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51 Re: Something I'm making up as I go.. on Thu 24 Jun 2010, 15:25


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Screw popcorn... I need a stiff drink! Get me a Jack and Coke, hold the Coke!

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52 Re: Something I'm making up as I go.. on Thu 24 Jun 2010, 16:54


God of the Mind
*sets the glass of Jack on the table* Here you go, sweetie.

Now, here the next installment of Chaos Becomes Her...


Chapter 30

David didn't scream. Not once. Sure, it hurt like a son of a bitch when Danny or Mikey would touch the scorching hot spoon the the gunshot wound. Hell, it hurt like a mother fucker when they cleaned it with the alcohol. Nothing like having your brother pour Everclear on your bleeding arm to build that special bond of brotherhood.

Brie didn't scream either. If he could sit there and take the pain without so much as a groan in pain, then she could sit there and remain silent while they sealed the wound that the love of her life had in his arm. She was going to be strong for him.

As Dan wrapped David's arm, David gave him and Mike both dirty looks. "I'll be sure and repay the favor someday, you fucking monkeys."

"Hey, it's not our fault you were shot. Don't blame us."

"Oh, who am I supposed to blame?"

They looked at eachother, then at Brie.

"Don't even try to put this off on her, you stupid mother fuckers. It's no more her fault than it is mine or yours. If I blame ANYONE, I blame the agency."

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*Downs it in one gulp*

Hit me again, sister!

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54 Re: Something I'm making up as I go.. on Thu 24 Jun 2010, 17:34


God of the Mind
Chapter 31

The eyes of the rest of the band went wide. "WHAT?" they all exclaimed.

"You heard me. I blame them. Apparently, fifteen minute sweeps weren't good enough. If they want us to do this recruitment shit, then they should protect us better. We shouldn't have to do ALL of the fucking dirty work."

The guys thought about it for a moment; let David's words sink in. John was the first one to speak up. "You guys know what? David's right. They haven't done that great a job protecting us. Yeah, I mean, we can take care of ourselves, but when we're on the road, it's not solely our job to take care of the security issues. Hell, the label pays for a good portion of our security stuff, but not enough since people are trying to KILL US."

"You're right, John, David", Dan said. "We all have families to think about. If I don't make it home to my wife and kids, then who's responsible."

"Well, we're all heading home now just to pack up our families and go to the safe house", Mike said. "I'm not going to like being stuck in the safe house all the time. It's going to make me really testy."

"You and me both, Mikey", David said. "It's like being sequestered in the studio."

"But, in the studio, we're doing something productive. We're making a new album. We've writing, mixing, tracking, doing something. Are we going to have the ability to do anything while we're couped up in this house, all four of us and our families?" Mike asked.

"I think the Boss said that there's a basement studio if we should want to record. We won't be able to release on reprise anymore though", John said.

"We can release under our record label," David said. "What did we start Intoxication Records for if we're not going to use it?"

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God of the Mind
GuiltyPleasures wrote:*Downs it in one gulp*

Hit me again, sister!

*set the entire fifth on the table* Here you go, don't drink it all in one swallow.

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God of the Mind
Chapter 32

The guys made it home to their families and got them moved. David and Brie were taken straight to the safe house. David made sure that Brie had eaten and was safely tucked in to their NEW bed. Then, he paced. He was mad as hell. He just got shot for the cause. He was suffering for the cause. When was the agency going to start fighting for the cause? When was the agency going to make the Establishment pay for trying TWICE to kill Irian, now known as Brie? He loved her either way around it. It didn't matter what her name was. It could have been MUDD and he wouldn't have cared. But, when were his employers going to keep their end of the bargain?

Around 4:00 am, David finally decided to lay down. He needed to rest, and his wife needed him to be strong for her. She was closing in on her sixth month, end of the second trimester. She was getting weaker and still trying to do the things that she did before the tour started and before she got pregnant. He was still wondering when she was going to see that she couldn't do it all by herself? That's what he was there for, to pick up where she couldn't. She was still trying to push herself but, that's because she felt like she had to. He was still trying to convince her to stay sitting down most of the time. This pregnancy was difficult. "She must be having a boy, as big as she's getting", he thought to himself as he laid down beside her. He brushed her hair from her face, kissed her cheek, then laid down next to her, wrapping his arm around her waist, his hand resting on her stomach. He felt the baby kick. She winced a little, but stayed sleeping. He finally, after so long, got to feel HIS CHILD kick in it's mother womb. He was so moved, he almost cried... almost.

