100 Re: Something I'm making up as I go.. on Sat 26 Jun 2010, 22:34


God of the Mind
Chapter 56

A few hours later, the doorbell rang. Dan answered it. "Hello, Dan. Do you think that I could speak with David and Brie, please?"

"David, it's for you." Dan hollered.

"Who is it?"

"Take a wild guess."

David stood up and went to the door, glancing over his shoulder at his wife. She was still frozen in her place. When he saw who was at the door, he almost lost it. "You have a lot of fucking nerve showing up here."

"I'm sorry, David, but I wanted to talk to you and Brie about the situation with her brother. May I come in?"

David did the rarest of the rare- rolled his eyes, but still let the man in. He led him over to the couch where Brie was sitting still and sat next to her. "Brie, baby, this is the General. He wanted to talk to us about Matt."

"GO AWAY", she said carefully.

"Brie, I'm so very sorry. We're doing everything we can..." the General said.

"GO AWAY", she said again.

"I'm going to personally see to it..."

"GO AWAY!" she demanded.

"Brie, I'm going to make sure that your brother..."

That did it. She flew up off the couch and started beating the shit out of the General. David and Dan tried to pull her off, but it was no use. Not even the four of them could have pried her off of that man. There was no way in hell. Mike and John even ran in to help, but it was to no avail. She was like a pitbull who had locked its jaw after sinking its teeth into someone's hide. There was not getting her off of him.

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