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1 Story I wrote when I was bored.... on Sat 19 Jun 2010, 00:26


Okay, when I get bored I like to write. Sometimes I run into dead ends but I like this one so far. This one deals with the end of the world, but set during WWII. It may contain some historical references and is probably VERY inaccurate. I use the names of a few leaders and generals back then, of whom I know only the basics. So if someone is offended by the appearance/cameo of someone in this, or the way they're portrayed, then PLEASE TELL ME so I can change it!

Also, when I write, if it contains politics or other countries such as this one, I do not portray one as they appear according to my personal opinion of that country. I just write according to how I think the story should be written.... and besides, in the present time of this story, there are no independent countries left standing. There are remnants from all over the world who are not only fighting what was once the "Spanish Empire", but amongst themselves as well. This "Spanish Empire", as you will see is a totally fictional event and I'm working on something else for what the faction would known as during the present time of the story. Another thing I'm working on is the title lol

It's not finished yet and it's just begun. It circles around a fictional WWII British General named Christoph Rydain. He seeks to help preserve mankind during this crisis, but is the furthest thing from a saint. As you read about events in his past and current life, you will see how brutal and corrupt he truly is. ....Aaannd for the hell of it, at the last minute I decided to throw in a "Disturbing" little bonus if you can catch it ;)

It's 1954.... and the world has already ended. In 1945, the Americans had launched a new global threat known as "Nuclear Warfare". Whatever the hell it means, I don't know.... but it's tearing out our entrails. Not literally, anyways..... When the Soviet Union received word of the new American technology, they launched their own missiles out of envy, but something went wrong. The missile's navigation somehow managed to "malfunction" and had hit the already weakened country of France. The lesser known country of Spain had seen this as a perfect opportunity for a "Coup De Tat". With the deafening blow to the German Army and the Allies' morale, the Spanish army had swept through the wasteland of the French ruins and had seized Adolf Hitler himself. With this, Germany had no longer existed. This great empire was now under Spanish rule. Concentration and Death camps of the "Holocaust" were altered into weaponry plants. Two years of war later, the Spanish Army had grown ever more powerful and had taken control of the oil fields in the Middle East. "Where the hell are the American pigs?!", I would ask myself. However, I had not realized that for the better or worse, the Americans had already occupied the oil fields. The Americans seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact that humanity was on the verge of genocide.... But then again, that's everyone's last priority. Nonetheless, none of it mattered. In a desperate attempt to stop American imperialism, the Soviet Union had fired a rain of missiles upon the American forces in the oil fields. As one would think, fires had spread across the Middle East and into the rest of Asia as well as Northern parts of Africa. Another year into this crisis and America was no more. I have no idea exactly what went down.... as one would assume from my current location. Alas, I heard that the government destroyed itself from within and that mere civilians had attempted to strike the weakened government. Apparently, it didn't end well. America's population decreased.... I don't know how much. Some new "Religious view" or something to that effect had been born. It seemed as if more and more women had refused to give birth to "corrupted" or "demon".... spawns; as others would describe them. Now, all that's left are the remnants of the rebellious militias and political offices. City skyscrapers were no more; as the American society had been vacant of civilized labor for quite some time now. Most of them were collasped, anyhow.

It's 1954, and no independent country is left standing. Winston Churchill and the other British officials were captured and executed. Britian had then proceeded to disintegrate from within as other countries had fallen as well. Those who had stood up against the Spanish Empire were easily dispatched and conquered.... or their land had been completely eviserated; one of these countries included the infamous Soviet Union. The rest of the world consisted of countries too minor to even hope to stand a chance, countries that had defected to the Spanish Empire, or those who had lost all faith and surrendered entirely.

My name is Christoph Rydain, and I was a British soldier during the second Great War. I now fulfill the role of forewitness to the destruction of all mankind. As of now, I am limited to surviving with four comrades of mine. The first is Daniel "Haven" Ramond. For reasons unknown, however, he does not like to be addressed with his first name. Thus, we simply call him " Haven Ramond". He earned the nickname "Haven" when he attempted to escort the General's family out of the city known as Haven. The General had always been a longtime friend of Churchill. Desperate to spare his friend's family, who had taken refuge in Haven, Churchill had personally issued the rescue orders to a small unit of comprised of a few handpicked secret service agents; one of which, was Ramond. The mission did not go as planned and the General's 4 year old daughter had been killed in an unfortunate hostage situation. The Nazis had totaled the escort vehicle as it was exiting Haven. They then gathered all of whom were inside and bound the poor girl. As she was shot to death, Ramond managed to kill one of the German's most prized generals, Siegfried Handloser. Ramond's superior had been killed in the crossfire of the carnage that had subsequently ensued. In the end, Ramond, one of his comrades and the General's wife were the few who had survived the mayhem. The General's wife had then plunged a loose, stray bayonet into her stomach and died shortly after. Ramond's comrade was already bleeding excessively and asked to stay behind. Swearing to not reveal his comrade's destination, Ramond had then waited in agony, for his evacuation vehicle. His mission failed, but he managed to survive the impossible mental challenge.

My next comrade is my damned nephew. My family's history has always been twisted, partially thanks to myself. But my son, Alec Rydain had crossed the line when he slain my nephew. My beloved younger brother had supported me all throughout my life. When my mother killed my father, before killing herself, he was the only one with a job at the time. In my drunken stupor, I had lost been unemployed when I gained a reputation for starting a bar room brawl that escalated into the streets. My brother Edgar wasn't the most successful, but he could at least stabilize himself, unlike I. He was as corrupt as you could get, but I owed my life to him. His son, Ebenezer, came from a woman he had raped.... and I married that woman's sister; who would become the Mother of my child, Alec. Unlike the woman whom he had violated, Edgar had love for his son. A few years later he had died of cancer and on his deathbed, I had sworn to raise Ebenezer as my own. Years later, Alec is 14 years old whereas Ebenezer is 17. Ebenezer and my wife never got along well. I tried to stay out of it, but could never succeed. It ended violently. My wife called Ebenezer an "abomination" that had come from "her whore of a sister" and that Alec should be "ashamed" to be share a bloodline with him. Furious, Ebenzer threw Alec to the ground as he was walking by and choked him to death by the throat. Stunned with disbelief, I was unable to move as I witnessed my wife thrust a kitchen knife into Ebenezer's shoulder. As he screamed with pain, his arm violently crashed into her and she died from a concussion, as she fell down the stairway to the cellar. As Ebenezer and I wrestled eachother for the next few minutes, the police had arrived and restrained us both. From there, we have spent time in prison. When the second Great War began in 1945, we were both called to enlist in the British military.

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