The first family to arrive was Dan's. They arrived the following morning around 8:00 am. Maya was making so much noise that she woke Malachai and David. Brie remained soundly asleep. David had to give her a sleeping supplement to get her to sleep the night before. David went downstairs. "Danny, could you please get Maya to quiet down a little bit. I love the girl to death, but I didn't get to sleep until four this morning, and I'm tired."

"No problem, David. Do you want me and Nicole to watch Malachai so that you and Brie can sleep?" Dan said.

"If you don't mind", David said and swayed. "Brother, I'm about to fall down. I'm going back to bed."

"No problem, brother. Go get some sleep."


Finally, around noon, Brie and David woke. Dave woke first and watched her sleep for a few minutes. He's never seen anything do beautiful. When her eyes fluttered open, he smiled. "Good morning, beautiful", he said.

She smiled back. "Good morning, handsome."

"How's my girl this morning?"

"Not sure yet. I do know that I need to go to the bathroom and I need to walk around for a few minuted and get the blood circulation back in my legs."

He rolled out of bed and helped her stand. Once she was up, he looked at her. "You get much bigger, you may not be able to walk."

She laughed. "I know. I feel like the Goodyear Blimp. I'm fucking huge."

"I think it's sexy, personally."

She smiled at him. "You do?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I do. And I finally got to feel the baby kick last night. I was really happy when he kicked."

"He? Have you decided that it's a boy?"

"Yeah, and if it is I want to name him Jacob Micah. I really like that name."

"And what if it's a girl?"

He though for a moment. "How about Jordan Hanna?"

She nodded. "I like it. I like them both, actually."

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God of the Mind
Chapter 33

David carefully helped Brie down the stairs. Nicole, Tina, and Kristen hadn't seen her in months and were amazed at how big she was. "She looks like she's about ready to pop", Tina said to Mike.

"Nope, she's only six months. David must make big babies", he said with a laugh.

The midwife saw them coming down the stairs and ran to help. "You shouldn't be out of bed, Brie", the woman scolded. "You should be laying down."

"Tiffany, I can't feel my feet... hell, I can't even see them, but I'd like to at least know they're there. I'm trying to take it a little easier, but I can't stay sitting down or laying down all day. Just ask David", Brie said as she came down one step at a time.

"I've given her the same lecture, Tiff. She's not going to listen. I've already tried", David said with a laugh. They got her down the stairs and sat her on the couch. "I'm gonna see what's in the Kitchen, ok?" he said to Brie.

"Ok, could you bring me some juice or something? I'm really thirsty."

He nodded and kissed her cheek. "Of course. I'll be right back." he walked off toward the kitchen to find that Nicole and Kristen had taken it upon themselves to start breakfast for everyone. "Thanks ladies", he said as he grabbed a glass out of the cabinet and poured Brie some apple juice.

Kristen smacked his hand. "That juice if for the kids and Brie. Not for you."

He smacked her hand lightly back. "I'm getting it for Brie, bossy ass."

John saw the exchange and walked in laughing. "What are you two smacking each other for now?" he asked.

"She smacked me because she thought I was getting juice for myself, so I smacked her back telling her that the juice is for my wife", David said.

"Well, how was I supposed to know?" Kristen said

"You could have asked", David said.

"And gotten a smart assed answer."

"You know me so well, sis", David said and walked out of the room.

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God of the Mind
Chapter 34

Three months pass. Everyone has fallen into a comfortable routine. Brie was FINALLY getting structure back in her life. She finally started sitting more often during that seventh month because she almost went into preterm labor. It finally sank in that she needed to stay in bed like she was told to by her midwife.

Finally, the big day came. Brie was up getting a shower when she started having pains in her abdomen. As she was stepping out of the shower in her's and David's room, her water broke. "David!" she screamed.

He ran into the bathroom. "What is it, honey?"

"Help me to the bed and go get Tiffany. It's time. My water just broke."

He came in and help her get wrapped in a towel, helped her to the bed and ran downstairs. "Tiffany, her water just broke."

"What? Really?" Tiffany said.

"Yeah, her water just broke. I saw the mess in the floor. She was getting out of the shower when it broke, apparently. She yelled for me right after it happened. Can we go upstairs now? I'd like to be with my wife while she has my child."

Tiffany scooted off the stool she as barked orders at the other guys wives, telling them everything she would need. She and David then ran up the stairs to where Brie was.

Brie's breathing was labored and forced when David and Tiffany entered the room. She was in the middle of a contraction. David was across the room in no time, holding her hand. She squeezed with everything she had, that was a lot. He felt like his hand was being crushed, but he said nothing. She'd watched him get a gun shot wound cleaned and cauterized, he could help her through labor. He would help her through labor.

