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Okay, as said I'm a total idiot with photoshop. But I'm messing around with the lighting etc. and all that and am having some fun and have liked the way it's turned out so far.

Might take a while to upload it here though. It won't let me host the image due to the school firewall and I need to get hold of a jump drive since the project is saved at school. Also, I don't have photoshop at home because it's too expensive.

Hopefully it'll be up soon :)


Almost finished. Nothing special, but I'm pretty happy with it. Just gott a get a flashdrive so I can upload it at home. I have no idea when that'll be(sorry!)

Ok; Basic outline:

It's the Indestructible Album cover with adjustments to the lighting so that one side of "The Guy" is darker than the other, and lighter on the other side. On the right-hand border, it shows the band(same pic as my avatar) down the side, with the words cut off. On the other side, the "Sickness" grin appears with the believe logo below it. Wanted a little something of their past albums, but didn't know what to do with it and didn't want it to be too complicated. So, I went for the empty space and thought it looked good there. I also added a red(magenta-ish) colored cross pendent to "The Guy" with a dialated and re-colored Believe logo centered on it.

This was my first project and the last thing I have is a steady hand lol. So it's probably not even third-rate Picasso xD

A few issues you may notice(either they're too minor or I'm too lazy to correct them):

1. Right hand's color is a little off. Got a little carried away with the dodge tool trying to brighten it a little bit and it became a little pixelated. The fix was very ghetto to say the least. All I ended up doing was taking the brush tool and added a little black wherever the pixels looked too bad.

2. Had the same issues with the bottoms of the letters. Fixed it the same way and it doesn't look nearly as bad as the hand. The color's are right but the sahding at the bottom of each letter might be off a bit.

3. Left land is a little too dark. Might fix it. Don't want the mentioned issues.

4. Just noticed that the color on the torso is a little off as well. Messing with the lighting to try and fix it a bit. When I upload the pics, I'll upload my original final product as well as the attempted "fixed" one.

Gah!!! Ok, I can't find a fucking flashdrive anywhere and my Dad is charging me to borrow his -.-'

Don't have any cash as of now :(

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