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1 Jaime's Poems on Sun 16 May 2010, 13:55

Hey everyone I started another one just for my poems... critique and tell me what y'all think!


As we all grow within, the pain of yesterday always can be mended.

The saddest thing of all, I am not able to heal fully within.

Something about life has gotten me so out of place.

I still see into the mirror a miserable face.

I cannot smile, so I fake it.

I can barely make it.

Everything is dead today.

And I am slowly fading away.

"Jaime The Transsexual Female" (Please don't judge me because of the fact i used to be male just be cool with me okay?)

So I end with removal of parts of me
Move on, discover a new beginning
Rearrange my life into beautiful images of my spirit
My past is dead, like an unwanted spirit
I chose to free my sexuality this day and age
Letting my feminie emotions unlock from its cage
I'm now a free woman no longer surpressed
My sexuality is alive and well - it's my life I truthfully love to express
My name is Jaime, and I am a girl now
You can either accept me or leave me now...

"Don't Judge Me"

It sickens me, the way you judge me. The anger inside will never fade. I hate you all. I'll erase you from my mind. I am bisexual, a lost soul finding my way home. I have too much to deal with, so shut up and leave me alone. I'm a happy woman. My life is not yours to fuck with, just me and me alone. I am stronger than you, I am smarter than you. And bitch, stay the fuck out of my way. Goodbye...


That's all i'm posting for now and remember we're all family here in the disturbed community so be nice to me when you read my transsexual poem okay? I've had enough judgments as it is already and i'm full woman no male parts if you are asking. Bye....

-Jaime, #1 Disturbed FAN!

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2 Re: Jaime's Poems on Sun 16 May 2010, 19:47

"Confused and Alone"

Haunted by memories that are slowly killing me
Listening to my Schizoaffective voices talking to me
So alone I am
I am already condemned
Fuck it all I'm already dead
Listening to the suicidal voices in my head.


"Silence No More"

I am no longer haunted by my thoughts so morbid and suicidal
I am not afraid of my voices anymore - I'm mental
so what if I am a Bisexual Goth?
So what if I am able to embrace death?
I am not afraid of the dark side of my human soul
I am not afraid to fight the world so cold
Bring on the haters, bring on my fears
I will no longer cry suicidal tears

This is my silence no more.


“Midnight Goth"

Just walking around in the darkness of the night
Full moon rising, I begin to roam alone in the city that sleeps
I then found myself listening to the voices again tonight
It's so cold, hearing the anger of the voices while my soul is asleep
So tormented but I then walked away from the light
It's okay - I love me

So this midnight Goth is me, walking like I'm alive
And I sleep at daytime, but sometimes I don't mind sunlight
It's all good for this is my lifestyle after all
As a Goth and a Bisexual - one day the preppies will meet the downfall

Don't worry, I will be fine
Just don't mind me - I'm a minor threat today in this time.


"Breaking My Silence"

I'm a bisexual girl so confused
And I feel completely misused
Haters in this cold world is all about killing the LGBT community
Is this really true reality?
They call me like voices in my head
Haunting me wanting me to become so dead
But they can't break me - no one can
Because I am a beautiful woman
A part of the world so cold
But I won't die alone
Bring it on, I'm ending your anti-LGBT violence
For tonight, I break the silence.


Where are thou, my love?
Can thy kiss help me rise above?
The midnight stroke is echoing in my head
Thus, our love is never dead
where are thou, my soul?
Don't be a deceiver and leave thy demons alone
make me yours for I will follow thee
Thus, it is thee that which I believe

I will love thee forever.


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3 Re: Jaime's Poems on Sun 16 May 2010, 20:13


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Your poems are very's very cool that you express yourself. I think in alot of ways when a part of your life is so conflicting or disruptive or even the slightest shift in a situation can totally alter ones world and my opinion that's when you need to start writing and that my friend makes wonderful poetry that many people can relate to.

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