Tina, Nicole and Kristen came in the room with the supplies. Tina immediately went to mopping Brie's face with a cool damp rag. Kristen set out the warm towels, and Nicole started running the bath for the water birth that Brie wanted. Tina shoved a cup of ice chips at David. "Feed these to her while she's not contracting. They'll help keep her cool."

David nodded and took the ice chips. Tiffany was organizing everything else that needed to happen, then checked Brie to see how far along she was. She looked at David. "She's about five cm and 50% effaced. She's half way there already. She must have been contracting and dilating all night."

"I don't know. She never complained about anything."

"She wouldn't. You know better than that. She wouldn't want you to worry."

In the middle of a contraction, she yelled at them both, "Stop talking about me like I'm not here." She went back to trying to breathe through the pain.

"Sorry, baby", David said. "But, why didn't you say anything?"

"Because I didn't feel anything until I was in the shower. I was stepping out to get you when my water broke, then the contractions hit me like a sledgehammer."

"That makes sense", Tiffany said. "Contractions can do that. Be weak until the water breaks and then come one a million times stronger." She checked on Brie's progress again. "Brie, talk to me. On a scale from one to ten, how bad is it?"

"A 50 at least."

"David, when the next contraction hits, I want you to time it, tell me how long it lasts, then time the time in between that one and the next one."

David nodded, then grabbed his watch off of the bedside table. When the contraction hit, he glanced at his watch and noted the time on a note pad he had in his drawer. He rubbed her back as the contraction progressed, then when she set back against the pillows, he noted the time again, then waited for the next contraction.

Tiffany looked at him. "Taking notes?"

"Yes", he said as she squeezed his hand again and he winced. "Ouch, honey, that hurt", he said calmly, making another note of the time.

"I'm sorry, but I'm giving birth to your child here, I deserve a little leeway", Brie said.

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God of the Mind
Chapter 35

When Brie was about 8 cm and fully effaced, Tiffany had David and Mike help move Brie to the bathroom for the delivery. David, still wearing the basketball shorts he slept in, got in the tub with her. He didn't want to lose contact with her and wanted to do more than hold her hand while she gave his child life.

She was finally ready to push. She was completely dilated and effaced. She was to the point where she needed to push. Tiffany got into the tub to deliver the baby. Tina and Kristen held her feet. "Ok, Brie, when the next contraction hits, I want you to push with everything you've got."

The contraction came and Brie pushed. Tina and Kristen counted to ten while she pushed. After the ten count, she had enough time to catch a breath, then she was pushing again. Another breath, and another ten count of pushing. "I'm seeing a head, Brie. A couple more really good pushes and you'll have a baby. Push for me, Brie", Tiffany said.

Brie pushed again with every thing she had. "We have a head full of brown curls. Who'd the baby get those from?" Tiffany asked with a laugh.

"Both of us", David said, his voice full of joy.

"One more should do it, Brie, push those shoulders out", Tiffany said. Brie pushed with a scream that was primal and damn near rage filled. Out came the shoulders and the rest of the baby. "David, Brie, you have a healthy baby girl. Congratulations", Tiffany said as she wrapped the baby in a warm towel and handed her to Brie.

Tears filled Brie's eyes. "Look, David, we have a baby girl."

He smiled. "Yes, we do. Little Jordan Hanna."

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God of the Mind
Chapter 36

Brie's joy in her new daughter was short lived, because she had another contraction. "Oh, shit!"she said as Nicole too little Jordan from her and her feet rose into the air again courtesy of Tina and Kristen.

"What's wrong?" David demanded.

"Nothing, David. You're having twins", Tiffany said.

Brie screamed again, pushing the other child out with everything she had. "We've got more curls, you two. Keep pushing, Brie, it's almost here."

She took a deep breath and pushed again, trying not to scream any more. Screaming didn't help with the pain, she knew that. This wasn't her first pregnancy.

"The head is out, Brie. One more push and will have shoulders and gender. PUSH!"

She pushed again, using bracing against the strength of David's chest and pushing against the hands of Tina and Kristen. The next thing she heard was the cries of another baby. "It's a boy, Brie, you have another beautiful baby boy." Tiffany wrapped him in warm towel and handed him to her. "Jacob", David whispered in Brie's ear. "Our Jacob Micah."


Brie was moved from the tub to her and David's bed while that babies were being cleaned up and David cut their cords. The house Doctor came to the room and checked on Brie and the twins, giving them all a clean bill of health. "You'll be able to get back to your work out regiment in no time, Brie."

"I probably won't. Not until the twins are eating solid food and that only, anyway. David will get to enjoy the baby belly for a little while", she said with a grin. After he cut his children's cords, he came back to Brie's bed side and hadn't left. He smiled at her comment.

"You're beautiful no matter what you look like", he told her.

