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1 DAVID"S PASSION, PART TWO, page 2 on Tue 02 Mar 2010, 12:33


Disturbed One
(page 2 continued)

I froze in place on the divan, half afraid he would realize how closely I was observing him and stop singing. But he was so absorbed in the song, Overburdened, he was not even aware of his surroundings, much less an insignificant writer, me. His eyes closed for a moment as he approached the line, "It's The Closing Of The Curtain- In The Play That Was My Life," I looked in astonishment as I saw tears, yes, tears begin to slowly stream down the sides of his face, mixing with the huge drops of perspiration also forming on his face first, then all over his body.
Wow. What can I say about the body of David Draiman?... Have mercy!
He and I are about the same height, more or less. Not a big deal to me. David seems to have some issues with it, and obviously prefers to be seen with women who are significantly shorter than he. I never had a problem with it. We did not do a lot of standing when we were together, anyway. Barefooted we could look directly into one another's eyes.
I've heard one or two 'haters' say that he is a short, fat midget. David's hands and feet are a bit on the small side.(I know the old saying-Read the story!) But that's where the comparison ends. He would calculatedly blow my mind before the evening ended.
"Countless Chapters Left Unopened- Tragedies Inside," I held my breath, afraid he would hear me and it would break this awesome spell. But he was oblivious to my presence, "I Was Fighting For A Reason- Holy Blessed Homicide," What could have 'that' meant? It was much too specific to not have a deeper meaning.
David opened his eyes, but they looked empty, as seeing nothing at all. "Seems I Have Committed Treason- All I've Sacrificed- Led to Nothing," as he sang the next line, "Repeated In My Mind," I was horrified when he hit himself, close-fisted, on the side of his own head and face! "Led To nothing- If Only I Was Born Another Time." He would bring me to the verge of extreme emotion over and over that night.
Thinking back on that warm, sultry evening, I can not help but smile a little. Many, many times I've thought of how David expertly manipulated that emotional roller coaster, taking me to the brink and back, again and again, grooming me to fulfill his plan.
David Draiman is unquestionably a great performer. He is able to morph, or change in and out of personae almost supernaturally. His intelligence is unfathomable. No one can discern his intellectual capability. In my opinion, it is so much higher than anyone suspects. Maybe that is part of the brilliant scheme of things. I also suspect that a big part of David Draiman is very predatory, and that is what drives his appetite for things like vampires, The Game; playing,(or maybe he's Not 'playing') the abuser in This Moment, Inside The Fire, The Meaning Of Life, ect.
But there is, at the same time, a very moral young man, almost boy-like, that desires to open up and give back, especially to those who have gone out of their way to bring him a bit of pleasure.... (continued)

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