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1 DAVID"S PASSION, PART TWO, page 6 on Wed 03 Mar 2010, 13:26


Disturbed One
David began telling me about how during his childhood, the more verbally and physically abusive his mother became, the sicker he got. He had a hard time completing boarding school because he was sick so often. Teased by the other boys, he had gotten into fights, and ultimately kicked out of school more than once.
By the time he had finished college and had gone on to law school, David had performed on stage some. Even though he was not very successful at the time, he realized that this was the very thing his soul needed to exist! Without the spotlight, the applause, the praise.., the 'life', he would grow eventually weaker and weaker until he disappeared to 'dwindlement', the disease that had been bestowed on him through years of abuse. He was weakening, even now.
Do you understand now?" he gasped, "What I Need?"
I thought I was beginning to. He needed the applause of the crowd. That was why he was so audience-oriented. Praise was the lifeline. It would act as an antidote to the poison he'd been forced to endure all his life, verbal and physical. It made perfect sense to me.
But the show was still some time away. I was growing panicky. I hated his mother. She had done this to him. Was this an evil eye? A curse?
I knew how I felt about David Draiman. But how could I get thousands of people to instantly help me? I wanted to run out and find help. But how could I leave David here, not knowing if he would survive until I got back? Time was running out. He began to sway before me, and I knew he would not be able to endure the sickness much longer.
"I will help you! What can I do? Please. Please tell me. I will do anything!" I asked.
"Any...Thing?" he seemed to get a little stronger as I pleaded.
"Yes. Yes! Absolutely! Any Thing! Please!" I prophetically begged.
"Tell me what you see." he was taking on his satanophany. I was frightened, but I did not run.
"Well?' he insisted again. I was afraid to speak.
"Tell Me!" he exploded with rage. I could hardly breathe.
"You are awesome." I could only think of that one word. "But you don't need me to tell you that. You already know it."
"Tell Me!" he demanded. "More!" he raged. "NOW!"
"Oh my god," I exclaimed, from shock and horror. David seemed to grow increasingly stronger. I noticed the obvious changes beginning.
"Oh My God!" I repeated, and immediately David threw back his head detonating the evil laughter!
It was still echoing in my ears when finally I understood. His need. My fear disolved because this had always been my ultimate twisted goal.... (continued)

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2 Re: DAVID"S PASSION, PART TWO, page 6 on Wed 03 Mar 2010, 14:25

i found the pages i got to read more! yay! awesome story, cant wait for more

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