"Doctor, can he get in bed with me? I'd like to have my husband hold me for a bit without the huge stomach I've had the past couple of months."

"There's no harm in it as long as you to don't start fooling around. No sex for six weeks."

"Yes, Doctor. We know", David said.

(How do you like that shit for plot twists?)

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I figured twins way back when you wrote that Brie was showing at three months... LOL

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God of the Mind
Chapter 37

After the doctor left, David crawled into the bed with Brie. After settling in, she wrapped an arm around her. "We have twins", he said with a smile.

"I know. Our little Jordan and Jacob. Now I know why my grandmother always told my mom and Uncle Seth that they killed her figure. Twins are murder to carry."

"You're mom's a twin?"

"Yep. She the oldest of a set of fraternal twins."

David smiled. "You know we're gonna have to have one more to even things out."

"Please not for another couple of years. My body can't take it right now."

"Nor can my sanity, what little of it I have left."

She smiles and put hand against the roughness of his unshaven cheek. "You have NO sanity left. You fell in love with me", she said with a laugh.

He kissed her softly. "You must have been crazy to begin with because you fell in love with me too."

She sighed. "I love you, David."

He kissed the top of her head. "I love you, too, Brie."


Brie was sleeping soundly when Dan walked in. "This just came for you from HQ."

David looked at him. "Did you check it and that delivery guy?"

"Of course we did. By the way, just thought you might want to know that the delivery guy was the task force commander that got you shot."

David laughed. "So he DID lose rank?"

"Yep." Dan held out the package to David.

"No bombs, right?"

"None. There just something in there for you and Brie, something for each of the twins and possibly something for Malachai."

David opened it carefully having set it in his lap. He pulled out the toy that must have been for Malachai. "Could you take this down to him, please, Danny?"

Danny took the toy race car. "No problem. Oh, speaking of Malachai, he's wanting to know when he's going to be able to see his new baby brother and sister."

"After his mama and I have had a decent nap. Neither of us has been sleeping very well the past couple of weeks. We both need naps." David chuckled.

"No problem, brother. You two get some rest, we've got the kids."

David nodded and yawned. "Thanks, Danny."

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God of the Mind
GuiltyPleasures wrote:I figured twins way back when you wrote that Brie was showing at three months... LOL

I actually wasn't sure if she was going to have twins or not. I was walking the dog and thought, "Hey, Brie and David should have twins" lmao

Hell, I was tempted to make it triplets there for about half a second, then thought, no. Too much like work to write that out.

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God of the Mind
Chapter 38

David blinked awake to the sound of crunching in his ear. "Hi, Daddy", said the little boy's voice.

David rolled over and said, "Malachai, what part of AFTER your mama and I wake up did you NOT understand?"

"But I wanna see my brother and sister NOW, Daddy. I don't wanna wait any longer."

"I don't care, Malachai. Let me and you mama rest, then you can see your baby brother and baby sister."

"But, Daddy..."

"NOW!" David growled at the little boy. Malachai pouted, but left the room. David started to settle back into the bed when Malachai came back and said, "Can Aunt Kristen show me the babies?"

David rubbed a hand over his face. "Go get Aunt Kristen and ask her to come here, Malachai. Then, go find Uncle Danny." Malachai ran from the room.


"Malachai? Where the hell did you disappear to now, boy?" Dan called. When Malachai came running down the stairs, Dan sighed. "About damn time, child. Where were you?"

"I was talking to my Daddy."

"I told you not to bother your Daddy or Mama, didn't I?"

Malachai shrugged. "So?"

Dan blinked at the boy. "SO? Malachai, get yourself back downstairs in that living room before you get yourself in SERIOUS trouble. Uncle Johnny needs his Guitar Hero partner."

"Where are you gonna go?"

"I'm gonna go talk to your Daddy."

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God of the Mind
Chapter 39

Dan walked into David and Brie's room. "You're not Kristen", David said.

"No, I'm not", Dan said, "but Malachai is about to get in some serious trouble if he doesn't start listening."

David sighed. "Do what you have to do, Danny. I'm sure that Brie would agree."

"The boy's first stop the next time he runs off and bothers you is going to be the corner."

"Like I said, do what you have to do, Danny. Just don't abuse him. That's all I ask."


Brie woke to the sound of their voices. "What's going on?" she asked.

"Nothing, honey, I've got this all under control", David tried to reassure her.

"So? What's going on?"

"Malachai won't listen to me or Nicole", Dan said.

"Do what you have to do to get him to listen, Dan. Just don't beat him"

"So I can't spank him if I feel the need?"

"Didn't say that. There's a fine line between spanking and beating. Use your better judgment." Brie breathed deeply and went back to sleep.

