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Aim it high, never low
Aim that gun at the sky
Cock it back and watch it blow.
I speak for the emotions I never show
I speak now for I fear no one will ever know

I wanted a chance
To prove a dying hearts worth
But shame betrays my stance,
Shatters my belief
And amplifies my curse

Never again shall I believe in the day
As God forsakes the simple beggar
and laughs at his dismay
Never again shall I take another wager
Gamble against odds stacked high
Disappointment wreaking of their lies

Night is nigh as the sun bleeds.
And my lonely disposition,
Not yet healed by a simple acquisition,
Of her words that devoured my seeds.

Relentless in his search
Merciless, his degree is put to the test
Anarchist, he just wants to see them in flames

Here lies
The once alive and once beating
Mistreated and left behind, it slowly dies
Driven by rage, kept alive by their cries
See the rage in his eyes,
And know to keep running

Demons follow me
Foolish prodigy, I let them be
Tragic hero blinded by his ability to see
Becomes an apparition, a once-man
Blood thirsty beast roaming the land

Forsaken I stand on,
This lonely hill, scarred and abandoned
Rage fill bellow, aimed at the one on high
As he forsook
Something else took,
An interest in this beast of destruction
This creature of the night
Whispered words of promise,
In return simple pleasures to be admonished

You have forsaken me
Dismal, is the position to which I was forlorn
Deceived and scarred
Heart viciously marred
But in my vengeance, I am not alone


A young heart
Blank and void to start,
such like an empty canvas
My life be your art
Painted black alas.

Love and Hatred upon a scale
Tipped by betrayal
Weighted by rage
The balance begins to fail
At the painters disposal
A black visage proposal

The first brush sweeps
Crimson red and bright white
The heart beats.
The canvas neglected
The red bled.

Second sweep
An ultra blue covers
Sorrow rains upon naive lovers
The heart wavers
Taken for granted by the painters.

Third sweep
as the heart weighs heavy
Left alone awaiting the right brush
Washed green with envy
Overcome with jealousy.

Colors mixing
Pearle scent daze
Confusion unfixing
A nightmare craze

Last sweep, silent sweep
Unseen by others
Into the flusters a beast leaps
That bleeding red,
Alongside the pleading blue,
And green unfed.
His glee to see the canvas in rue

All other painters vacate
As black the final shade emanates.
The heart suffocates
And incinerates.

My heart the empty canvas
Can be painted as one desires
Don't forget that which has past
Yourselves to blame for the fires
A canvas given life by liars
Placed this heart upon funeral pyres

For any painting afflicted with madness,
The colors will bleed into each other
And the result will always be darkness.

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wow, this is quite good! you have a talent here, keep it up!

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I think the first one sounds cool

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i liked em both keep it up and send em in to some bands if u like :Believered: Believe :Believered:

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how would i send them to the band?

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One of The Ten Thousand
Jevja wrote:how would i send them to the band?

no offense, because I think your poetry is quite good (and i really dont like poetry without music that much) but David will write his own lyrics to the bands songs only. It makes for better music that way, simple as that. It makes for better music because David can write the words to specifically stylize for the song he`s writing, and it allows him to draw on his own experiences, which is the dream for every aspiring vocalist.

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