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1 Dope on Sat 06 Mar 2010, 08:43

Dope are too a heavy metal band they rocks hard but not so hard as Disturbed

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2 Re: Dope on Sat 06 Mar 2010, 13:18


Eye of the Storm
I love listening to Dope. Anything off of Life album. Die Muther Fucker Die and Take Your Best Shot are my favorite songs by them.

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3 Re: Dope on Sat 06 Mar 2010, 16:21


They are exactly as there same suggests.


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4 Re: Dope on Fri 12 Mar 2010, 12:52


One of The Ten Thousand
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5 Re: Dope on Sat 22 May 2010, 15:22

Mr Minio

Loading The Weapon
If you don't like Dope, well...DIE MDFK DIEEE! xD

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6 Re: Dope on Sun 10 Oct 2010, 13:34


Disturbed One
Great band, horrible name.

My favorite Dope songs are I'm Back, Bastard, Motivation and Wake Up.

I have all five of their albums. Where I live Felons and Revolutionaries, Life and No Regrets are quite easy to find, but good luck finding Group Therapy and American Apathy.

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7 Re: Dope on Sun 10 Oct 2010, 14:59


Dope rocks big time.Favourite tracks:Debonaire, Dirty World, Dream, Kimberly's Ghost, Let's fuck, My Funeral, No Regrets, Nothing for me here, Sick, Slipping away, Spine for you and Die motherfucker die.

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8 Re: Dope Today at 19:18

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