"You heard her, Danny", David said. "Anything else?" He yawned.

"Nope. I'll leave you two in peace." And with that, Dan left the room.

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God of the Mind
Chapter 40

Finally, she could get up and move around again. It was a bit of a struggle at first because she hadn't really used her legs in two months, but she was getting the hang of it again. Before anyone knew it, she was running up and down the stairs. The feeding schedule was hectic, but she managed. She and the other wives tended all of the children.

David, Dan, and the other guys had gotten bored, so they started writing again. A brand new album. They needed to get the word out to their loyal fans that they were still alive and hadn't permanently fallen off the face of the planet, they were just in hiding. Thank GOD the agency HAD put a basement recording studio in the safehouse or David was going to call HQ and pitch a bitch.

The pieces were coming together, but there hadn't been any news from the outside. What was going on with this war? Was anyone winning? Had the Establishment taken over? No one knew anything.

That was until the day that David got the worst phone call he'd EVER received.

His beautiful twins were now about four months old. God, time was flying by. He spent every moment he wasn't writing or recording with his family, as did the other guys. Kristen was pregnant and wanted the same midwife that Brie'd had. Tiffany graciously agreed.

The guys were taking a lunch break, eating with the "fam- damily" as Brie had taken to calling the group as a whole. They were all laughing and having a great time, until David's phone rang. He was still laughing when he answered it. "Hello?" his face went sober in an instant. "I see. Ok. Uhuh. Uhuh. Thank you for calling. Good- bye."

"Who was it, David?" Dan asked.

"The four of us need to talk. NOW", David said, his voice extremely unhappy.


When they got to a different room, he looked at the guys. "Bad news, brothers", he said.

"What's going on, David?"

"The Agency is in utter disparage. The Boss is dead, murdered in his sleep by the Establishment. The General is still trying to find the HQ for the Establishment, and the agency has NO leader. They want the four of us to come in and reorganize everything."

"We need to put this to a vote, David. This isn't something that one of us can decide for all of us", John said

"I don't personally want to do it, John. I've kinda gotten used to it here, and honestly, if we go do this, we're gonna have targets on our heads forever. I don't want to LEAD an ARMY. Hell, there are times I don't want to deal with the agency anymore. I'm tired of all that bullshit."

Dan, Mike, and John's eyes all grew to damn near the size of saucers. "You really feel that way, David?" Mike asked.

"Look, Mike, as far as I'm concerned, it's been great , it's been fun, it's been great fun, but it's time for the ride to end when it comes to the agency."

"Wow, David", Dan said. "How long have you felt this way?"

"Since the day Brie told me she was pregnant. I'm tired, guys. I want life to go back to how it was before the agency interfered and screwed our lives up. True, I would have Brie, Malachai, Jordan, OR Jacob if it weren't for that interference, but I'm done with all of it now. I want this being in this HELL to end."

Dan, Mike, and John all exchanged a look. "Wow", Mike said.

"Shit", Dan said.

John just looked shocked.


"Ok, brother, if that's what you want, then we're behind you 100%", Mike said.

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God of the Mind
This is my last chapter for the night. I've got to go to school in the morning. More chapters will follow tomorrow throughout the day.


Chapter 41

David told Brie what was said in the phone call later that evening after they twins and Malachai were down for the night. "Really?" she said. "What's the plan, then?"

"Nothing. We're not going. I've had it and it seems that guys have too. We're not organizing shit. We're working on a new record and we would all rather be with our families than go fix Humpty Dumpty."

Brie laughed. "The Agency is Humpty Dumpty? Have you been reading too many nursery rhymes, baby?"

He smiled. "Maybe, but a fact is a fact. We're not going. The Agency is falling apart and we're NOT running to the rescue."

"How is the war coming?"

"Our General is still trying to locate the HQ of the Establishment. So far, no luck."

Brie's face screwed up in thought, then her eyes went wide. "I can take you right too it."


David called the guys into their room. "Brie has something interesting to tell you guys." They all looked at her.

"I know where the headquarters of the "Establishment". It jut occurred to me."

"Where?" Dan asked.

"A town north of Denver called Greeley. It's a horrid little city where pretty much everyone sucks. The only tie I have to that place is that I went to Massage School there."

"What building is it?" Mike asked

Brie smiled. "That's the trick. It's not just one building, it's a couple of buildings. One time I was in the basement of the courthouse taking care of some stuff when I heard someone mention an establishment in a whisper. I stopped and listened. They were talking about stopping what they think is corruption in society, and that means people like the old me, Irian. People that REFUSE to conform to what everyone thinks is acceptible. I would see cars from all over the country there for days, weeks at a time."

"David, we have to tell the General. There's no way around this", John said. "This could end the war and our service to the agency."

