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1 David Draiman girl on Sat 08 May 2010, 10:27


Hello I have a one question why David Draiman's girl is hanged when David was a teenager.

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2 Re: David Draiman girl on Sat 08 May 2010, 11:01


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To answer this question first off,Devon was not her actual name.They had dated twice. The first time they dated they kept it secret from the girlfriend's parents David finally convinced her to tell her parents and they did not approve and the relationship ended. They met up a few years later and they started dating again, however Davids girlfriend had a drug problem and a few other problems and David tried his best to help her and do everything he could to save her. He eventually couldn't take it anymore and he ended the relationship. Shortly after the girlfriend killed herself. Her parents blamed David for her death and never for gave him.

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3 Re: David Draiman girl on Sat 08 May 2010, 11:12


i dont think the girl killed herself by hanging but rather a drug overdoes but i guess for the video a girl hanging herself makes more of a statement/impression

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4 Re: David Draiman girl on Sun 09 May 2010, 03:17

Found this on ...

'One song, Inside the Fire, of their new album Indestructible, deal with another rough part of his childhood, being the suicide of his girlfriend back in school. David was 14, and attended a private boarding school, she was 18 and a freshman at university. They met at a spring break party. Little did he know, she was also a heroin addict. David tried to get her to lay off, but unfortunately failed. Fearing disapproval from his family he then decided to end the relationship. They met once again a year after, at the following spring break party. Leaving early to avoid confrontation, David went back to his parent's house, where he got a call from a friend the next day, saying she had died of an overdose. David also stated in the interview that, in the ambulance, all she wanted was for him to be with her. He had nightmares for years afterwards, but he eventually got over it, until very recently, while working on the lyrics for the Indestructible album, he started to have them again. In the video of "Inside the Fire" he depicts what dealing with suicide could mean for those with religious backgrounds or beliefs, in that suicide is a sin and you can't go to heaven for it.'

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5 Re: David Draiman girl on Thu 13 May 2010, 22:10


In an interview he said people saw her run into a club crying. Next thing, they found her dead with a syringe stuck in her arm.

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