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1 DAVID"S PASSION, PART TWO, page 5 on Tue 02 Mar 2010, 19:07


Disturbed One

...Again he spoke in a low, menacing tone,
"I can tell by the way you are studying me- You want me...desire me...long for me." He sounded like his songs, and they sounded just like him. Haunting and hypnotic.
"You want me- you want all of me- But you hate me right now- don't you?- And you're afraid," he grinned an evil grin.
"Because you know I want to humiliate you- And you know I will succeed- I Always do- I Will make you beg, girl." looking down at the front of his PJs, bowing his head low, his smoldering eyes shot up into mine.
"That is what you know you deserve- And we Always get what we deserve, don't we? Don't WE? I will fucking DEVOUR you!!"
He had recklessly twisted and pulled at those fragile PJs until they had rode down past his hips, and I could distinguish the vee of his pubic area, hairless and smooth like his head. My chest was heaving with my want, my need, with every breath I took full of the scent of him. My heart pounded with desire, I wanted him so badly. My own perspiration began to drip down my forehead and into my eyes, burning them to tears. Then I could feel them streaming down my face, my neck, and onto my chest, uniting with the beads of perspiration to drip achingly slow between my breasts.
David's desire was very obvious now, and even though he had been spent once already today, he was in no way lacking. I'd had no complaints the first time, I was so consumed by wanting to pleasure him. But he was determined now, and fully intended to pleasure me; if need be by force this time. He was such an expert at the verbal and psycological foreplay he had bombarded me with throughout the day, that by this time I was hanging by the proverbial thread, unawares. He held me in a kind of psychotropic sexual limbo. He began whispering erotic, sensual commands; his ever-changing multiple voices striking my will over and over, the blows assaulting my mind and integrity to near decimation.
I was still reeling, when suddenly his voice became altogether very noticeably different than any other I had ever heard. It was slow, almost hesitant, and the tone of it was so low it sounded unlife-like. Frightening. Like the scary voice on 'Shout', but more eerie.
"Look at me." he growled. I was truly afraid. I did not want to see what was happening to him. I squeezed my eyes shut tight, feeling the remnant of a tear trickle slowly down my cheek.
"Look at me now...The object of your desire...Look at me!" he roared, "Look At ME!"
Startled, I opened my eyes. David had an undead appearance; strangely like a weakened, bloodless vampire. He offered me his hand, pale and shaking.
"Take my hand- and understand- The Sickness. I will explain everything." I took his hand. It was cold. Like Death.... (continued)

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