"I agree about the ending the war thing, but I doubt the agency will really ever let us go if we end this war", Mike said. "But we still need to tell HQ."

"I agree with Mike and John on this. We need to tell the General or someone. We can't withhold this information from them."

David nodded. "I'll make the call first thing in the morning. I'm too tired to do it tonight."

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holy shitballs....*pounds on bar table...Barkeep! hit me!*

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God of the Mind
babygirlpj2007 wrote:holy shitballs....*pounds on bar table...Barkeep! hit me!*

Babygirl, it's self service. Get your own as big as you want it!

(and the fucked up thing is, I really live in Greeley, CO)


Chapter 42

Sleep didn't come easy to either of them that night. David tossed and turned, half ass wishing that one or both of the twins would wake up fussy so that he wouldn't have to just lay there and suffer in silence. Brie was just was restless. She rolled over and looked at her man. He was staring at the ceiling. "What's on your mind, honey?" she asked him.

"I want it to end", he replied.

"You want what to end, David?"

"The war. All of the wars. I speak out against this shit for a reason. Because it's all bullshit. I hate this constant lying from our government, and now to find out that the Establishment's headquaters is underneath a GOVERNMENT building makes me sick. This is never going to end."

She tucked herself against his side and nuzzled her face in his neck. "We take them out, one small faction at a time and we don't stop until their all eradicated. It's factions like the Establishment that are taking away our God given RIGHTS as citizens of this country. Your employers have been using to amass an army, right?"

"Yes. Why?" He turned his head to look at her.

"Then DO IT! Use your gift with words to tell the people of the injustices that are happening in this world... in this country. Tell people the story of Irian, my alter ego. Tell them what you feel."

He thought for a moment. "You know what? You're right." He had conviction in his voice for the first time in what seemed like ages. "We may have to stay underground physically, but that doesn't mean that we have to musically."

"No, David, it doesn't. It just means that you can't go around the world and spread the message personally. But, you have hundreds of THOUSANDS of fans all over the globe. Forget trying to impress the people that hand out Grammy's. Fuck them and the rest of the Academy. Do what YOU do. Speak your mind and don't hold you tongue. That's the David I know and fell in love with, not this worn out husk of a man that you've become. I know that having new babies is hard on a couple. Hell, it's been difficult on everyone in the house. But, don't you want a world for your children where they don't have to be afraid to be individuals? Where they can speak their minds and NOT have someone try to exterminate them for what they believe?"

"That's exactly what I want for our children."

"Then do what you do best, my love. Speak out against what you see happening in our world. Speak up and make your voice heard to the masses as yo always have. Don't let the conformists have their way. Be the mighty, powerful, outspoken man I fell in love with. And, someday, maybe not tomorrow, or next week, or even a year from now, but someday, this world will be what we want for our children."

He kissed her in the head. "That's why I love you, you know. You speak your mind. You are the only woman I know that has to balls to tell me that I'm whining and I actually listen to you."

"I'm glad you're listening to me, because if you weren't I'd have to kick your ass."

He laughed. "Let's try to get some sleep."


When the sun came up the next morning, David and Brie were already up. They weren't tending the twins, or cooking breakfast for then entire household, but they were working out. Brie had gotten tired of carrying around the excess baby weight from the twins, though, they later found out that she HAD been carrying triplets. Only Jacob and Jordan survived. The other child hadn't made it out of the second trimester.

Around 7:00am that morning, David went through house making all kinds of noise to get everyone up. Brie laughed. "Blowing revelie, my dear?"

"Yeah, I want to get some work done. Danny, Mikey, and John need to get up, get woke up and we need to head downstairs to the studio. I have some shit in mind that I need to get on tape."

"I'm glad you're getting back that conviction. I thought I'd lost you there for a minute."

"There for a minute, you did. You lost the real me, but after that talk we had last night, I'm back and I'm ready to go." He went to Dan and Nicole's room and started making noise. "Get up, Danny, you can sleep when you're dead. Let's go!" Similar things were said in Mike and John's rooms.

Everyone trudged down the stairs. "What crawled up his ass this morning?" Tina asked.

"He's back to his old self", Brie said with a prideful smile on her face.

"Drink some coffee, boys, we have work to do. Ladies, if you don't mind, please fix some breakfast. Your men need to eat before I lock them in the basement with me all day."

"My goodness, David. What's come over you?" Kristen asked.

"The real David has come back. I haven't lost hope. I lost faith in the cause for a moment, but I haven't lost hope. This WILL come to an end... even if we have to do it ourselves." He wrapped his arms around Brie and kissed her on the neck. "I just needed a little inspiration."

