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So at school we have these things called "Assignment Books". I don't write my assignments in them I fill them with my own shit.
Some of it sucks, but some I think is ok. I actually skipping some to. Most of it was random, just whatever popped in my head.
These are the small ones.

Can't break Free
Can't be me
Trapped in a cage
Because of my age.


Innocence carved out
left alone to shout
All we see
All were supposed to be
Takes away
That Childhood home
I lost it so long ago.

Sex, Drugs and violence
The way to live our lives
Pictures of evil stamped into our minds
What a lie the've sold
And how we all bought it like it was gold


Do you really think I care
Now you see past the Disguise I wear
Now do you see who you've made me be
Time to die, Time to cry
Just shut the fuck up and DIE!


Everyone makes me sick
Everyone is a fucking prick
Everyones life is a facade
Hiding behind a paper thin wall


No one is a friend
No one will make amends
Now this is my end
Dying here without a friend


You think life is one big pun
I'm ganna kill you
With my fucking gun
You filthy little shit
I'm not ganna cry when you die
You deserve to die
For your life is a lie.

Think I care,
With sins laid bare?
I still don't care

Whine like a bitch have an itch
Guess what mother fucker
I don't fucking care
go lie in a pile of shit
you'll get high on another hit


Burning Bright
from light to night
from night to fright
from fright to blite
Accross the void
through the soul
Here is where it gets
Fucking cold.


An old man died
Alone in a cabin
No one cried
No one cared
When that old man died

Alone in the woods
Family broken
and left that old man
to rot away in his small can.


Light the path
flames ablaze
going further everyday
get hit once, twice
keep on burning
through the waste
path ahead is so clear
when the enemy is filled with fear


Angry little man
lost his hand
war is everywhere
old man lost his hair
poor little boy
laugh at his wrath
just a weak little child
lost after just one mile.


A little more
someone will pay
they lock me up
No choice, without them I will die
At least that what they say
Day by Day
Everyday is like a broken record
Everyday is a bore
I'm no slave I'm no whore
SO I'll suffer for now
As I wait and wait some more
Like I said before, I'm not your whore.


Take it or leave it
Its there if you need it
Lying quietly asleep
in the back of your mind
Like a silent Monster...


ok im done now thats all the small ones. most of em sucked but i had a few good ones i actually worked on a bit. post em soon enough.

ok im tired of typing leave comments below, thanks.

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