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1 hi on Mon 05 Apr 2010, 22:47

I really don't know where to start, I originally was not aware of the band Disturbed. I heard a few singles that I thought were good but still no idea of the songs or the band. In 2006 came the Music As A Weapon tour 3. A friend wanted to go and my friend wrote down a list of some singles and such of the band. I listened and was immediately hooked. However the band had one final test to prove to me, I needed to know that this band wasn't a band that sounded great on a CD but live sounded like trash. The band passed with flying colors and since I have been a big fan, I have never been one to go with the flow of anything. I have all the CD's and the two DVD's the band has made MOL and the second is from Indestructible. I feel however the band has one more test to prove to me, and this 5th CD may be a make or break for me as this being a band I can stand behind. What I mean is that with the Obama administration or with current political issues, the band needs to have the same standards for Bush as they did with Ten Thousand Fists. I am political and so is David Draiman who has BA in political science, and I can not stand by if this next CD they raise concerns about Bush and give Obama a pass. There is alot that both are at fault for including the congress and senate, and I can not stand beside a band who apply different rules to different people.

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Welcome to the Forum Disturbed won't disappoint you with there 5th album they never do. Believe

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Amen...Welcome...Hope you enjoy it here.

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Welcome to the forum Hello

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Welcome To The Forum.

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hi ive never been disapointed by them and i belive you wont ether

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