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Global Moderator
You had to throw the triplets in there, didn't you? LOL

Glad David is back to his old self...he was starting to get whiny and emo.

Now write something that will blow our minds!

Your Humble Global Moderator,
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God of the Mind
GuiltyPleasures wrote:You had to throw the triplets in there, didn't you? LOL

Glad David is back to his old self...he was starting to get whiny and emo.

Now write something that will blow our minds!

Yes, by God, I had to throw the trips in there. It just didn't feel right.

He just needed a good kick in the ass. Everyone gets depressed every now and then. It happens.

As for mind blowing, I'M WORKING IN IT!

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God of the Mind
Now, remember ladies, I've got to build up to the climax of this section. Let me have that little bit to do that so that I can make the reading experience a little enjoyable. Something big will happen today. I promise.


Chapter 43

"Bullshit, Danny! It sounds like shit!" Brie heard as the guys were coming up the stairs.

"David, it's not that bad."

"Bullshit! I don't like it. It's too depressing. If I don't like it, then I have the liberty of rewriting the entire damn thing. So, that's what I'm doing. Don't like it? BLOW ME!" David said as he opened the door that led to the basement studio.

"David, it's not that bad. I'm serious", Mike said.

"I don't like it, Mikey, so, I'm rewriting it. Like I told Danny, don't like it? BLOW ME!"

"But that's my job", Brie laughed as they walked into the kitchen.

David laughed. "They want me to leave a song the way it is. I don't like the lyrics with the melody, so, I want to rewrite it, they're mad at me for it."

"Boys, it's his choice", she told them.

"You should hear the song though, Brie. It shows that there's a human being inside there, not a fucking God", John said.

"I'm no God, but Brie said some interesting things to me last night and I intend to live up to the expectations of our fans, even though we can't get out there and go on the road. Do I like being cooped up here? Hell no. No more than the rest of you do, but hey, this is where we are. Let's make it work."

"What did you say to him last night?" Dan asked Brie.

She shrugged. "I just said what no one else would."


After the guys ate, it was back to the studio. Brie made them all a light pasta dish, but she made certain that it was something that wouldn't coat David's vocal chords so that he didn't damage them. Her training as a nutritionist paid off.

They finally finished the new album, but they were having difficulty naming it. They'd been bouncing around different names for a couple of months. Still no luck.

John and Kristen had their baby. A little boy they named Johnathan David. David, of course, was flattered.

The house was getting back into a routine again. Everyone was getting along. The twins were starting to walk and talk. Jacob's first real word was "disturbed". David laughed his ass off when he heard that. "Oh my God. My son is going to be a rebel after all."

Jordan didn't have a first word, per say, more like a first sentence. "Love you Daddy." David's heart sank. That night when they put the kids to sleep, he kissed his little angel on her head and said, "I love you too, Jordan."

Life was blissful, at last, David thought. He could finally breathe and not feel like the weight of the world was on his shoulders. He had a purpose. He was whole again.


The bliss in the Disturbed house was short lived and screeched to a halt in the blink of an eye when no one was looking.

It was a chilled day, right around Christmas. The families were putting up the Christmas tree and singing Christmas carols. Everyone was merry and cheerful.

The new album finally came out, but it was underground on the band's label, Intoxication Records. Though it couldn't be sold mainstream, it was still being sold and eaten up by their millions of fans.

On the night before Christmas Eve, a silence fell over the house that was rather eerie, especially to Brie. She told all of the adults, "I don't like this quiet. There's something not right about it. All adults that can be, should be armed." The guys all agreed. There had been small incidents in the past few months that Brie had been spot on about, and they'd come to trust her judgment. Thankfully, the agency had decided to send them weaponry not too very long before. The guys all gave guns to those who knew how to shoot. David was surprised to learn that his Brie, his once delicate flower, knew her way around a firearm. "Are you kidding me? I grew up in Tennessee. I used to go hunting with my dad and brother all the time." David just shook his head as he handed her the rifle.

"We should take watch in shifts", Dan suggested. "I have no problem taking the first watch. Mikey, take the shift with me?"

"No problem", Mike said and chambered a round in his rifle.

"I'll take the second watch", Brie said.

"Not by yourself, you're not", David said.

"I didn't say I was."

John and his wife took third watch. David didn't' know that Kristen could shoot either. They decided that they'd all take two hour shifts, waking the next people fifteen minutes before their shift began. "We're gonna need plenty of coffee", David said.

Brie laughed. "You and your coffee", she teased, then kissed his cheek. "I swear you almost love coffee more than you love me".

"Not possible", David said. "I don't love anything more than I love you, other than maybe our kids."

"I would hope that you love our children as much as you love me, at the very least."

