Censored music in an Parental Advisory Explicit Content DVD ?

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Hey Guys I just wanted to ask a question about the two dvd's about Disturbed's M.O.L. and Slipknot's Disasterpieces dvd isthe a reason why that if the dvd is parental advisory explicit content that when they play their music in the backround or just hearing the songs when they are not performing that the music censored why is that ? also maybe there could other bands that have dvd's with their music censored music in an uncensored dvd/parental advisory explicit content dvd ? I hope that someone can answer this question please ?

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On the MOL DVD there are music videos also they are censored i bought the censored one by accident 6 years ago i don't know if there is an uncensored version of MOL out there probably is i dint get it and they do that cause a bunch of artists got together 10 year ago cause of rap and rock music and parents blaming there music for violence amongst youths which is a bunch of bull and it was a clever way for the artists to cover there asses and the labels too that way if a kid gets his hands on the uncensored versions labels/artists would not be liable in any way cause its not there fault its there parents should have filters on there computers stop them buying music and when they do a parent should be present that's what a court would say as for music shops if they sold violent music or games with an 18 certificate on to a child they would be liable so its one big escape clause

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