"I do. Don't worry. Now, let's try to get a little rest. We're only going to get a couple of hours before Danny and Mikey wake us up."

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73 Re: Something I'm making up as I go.. on Fri 25 Jun 2010, 14:23


God of the Mind
Chapter 43

"It's too quiet out here, David. I don't like it", Brie whispered.

"Me either. Something's not right."

Brie spotted something in the distance, so she held up the hold sign that the military uses. David froze and scanned the horizon for anything as Brie sighted down her scope and looked for the disturbance. She fired and a man sized figure fell to the ground. David was on the radio. "Red alert, all hands, red, alert, red alert".

Everyone spilled out of the house from the different exits to their predesignated spot. It was time to defend the house.

Nicole and Tina were in charge of getting the children to the panic room.

Brie climbed up in the tree that she and David were going to snipe from, then took his rifle so that he could climb in as well. They had taken the long range defense. Kill them while they were far enough away to make a difference. Dan, Mike, John, and Kristen were the base defense. They protect the house at all cost.

David and Brie were picking the men off one by one. No one was getting close enough to this house to hurt anyone as far as either of them were concerned. They'd even decided to make it a game. Who could pick off the most assholes before the night was through. "17, 18, ooh, 19 and 20", Brie laughed as she kept popping off rounds like they were firecrackers.

"How did you get 19 and 20?" David asked, not looking at her and still firing his weapon.

"Two birds, one stone, baby." She kept firing, keeping count in her head. A few slipped past them, but were soon eradicated by the rest of the small army of the Disturbed Family.

"David, Brie, save some for the rest of us, damn it", Mike complained over the radio, laughing.

"How about you just start shooting, Mikey", David said with a chuckle.

"Can do." Everyone was shooting their gun. David covered Brie as she reloaded and Brie did the same for him. For a rag tag group such as themselves, they were more a well oiled machine and a clunky junker. Everyone knew what they were doing and kept in mind their one objective... keep their families safe.

"After this is over, I'm going to have a nice long talk with the General about getting real troops out here to watch the house. This is ridiculous", David said as he shot on more of the intruders.


About forty- five minutes later, there was not more movement from any of the trees. They sat for another fifteen minutes, watching for any sign that there was someone that didn't belong there near by. Nothing. Silence. David hit the radio. "Any movement?"

"Not a sound", Dan said.

"Nothing", John said.

"Ok, let's carefully move back to the house and regroup in the kitchen. I'm freezing and I'd like to warm up. What about the rest of you?"

"Let's move. You and Brie go first. John and Kristen can follow you, Dan and I will bring up the rear", Mike said.

"I'll go first, so that I can help you down if you should need it", David said.

Brie nodded in agreement. "It's been too many years since I was in a tree stand. My legs are a little numb."

David jumped out of the tree after handing Brie his rifle. "Hand me the rifles." She did. He leaned them against the tree then held his arms out to her. "Jump carefully."

She slid out of the tree and fell gracefully to the ground. "I need help to stand."

David helped her stand and they moved into that house, still on alert.


Everybody was finally in. Tina and Nicole emerged from the panic room with the kids and set them all in the living room to watch a movie while the adults talked about what was going on.

"What the fuck happened?" Nicole demanded.

"I spotted a man in the distance so I shot his ass. It was him or me. Once I had him in my cross hairs, he'd started bringing up his weapon. He had to die."

"How many were there and is anyone hurt?" Tina asked.

"We lost count of how many there were but I don't think anyone got hurt", David said after taking a sip of coffee.

"What are we going to do?" Dan asked.

"The four of us are going to give the General a call and tell him what happened", David said.

"From the scuttlebutt I hear", Mike began, "the General is the new head of the agency."

"Good, better him than us", John said.

"Remember the cause", David said. "Keep that in the for front of your thoughts. I made the mistake of letting it slip my mind and had to be reminded. Keep what we're doing in the forefront of you mind and don't let the Establishment take your hope. We may not be leading the army, but we're inspiring the troops."

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Holy mother of God! You got 'em shooting people now?

I'm sure more jaw dropping stuff is coming...geez! LOL

Just don't kill off any kids, okay?

Your Humble Global Moderator,
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75 Re: Something I'm making up as I go.. on Fri 25 Jun 2010, 14:54


God of the Mind
GuiltyPleasures wrote:Holy mother of God! You got 'em shooting people now?

I'm sure more jaw dropping stuff is coming...geez! LOL

Just don't kill off any kids, okay?

Yeah, they get to shoot people now. They've had the weapon's training. It's about time I let them use it.

If ANY of the kids die, which is doubtful, it will be while still in he womb or from illness. But I don't anticipate killing any of the kids off. That's a line I won't cross.

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